Job Finder App Development

We develop high quality job finder app which works like a complete job portal.

Job finder app is indeed a very prominent app. Anyone who want to find job relevant to their education would first update their profile and fill many other details.
Job search process through app when it is made much more convenient the users would get benefited.
The app would prove beneficial for anyone who wants to look for job.

Job Finder App Development Company

Next Big Technology is the top-rated mobile and app development company in India. We can build on any platform – Android and iOS and can incorporate features as per your wish.

Our Job finder app development solutions would prove advantageous! If you are looking for the best job finder app development company then you can contact NBT. You can stop your search right here 😊 as you have stepped at the right place!

We have already seen the success of many job finder apps such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and much more.
NBT makes sure that many interesting and useful attributes are incorporated so that an easier search process is designed and built.

Benefits of Job finder app:

  1. An easier search process to find relevant jobs.
  2. Can receive alerts in an easy manner.
  3. Cost effective.
  4. Can reach wider audience.

Basic features of Job finder app:

User Panel:

  1. Registration:The user can give all the necessary information and then can access the app.
  2. Update profile:All the significant information such as persons details, location, etc. can be updated.
  3. Upload resume:The user can upload his/her resume – completely filled.
  4. Job searchThe user can search job in this field by mentioning years of expertise, location, job title, etc.
  5. CV:The user can make CV using this attribute.
  6. Video – Intro:The user can make a video of himself/herself, an introduction as conveying via video is much more appealing.
  7. Apply for jobs:The user can apply for the jobs by logging in via his/her account and uploading resume and few details.
  8. Alerts/notifications:The user would receive alerts/notifications for the relevant jobs/posts in the given location.
  9. Location based job search:The user can search for his/her job by choosing preferred location.
  10. Bookmark/save job:The user can also bookmark any interesting job post.
  11. Profile view:The user would also be notified if his/her profile is viewed by any employer.
  12. Share:If any job posts relevant to anyone else could be shared such as friends or family.
  13. In-app chat:The user can chat with the recruiter in case of any doubt.
  14. Documents scan:The person can scan the relevant documents through the feature such as ID proofs, pay slips and so on.
  15. Payment integration:The user can utilize the option in order to reap more benefits.
  16. E-learning:The user can also opt for e-learning to gain more knowledge and so on.

Recruiter Panel

  1. Sign up:The person can sign into the account by giving appropriate information.
  2. Job publishing:The recruiter can publish jobs according to the category. Here the requirement details along with salary package, location, contract/permanent, duties and responsibilities can be published.
  3. Edit jobs:The person can edit the jobs before publishing and can make necessary changes.
  4. Send invites:The relevant job invitations can be sent via e-mail to the desired candidates and further processes such as interview and etc. Could be discussed with the candidates.
  5. Resume hunt:This is the prominent task for the recruiters as they have to filter the resumes which they think they don’t need. It is almost impossible to go through every resume who applies for the job and this attribute can prove to be of great help for the recruiters as the attribute can be utilized in automatic filtering of resumes which are not necessary.
  6. Shortlisting of candidates:The person can shortlist the desired candidates and can inform them.
  7. Download resumes:The recruiter can download the resumes through the feature.
  8. Payment schemes and plans:The recruiter can make necessary changes in payment schemes and plans.
  9. Schedule video call interview:The recruiter can schedule video call interview if the applicant is from different location and so on. Pandemic situation has also brought a novel idea to conduct interviews remotely – video call interview.

Admin Panel

  1. Mange job ads:The admin has the role to manage the job posts published by the recruiters.
  2. Manage employer profiles:The employer profile is managed by the admin in order to filter out the untrue/fake profiles of employers.
  3. Manage candidates’ profile:The admin would also look out for fake candidates’ profiles.
  4. Analytics and Statistics:TThe admin would analyze the overall performance and get to know if there is appreciable returns or not.
  5. CMS:We integrate CMS with the app so that the admin manages the content.
  6. Manage issues:The admin attends to the issues and sees to it that the issues are resolved.
  7. Manage package:The admin also manages package, gets to know regarding the package subscribed by number of users and so on.
  8. Integration of cloud-based technology:When cloud technology is integrated with the app – management of data becomes easier and simpler.
  9. We have implemented many other significant features and have successfully built several job finder applications for our clients.

Why do you think you much choose Next Big technology?

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  7. We deliver high-quality software.
  8. We deliver in time.
  9. We have extensive experience in building job finder mobile apps.
  10. Our developers are proficient and skilled enough to handle any kind of challenges and thus can add any kind of features according to your requirement.
  11. If you are looking for the best mobile and app development company who can assist you in building job finder app you can undoubtedly contact Next Big technology for further information.

In case you have any doubts, contact us so that you can get all your doubts clarified. Connect with us so that we can discuss regarding the project in detail! We can build your vision!