Features showing the demand for TV app development in India

Features showing the demand for TV app development in India

With the introduction of video streaming apps, television has become outdated. Users are highly attracted to it, as they have complete control over the videos and can watch them without any interruptions. A lot of people have already lost interest in the old technologies, but people are turning towards the online platform to watch their shows, series, movies, etc.

The video streaming mobile apps has seen a huge spike in the number of apps that are now available for download in the app stores.

Front-End Features of On-Demand Video Streaming App:

  1. User Registration

This is one of the most basic and primary features. The developers at the next big technology app development company provide the users with a number of options to the user for logging in and registering.

  1. Profile of the User

Users can get a choice for editing and personalizing a user’s profile. Also, the developers can receive important statistics like the subscription count, saved videos, watched videos, and the ones that are played repeatedly. The option of sharing the recently watched videos on social media must be present properly.

  1. Settings for Privacy

A video streaming app is a need for privacy settings as per the requirement of individual users. An option for privacy setting will provide an option to users to selectively share what they want to or keep privacy on the choice of broadcasting.

  1. Search Function

Ability to search for any particular video rather than browsing through pages. It will make the app user-friendly and set up filters based on the category, topic, location, length of the video, most watched and language are all impact features.

Back End Features of On-Demand Video Streaming App:

  1. Detailed Video Streaming

This is the main focus that requires lots of attention. The streaming should be conquered to an external server to ensure the smooth functioning of the App. Also, the broadcasting stream should pass through the server to the user and must stay until the user is watching.  After use, it gets deleted automatically from the server-side.

  1. Streaming Quality

In-app development, the streaming quality is an important feature to consider. This will assist the users while watching videos even when the bandwidth of the network is a bit down. It is good to provide an option for low video quality and then of higher range.

  1. Revenue and Subscription Models

This back-end feature will help the users to connect with the app and update it with the latest addition of videos that come up. This enhances the greater user engagement of the app. If the broadcaster is not allowing a free subscription, then it is good to redirect the user for making in-app purchases.

  1. Push Notifications

Push Notification is one of the most essential parts of an on-demand Video Streaming app. This will help users to update with the present happenings without being on the app. Also, an additional scheduling feature can be added by the developer for providing higher flexibility of scheduling future broadcasts.

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