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    How to increase your customer’s engagement with mobile apps

    How to increase your customer’s engagement with mobile apps

    Amit Shukla

    In today’s time, the growing popularity of Smartphone and applications are considered as the biggest technical phenomenon. Engaged and active users are the foundation of a top mobile app development company. If users will not steadily use your product, then your business is not found to be viable and does not let you achieve product-led growth. Creating an engaging app is much more than creating an interesting idea.

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    1. Remove barriers and improve accessibility

    Most SMEs can increase their app downloads by improving the mobile experiences of the customers. Companies can make it easy for customers to find and remove the pinpoints in customer interactions across different platforms. For instance, the registration of the app enables social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to provide one-click registration solutions so that users can immediately gain access. The accessibility of mobile app services is more likely to draw in new users and promote downloads.

    1. Customize the experience with push notifications

    Most mobile apps services support push notifications. It defines that a Smartphone user receives important messages from an app with text messages and social media updates. This is an essential space where businesses can seize to interact with their customers and grab their attention while not using the app. Push notifications should be personalized to each user to make them seem less intrusive. It includes their name or pushes a product that was last viewed by the customer.

    1. Provide regular app updates

    Regular applications of the next big technology app development services update with new content or features. It further provides the impression to the users about the constant improvement in the user experience. Besides, it sends an indirect reminder about the existence of the app to prompts more regular usage. If an app has not been updated in the past year, it will create potential compatibility issues while revising mobile operating systems. Often, users do not want to risk downloading something that appears abandoned.

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    1. Get more app reviews

    Businesses that are using mobile apps to build engagement require an attractive, useful app that reflects its utility through positive reviews and high ratings. Now, both Google and Apple applications consider reviews to get information for users to consider before downloading. A positive or negative app review can essentially impact ratings and calculate their popularity. Also, Apple and Google expect website and app owners to make improvements on the basis of reviews they receive. It is significant for them to get lots of reviews and plenty of genuine or positive comments, too.

    1. Barcode scanning

    Retail businesses can enhance the in¬-store experiences of the customers by enabling barcode scanning via a mobile app. it can bring up more useful information to the user. For instance, customers would be allowed to scan the barcode of an in-store product and check availability, sizes, colors, or product reviews. Then, the product could be purchased either in person or online. This service is the right way for customers to leverage the full Omni-channel experience and engage actively with brands both physically and digitally.

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