How to develop an app for Shopify (Complete Guide)

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If you are an entrepreneur or a developer and looking for a complete solution for E-commerce that will help you in scaling or managing the business then Shopify is the best choice for you. It is the best way to get and customized online store which can be created with ease for selling products on social media, web, mobile, and even on the physical store. Shopify app is a digital platform which is having roughly around 9000000 active users or even more according to various data. It is also having a total revenue of over $1 billion in the year 2019 which would have increased further in the year 2021-22.

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If you are selecting Shopify for creating your business app then you are already familiar with a popular platform. Although the main question is how will it sustain the competition even if we build using Shopify. According to various sources, Shopify is one of the most preferred choices for the sellers due to the minimalistic user interface along with the mixture of reach features. It could be much more helpful to use Shopify which will help in managing the online store along with the products properly. Various benefits come with the Shopify app development which we have mentioned below.

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  • User Friendly:

Shopify is much easier to set up and even easier for the usage of non-developers and developers compared to any other e-commerce solutions available in the market. It offers the complete hosting and software which is ready to launch your website along with an admin interface that is completely user-friendly and intuitive.

  • App Implementation:

Shopify will allow easy customization on the online store along with the integration with various apps. This will allow extra functionalities along with rich features to be enhancing the platform.

  • Innovative Designs:

Shopify will be using modern and professional templates which will make the online store more pleasing to use. Even if we will be getting any simple themes to be used in Shopify it is mandatory to hire an experienced Shopify app development company to have a richer user interface for the users.

  • Secure and Reliable:

When managing and creating the online store is also required to have the ability to handle various sensitive user data. It includes personal customer details or even credit card information which needs to be reliable and secure on the platform. Even with the constant maintenance and upgrade, it will still maintain reliability and security with all the sensitive data in its database without any unauthorized user access.

Shopify App Development

  • Speed Optimized:

One of the major benefits of using Shopify is the fast speed due to the completely optimized hardware and software. According to studies loading time can have a significant impact on the business which will be reduced due to the faster access of the Shopify platform. So, it is mandatory to have a proper hosted solution that is much faster compared to any other solution available in the market.

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  • Inbuilt Marketing Tools:

Shopify will also offer various marketing tools which will help the business to have a constant and steady growth. Even with the basic version of Shopify, you will get to have decent SEO features along with analytics tools. Most importantly it will also offer various features which include gift cards, store statistics, discount coupons, email marketing, and many more.

Shopify will allow the business to have enhanced services to be offered through the online store to the customers. This will also have added features and functionality while serving the customers at the same time. In the market, there are multiple Shopify apps available that will offer different functionalities from the other online stores. Most of the apps are available for free and few of them are available as paid apps. Even most of the apps are having custom-built specific functionalities which are dedicated to the business.

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Public or Private App:

One of the major things in the development of the Shopify app is the selection of the type between private and public apps. The public app will allow the addition of various stores and also offer access to different APIs. Whereas public apps will only allow working in one store. Similarly, the public app will not allow the listing of different app stores add access to the APIs is almost limited. Also, the store will not have the embedded Shopify admin panel. We have listed the featured APIs which can be integrated to add various functionality into the Shopify app.

  • We can easily charge users for the app this will allow the app owner to generate revenue through the app. This functionality will be allowed by GraphQL Admin API.
  • The application proxy will allow displaying data on the store page even from a different location. This is one of the best ways to get dynamic content with regular updates.
  • The Courier service will allow you to register a new carrier along with various shipping rates. A few of the common carriers include FedEx, UPS, etc.
  • The fulfillment service API will allow creating, deleting, and editing using third-party warehouse management services. It will easily prepare all the shipping orders on the behalf of the company.
  • Liquid API will use the liquid template language which will ensure the loading of the dynamic content on the store. This is a language that is being written on Ruby and it is considered one of the backbones for many themes of Shopify.
  • To load JavaScript code remotely for checking the shop order status page in the shop then script tags are much more important.
  • With the help of webhooks API, we can easily retrieve and store data based on various events. It will completely execute the code instantly without waiting for the API to engage in the service.



Even though there are multiple Shopify apps available in the market but the custom app will make Shopify more powerful with built-in APIs. We can easily engage with what is available to build a powerful platform that will offer customizations and complete control over the shop. It will also encourage the developers to continue with the publishing of new apps into the App Store every day.

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