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    Top Real Estate Apps in 2023 to Find a Home or Office

    Top Real Estate App 2023

    Amit Shukla

    The real estate industry includes many types of property which include development, appraisal, marketing, selling, leasing, and management of commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural properties. Any industry can fluctuate with the economy of a country but this one stays almost same with the time whether anything happens or not people will be needing a roof over their heads and businesses will need office space to operate.

    And this real estate market moves quickly when it comes to a time of buying or selling a house. People can easily get lost in all the procedures needed to be done before they sell or buy a house. But today there are many applications that help you to stay on top of it all.


    Real estate apps allow people to filter their choices by location, type of place, budget, and many more. These apps help people to connect with real estate agents or the owner of the property directly which makes it a lot easier for people to get their dream home.

    Features for A Good Real Estate App


    There are various types of applications with different features are available. Here we have given you a breakdown of the same:

    1. Dedicated real estate company application:

      This application helps real estate agents to list properties, upload pictures and videos and list information about the properties and it also lets the agents share the same with potential buyers. These apps sometimes let the buyers have a video walk through the property.

    2. Property buy-sell app:

      These kinds of apps are used as an online marketplace for buyers and sellers where they can register themselves, browse through their options and check out properties and list them here.

    3. AR VR real estate mobile applications:

      These kinds of apps are best to get a thorough experience to their buyers when they are looking for properties. With these apps, users can visualize the space, feel the layout, and see how the property will look with furniture. It’s like an app where you can check your dream place without even moving into it or even if it is not even constructed. With these apps, they can have a 360-degree walkthrough of the properties from their mobile or laptop itself.

    4. Smart home (IoT) mobile application:

      With the help of these apps users can control their homes from their phones only which can make it easy to do a lot of things like switching on or off a light or adjusting the thermostat or even unlocking the property. These apps can be a great help for those who want to manage their properties remotely.


    Here we will share the top 9 real estate apps with you from which you can get an idea of how this work.


    Serial no Application name iOS rating Android rating
    1 Zillow 4.7 4.8
    2 Trulia 4.3 4.8
    3 Redfin 4.8 4.7
    4 Loopnet.com 4.8 2.6
    5. Realtor 4.7 4.2
    6 Apartments.com 4.8
    7 Xome actions 4.3 4.6
    8 Magic bricks 4.3 4.0
    9 Homesnap 4.8 4.3


    1. Zillow


    Zillow is the top pick for the best real estate mobile app overall in 2023. It’s an all-in-one app that lets you search for homes, estimate your mortgage payments, and find local real estate agents.

    It has features like the safety of neighborhoods in a particular area,  pre-approval assistance and easily customizable search filters, keeping up to date with fast-paced real estate markets,  virtual tour of properties.


    • Access to over 1 million listed properties
    • Comparison between properties
    • Customized filters


    • Doesn’t show all available properties in an area
    • Price listing not accurate

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    1. Trulia


    It is one of the best apps which provides more information about what goes into a home value than any other apps. It uses Zillow data to provide properties and other information but in a different manner than Zillow.

    This app has a feature that lets the users check how the price fluctuates of a property. It also let the users save the previous searches and get notifications when new listings that match a user’s criteria is posted.


    • Nearby places
    • Buyers can ask questions to the agent
    • Pre qualified financing and calculator


    • Not many listings
    • Dropped crime data feature
    • Similar to Zillow

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    1. Redfin


    This app is a combination of both cutting-edge technology with actual Redfin real estate agents and customer service employees that keep the human element in process.

    This app has simple features like customizable filters, setting up notifications, booking of home tour.

    This app has a lower commission fee as well


    • Free market analysis for sellers
    • Home buying calculator to budget


    • Limited details surrounding neighborhood
    • Operates in selected market.

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    1. com

    It is the best app for entrepreneurs as it only lists commercial properties.  It is also useful for investment purposes as it includes detailed infinity on property values, demographics and market trends.


    • Easy to navigate maps
    • Save previous searches
    • Seamless messaging system between buyer and seller


    • Outdated information
    • Bugs in filter option
    • No residential properties


    1. Realtor


    It is the official search portal for the national association of realtors. It offers properties that are directly sourced from over 800 MLSs.

    Realtors can update their listings for free.


    • Hiding listings from search result
    • Last updated shown
    • Neighborhood noise level assessment


    • Limited search criteria

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    1. com

    Thanks to the 1.1 million listed rentals combined with amazing imagery, this app is renter’s favorite place. It allows users to set up alerts for the new listings


    • Advance search option
    • Filter includes wheelchair access


    • Sorting and update may not be reliable
    • Paid in-app features
    • Cannot save searches as favorites


    1. Xome auctions

    Xome Auctions

    It is the best app if users want to buy the property through auction as it has a comprehensive online bid listings. This app also let the users know whether the property is financeable or the amount needs to be paid in cash.


    • Largest database of auction properties
    • Access to pre-auction properties
    • Contract e-signing within the app
    • Access to real time bidding


    • Bugs
    • Relatively new with a small client base


    1. Magic bricks

    Magic Bricks

    This app is always available to help it’s users whenever they need it because of its great customer service. It also Integrates services like Google Maps and ola service to move around easily.


    • Properties pre-certified by registered architect
    • Feedback
    • Comprehensive information about property


    • Works with certain developers, so, if builder is not on the list then they cannot use the services
    • Paid subscription service

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    1. Homesnap


    Homesnap is the leading real estate mobile app, connecting millions of homeowners, homebuyers, and renters with top local real estate agents and brokers.

    Sellers on Homesnap can create their listings with photos and videos from within the app as well as add personal notes about what sets their house apart from others on the market. The app also makes it easy to find sellers that are willing to accept all-cash offers, have no closing costs, and come with extra incentives like furniture packages.


    • 3D tour of properties


    • Works with licensed agents only so, if you are not one then you can’t use the app.
    • Fewer data provided
    • No built-up mortgage calculator

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    A real estate mobile app must have all the features like customizable search options, desired amenities, wheelchair accessibility, uploading of pictures and videos of the property etc. so that a buyer can get their dream house and a seller can sell or rent their properties.


    • Using these apps, buyer can get a list of properties available in their desired area quickly and without much hassle.
    • Property sellers can benefit from an extended reach via these real estate apps. They can easily list their properties on the app, reach a wider customer base, and secure information about potential buyers.
    • With these apps, buyer can customize their searches as well which makes it even more easy for them to get their next home.



    The top real estate apps offer tailored home value listings to help you evaluate the fairness of the property’s listing price. Although each real estate app has its own valuation method, it is typically based on the following factors:

    • Square footage area
    • Location of the property
    • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
    • Amenities offered
    • Prevailing market trends
    • Recent comparable sales

    The algorithms being a private matter, the exact way to assess the prices are not known. But it is seen that most of these apps use Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine the value of a property. Alternatively, some apps also use AVM (Automated Valuation Models), which leverages algorithms to try and determine value.



    Real estate apps are not new in the market. But with advanced technology, it is sure that this opportunity is not going anywhere. In fact it will only grow and come with more benefits for both buyer and seller in the future.

    Thanks for reading our post “Top Real Estate App 2023“. Please connect with us to know more about real estate app development and real estate portal development.

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