What is the average cost of a VR application

What is the average cost of a VR application (ios& android)?


VR app development company is growing tremendously. In the coming few years, the market for VR apps is predicted to blow up.

What is a VR app?

VR is virtual reality, a technology that instigates users by creating an environment where the users are able to communicate and interact with 3D worlds. This technology is applied in various fields such as gaming, education, military, medical, and entertainment. Etc.

As the demand for these kinds of app development is growing tremendously, businesses must make use of the demands by releasing many such killer VR apps into the market. Thus, benefitting the users and businesses too.

VR software requires a highly polished interface and also demands highly experienced professionals to develop an error-free app. Also, the experts must have sound knowledge of C#, and C++. VR software demands different hardware requirements in order to use the app from various devices.

If you are planning to develop a gaming app, then the developer must have experience in design, art, UI/UX design,3D modeling, animation, etc. Suppose, if your game app is going to be a multi-player then rates may be high.

Let us now discuss the costs and the time taken for the development of a VR app.

Developmental assessment for constructing a VR app and the advantages of using a VR app:

  1. A simple VR app may just take one month to develop. On iphone/iOS or Android devices. On the other hand, a complex VR app might take many years the develop. So, finally, the development depends on the complexity.

Advantages of using a VR app:

  1. If you want your users to have a real-time experience, then it can be built using only a VR app.
  2. The message what you are trying to convey to your customers can be conveyed in an easy and approachable manner using a VR app.

Below are some of the examples of virtual reality apps:

  1. Google Cardboard for iOS and Android.
  2. Jaunt VR for iOS and Android
  3. Within VR for iOS and Android
  4. NYT VR for iOS and Android

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Factors affecting the cost for development of VR app:

  1. Scope: First, the scope of your project decides the cost of your VR app and also the kind of app you are going to build like if the app is going to be game, entertainment, etc. If the app requires to be constructed from scratch then the cost would definitely be high.
  2. High quality: If you want your VR app to be of high quality then senior VR app developers must be hired. Again, you might have to put in more cost.
  3. Location: Location is another factor deciding the cost. If the project is simple and small, then you can hire app developer from many online social platforms such as freelancers, etc. If your project is complex and requires much coding and effort then you can hire experienced professionals. Based on the location, the price which you pay to the developer might vary.
  4. Platform and extra features: Cost also depends on the kind of platform on which you are planning to develop the app. And, if you want to add some more features to your app, then again cost factor comes into play.
  5. 3rd Party Integration: The 3rd party integration for a VR app also counts the cost. Because it finally leads to a bit of costly coding for the app.
  6. Marketing and Publicity: In order to publicize the app, it is mandatory for businesses to do marketing so that it reaches all customers.

Estimated costs for VR apps: for iOS or Android

  1. Simple VR game app: 6000 to 9000$
  2. Horror game VR app: 25000 to 85000$
  3. Online shopping VR app: 18000 to 28000$
  4. Multiplayer Online game VR app: 100,000$

Time for the development may take up to 80 to 400 hours for a mediocre kind of VR app with medium complexities whereas highly complex apps may require more time.

The time and cost for the development of a VR app definitely depend on its complexities, your budget, and finally the add-ons which you would like to append into the app.


So, as discussed in the above article you can get an idea of the cost factor and how it relates to the development of a VR app. If you are planning to build any VR app for any kind of industry then you can get the help of a VR app development company for your aid. The simple app may cost around 7000$ and a more complex VR app may be more than 50,000$. The costs may go up high based on the difficulties and advancements and complexities involved. The costs remain more or less the same when developed on android or iOS. Find Top App Development Company for best mobile app development services using VR. Good Luck!