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    How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Video Streaming App Like Amazon Prime Video

    How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Video Streaming App Like Amazon Prime Video?

    Amit Shukla

    Smartphone addiction is growing at a rapid pace which is why the usage of the application is also increasing simultaneously. There are various smartphone applications available in the market for serving multiple industries. All the industries including traveling, shopping, entertainment, food ordering, etc are involved in this case.

    According to reports, the statistics confirm that majority of the people are using the virtual accessibility of the services. Currently online business and virtual users are the promising future for every industry. This is one of the mentalities which every customer is bringing into the business. The customer wants the elimination process of the difficulty above the convenience due to the easy accessibility of the online service.

    This is one of the major reasons it is important to approach the development process of the video streaming apps which also offer entertainment services. It is the best time to catch on to the increasing ratio of mobile applications development company used around the globe. People around the globe like to purchase products, read E-books, listen to music, watch videos or movies at their convenience.

    Customers are using on-demand Video streaming applications for watching videos and movies. Most importantly it eliminates the requirement to present in front of the television for entertainment purposes. This is completely breaking the approach towards every traditional path. Most importantly it allows the users to watch their favorite shows anytime anywhere according to the convenience of their devices.

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    Definition of Video Streaming App:

    Before we get down to the development process of the video streaming app, we need to understand the process of streaming. It is a method that helps in transmitting data through the Internet. It is a continuous flow that will allow progressive playback from the start of the video even if the complete data is not received in the device.

    This is one of the major innovations which has enabled users to appreciate the functionality of the app. Users can easily watch any videos or movies without any requirement for downloading them on their devices. This eliminates the requirement for storage space where the data needs to be stored for accessing it. There are various video streaming applications available in the market for video streaming purposes.

    Amazon prime videos are one of the most popular ones which offer high-end services in the video streaming service. Due to its popularity, it is one of the highly functional video streaming apps available in the market. Most importantly it will be having all the important functionalities which will ensure convenience and accessibility.

    To develop a similar application, we need to look for the best app development services.


    Benefits of Online Video Streaming App Like Amazon Prime Videos:

    There are major benefits that will be offered with every online video streaming apps. It is important to offer similar benefits in case you are developing similar functionality of the application.

    • Quick accessibility of videos on smartphones:

    Smartphone devices are portable devices that could be used for accessing streaming videos. It can be easily carried with us in our pocket and it is almost impossible for us to imagine life without it. Video streaming services will enable the streaming of data anytime anywhere through smartphone devices using the Internet. The video streaming application compatibility with a smartphone is one of the most fascinating things that can happen.

    • Updates on broadcasts and episodes:

    Streaming videos through a video streaming service app is much similar to watching a video on television. Although the service provider will enable the notification about the accessibility of the new available broadcast or episodes. Due to this notification, the consumer can set their expectation right and select that duration to watch it. This will enable them to never miss out on any favorite program even if they are busy.

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    • Video Accessibility:

    Television is the traditional way of being videos but it will give a completely new experience on videos watching on smartphone devices. Unlike television said we can easily make our choices for watching our videos on our smartphone devices. We do not need to watch any of the videos which we don’t like as it is not a part of the continuous broadcast to be watched.

    Benefits of Online Video Streaming App Like Amazon Prime Videos

    • Social Features to Build Community:

    The majority of the online video streaming applications will be degrading social media services. You might be wondering what is the benefit of accessing social media features in the video streaming app. It will enable us to build a completely new network of friends just by inviting them into the application. We can also get several additional functionalities for sharing the application with others.

    • Fresh Content:

    Every customer can get fresh content into their online video streaming services. The services will keep on updating all the content available on the server. This will enable any average viewer to get interested in the subscription packages to get them the first access to fresh content. Most importantly the user can gain the benefit of getting unique and fresh content instantly.

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    Cost of Development a Video Streaming App Like Amazon Prime Video:

    For developing in a similar app like now Amazon prime videos it is estimated to cost around $40,000 to $45,000 for a single platform. Any entrepreneur can get their complete cloning app for either Android or iOS platform within this range of budget. This range of budget is entirely compiled based on all the basic functionalities of the app.

    Although if you are looking for any customized variant of the video streaming app then you need to implement every advanced functionality and feature. If you are looking forward to the prices for multiple platforms then it would cost around $90,000. There are various factors mostly involved in the development process of the video streaming app.

    Every development company will charge you differently by the hour based on their experience and skill. We have listed a few of the ranging company charges for developing apps like Amazon prime videos.

    Small Development Company Charges: $15 to $40 per hour

    Intermediate Development Company Charges: $50 to $100 per hour

    Enterprise-level Development Company Charges: $100 to $250 per hour

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