What Are the Cost & Features Required to Develop A Tow Truck App Like Uber

Cost & Features Required to Develop A Tow Truck App Like Uber

Uber is growing in its compass and degree as well as in the scope of contributions in the fragment of on-demand transportation and associated administrations. Most recent on the rundown is the Uber Tow Truck application that allows you to associate with the Tow Trucking administrations for vehicle crisis and hurling necessities. Nowadays, the demand for such apps is on the rise and so is the need for mobile app developers. So, let’s take a look at the costing and features required to develop such an app.

Fundamental Features to Consider for Developing a Uber Tow Truck App:

Live Geo Tracking:

This is one of the premier highlights that go in a Uber-like on-demand tow truck application. Much the same as it works for the Uber taxi application, the client can see and track where the closest tow truck is continuous. This fundamentally helps in knowing the ETA and arranging occasions that go before and follow.

Change/Cancel Booking:

There are times when you need to change your booking as you simply need to disavow it due to the unexpected change in plans. In such circumstances, this component comes helpful as it permits the client to drop or change the booking as and when required.

Talk to the driver:

When you put in the request you can interface with the driver to speak on subtleties and get guaranteed the opportune appearance or request subtleties if you need it. This should be possible both with the assistance of a visit or by settling on a decision to the driver’s administration telephone.

Audit System:

Gauge the believability and steadfastness components of the driver by taking a gander at the appraisals and surveys given by different clients on different help and execution boundaries. This way you can be guaranteed of getting the assistance best coordinating your necessities.

Work History:

This element is intended to permit you to peruse the subtleties of occupations joined in and clients served in the past on the driver’s profile page. With this, you can get guaranteed if a supplier has sufficient significant experience and is competent and prepared to work well for your requirements.

Special Features of Uber Tow Truck App

  1. Social Integration
  2. Client Profile
  3. GPS Tracking
  4. Accessibility status
  5. Route and Routing
  6. Administration & Equipment Management
  7. Installment Integration
  8. Booking/Service History
  9. Prize framework
  10. Announcing &analytics

The absolute exertion of building a Uber-like towing administration application with web application backend based on the node.js+ socket.IO and mobile application for both client and supplier based on the hourly rate, i.e., 15 USD – 20 USD.

It will take around 5000 USD to 20,000 USD to set up a mobile worker, introduce Admin Dashboard, set up a web application for clients, change the logo and sprinkle screen, recompile and dispatch iOS and Android local applications for your suppliers and clients. Feel free to get in touch with Next Big Technology. Being the best mobile app development company, we make sure to develop an amazing mobile app and can help you develop better applications.

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