Job Search Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Job Search Mobile App Development Cost and Features


In the current situation finding a job is one of the difficult tasks for every single candidate. Visiting every company for the dropping of the resume is a difficult job for most of us. There are various websites available in the market which will allow all the desired jobs in one place to the users who are seeking. Due to technological advancement, every industry and field is being rapidly changing with the innovation of mobile solutions.

The mobile app industry has completely changed the landscape and they are also covering up all the documents for easy access to every user. Almost every industry is selecting this path to integrate innovation and increase the business rate properly. Although we need to keep in mind that job search mobile app development is one of the difficult jobs for most of the users. The first step in it take is to select the right mobile app development company for handing over the project.

Every entrepreneur will have an app in mind which needs to be discussed with the development company to build the basic architecture of the industry. Although we also need to rely on various Technologies and we need to implement the best features for the proper outreach to the target audience. The major factor that stands in our way is the cost of a development that will be needed for proper funding to complete the project.

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Major Features of Job Search Mobile App Development Services:

Every job search mobile app development is a complicated process and it will make it much more difficult to monitor and manage. There are various solutions which will make the usage of the app is here and it will rapidly earn the reputation which will increase the business and be the best among the sector.

User Panel:

  • Sign up and log in:

This will be the first page on the job search mobile app which every user will land on before getting started with anything. They need to sign up with their credentials including email address, phone number or social media account to get all the feature access.

  • Upload Resume:

You will have the ability to upload their resumes into the online portal, and they can filter all the required jobs by selecting the years of experience, location, and area of expertise.

  • Resume Writing:

Every user will have the option to write their resume using various standardized writing tools. All the basic functionality is of resume Writing like samples, guidelines, and resume format are all stored on the server of the app.

  • Send Resume:

Every user will have the ability to send their resume to various companies which will suit their requirement for the job. This will allow them to look for more opportunities on the platform easily.

  • Job Alert Services:

Every user will receive alerts from the recruiters according to the requirements listed in their profile. This feature will send the push notification which will allow them to get all the updates regarding the jobs.

  • Job Search:

Every user can easily search for any required job by the usage of filters including the category of job, expected salary, location, and various other filter categories according to their preference.

  • Bookmark Jobs:

This is one of the most used and important features for every user as they can bookmark any job for future references. This will allow them to send resumes according to the requirements offered by the job and even share them with their friends.

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Recruiters Panel:

This particular section of the panel is mainly for all the functionalities to be accessed by the recruiter. There are various solutions which are much needed by the recruiters which we can offer to our job search mobile app development services. This will enable them to search for various potential candidates and make their job much easier to hire them.

  • Sign up and log in:

Every recruiter will be able to create a new account using various credentials such as email ID, phone number, and social media accounts. The proper creation of the account it will allow the recruiters to search for better results in the candidates using the functionalities.

  • Job Posting:

This section will allow the recruiters to post for their job requirements along with the number of vacancies. This particular area will offer the various categories to be selected which include the area of expertise required for applying for the job which will be added into the job portal. All the job openings can be easily posted directly from the section which will be enlisted into the portal.

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  • Job Editing:

Every recruiter will have the function to edit the posted job from the job portal. They even add new jobs or even delete them according to their preference. This functionality will also allow them to change the number of vacancies in the positions of any other details directly from the dashboard. Recruiters can post multiple job requirements which will enable them to search for a candidate effortlessly.

  • Job Invites:

Recruiters will have the facility to send job invitations to various desired candidates who are suitable for the job opening. They will also have the access to allow the candidates to schedule the interviews which will completely proceed to the job placement. In case they get to find the appropriate candidate directly from the portal they can easily send requests and get connected through the job search mobile app.

  • Email Jobs:

Recruiters can send emails to the various desired candidate according to the vacancy and the position for which they are suitable.

  • Resume Download:

Every recruiter can download the resume from the profile of the candidates which will help them to analyze in detail which are much required for the job vacancy. They can even schedule the interview according to the proper analysis of the candidate’s resume.

  • Resume Search:

This is one of the most important functionalities for the recruiters as there will be lots of resumes listed in the database. Every day today I can search and filter out the appropriate resumes which are much required for the job and contact the users directly through the dashboard.

  • Payment Plans:

Every recruiter needs to subscribe for searching on the various candidate according to the vacancies which include various payment plans and options. Recruiters can add and delete any services according to the offering into the payment plan.

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