Shopify vs Oberlo

Which is better for your online store? Shopify or Oberlo


If you’re considering entering the e-commerce business, you’ve probably heard of Shopify and Oberlo. But what is the difference between these two e-commerce platforms? What distinguishes them from the competition? How much do they set you back?

All of these questions will be answered in the Shopify vs Oberlo comparison.

Key differences between Shopify and Oberlo?


Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform that enables users to create an online shop and sell items through many platforms. It’s simple to create an account and upgrade existing templates.

Despite the fact that Shopify is a website builder, it has a graphical user interface. You don’t require any additional coding skills.


Oberlo is a cost-effective and feature-rich Drop Shipping Software solution for SMEs and large businesses. Oberlo software is preferred by users and specialists in the e-commerce industry.

Oberlo supports drop shipping by partnering with Aliexpress, the world’s largest wholesaler. By synchronizing data, order processing, and dropshipping, this technology acts as a data bridge between Shopify and Aliexpress. As a result, you may use Oberlo to add items or locate target products from Aliexpress, tweak them, and sell them straight on Shopify.

What’s the Difference Between Shopify and Oberlo?


Even if you don’t know how to code, Shopify is simple to use. Shopify makes it simple to develop and personalize websites, manage items, construct website interfaces, add content, manage inventory, and automatically compute shipping rates in that place.

You do not need to understand programming to utilize Shopify because it is designed for everyone. You may create a website and customize it with many features.

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Oberlo is a Shopify-specific tool that helps with sales. Merchants can quickly add stocking goods to their online storefronts with Oberlo. Many e-commerce business owners must spend hours searching the internet for the greatest items. Oberlo makes things easier by recommending popular goods and adding them to your online store.

Oberlo Market connects you with suppliers all around the world. With only a few clicks, you may add a variety of items to your dropshipping site. Many dropshipping procedures are readily solved using this platform.

Oberlo, on the other hand, is exclusively compatible with Shopify. Other e-commerce platforms are not supported by this platform.

How Much Do Shopify and Oberlo Cost?


Because Shopify is designed to be a quick e-commerce website builder, its charges are greater than the ordinary web hosting platform or website builder.


Oberlo may be purchased at a low price. Starter Plan, Basic Plan, and Pro Plan are the three main plans offered by the firm.

Which is the Best Platform for Your Online Store: Shopify or Oberlo?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides assistance and solutions for your online store.

Oberlo is a dropshipping solution for Shopify that is well-integrated. Shopify is a good choice if you want to start and maintain a traditional e-commerce site, whereas Oberlo is better for dropshipping store owners.