How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost?

How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost

WordPress is powering more than 35% of the world’s websites, which is the main reason to build a WordPress website. Even though you are planning for building a WordPress website the main concern is the cost and the concern of the price to be a subscription-based or one-time charge. WordPress website pricing may vary depending on the design of the business along with the development process which is needed by the brand. Although we can estimate that an average WordPress website and costs from 75 US dollars to 120000 US dollars. Just like any other website the WordPress website also need maintenance which will cost you around $75 per year to 15000 dollars per year.


Cost of WordPress Website Design Services:

For designing a WordPress website, the cost will be in tally depending on the requirement of the business and design of the branding in the website. Even the packages may vary depending on the web design agencies for hiring a freelancer for the project. We can even estimate the price of the website design ranging from 1 US dollar to 300 US dollars in case the project is done within the business management. The freelancers will charge you up to $500 to 5000 dollars depending on the design and implementation of the features. Similarly, any WordPress web design company will give you the professional look of your website without cost ranging from 3000 dollars to 100000 dollars.

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Maintenance Cost of WordPress Website:

Maintenance is required for every website which also includes a WordPress website for your brand. The maintenance is also divided into three categories in which house WordPress website maintenance May cost from nothing to $25 per month. Freelancers are due from $50 to $100 per hour depending on the requirement of the website maintenance Services. Similarly, WordPress web design and maintenance services will be done by the agencies for free in case you have offered them to complete the development process, or else they will charge you around $120 to $450 per month.

You need to keep in mind that the WordPress website development may be dependent upon various factors which include:

  • Design and style
  • Number of WordPress plugins
  • Number of pages
  • Redesigning frequency
  • Employment for the development of the website which includes freelancers, in-house or agency
  • Website capabilities including E-Commerce functionality
  • Website traffic

These are the main reasons for product price variation in various websites according to the requirement of the company and the implementation of the tools and Technology.


Factors to Determine the WordPress Cost:

Six major factors will influence the pricing of the WordPress website development. We have listed along with proper details to ensure you with the proper information in case you are diving into the WordPress website for your company.

  1. Domain Name:

Once you started using a WordPress website you need to have a domain name. In case you don’t own a domain name already you need to pay for one to get one. The cost will entirely be depending on the place you purchase the domain and it should be around $12 a month to keep the domain.

  1. Storage and Bandwidth:

Storage and bandwidth for the website are another cost factor for WordPress web development. There is no exact price that can be estimated due to the difference in the website. In case the user is using the WordPress blog then there is not much storage is required. Whereas if the user is using an E-commerce website, then it needs more storage due to the uploading the inventory of the product. These are the few factors that would affect the budget for building a WordPress website. The more photos and videos are other contents to upload to the website the more it will cost for the host to bear it.

  1. Web Hosting:

Even after getting a domain name, it is much required for the web hosting services for the website. There are two types of web hosting services available in the market which includes dedicated and shared. In case you choose the shared web hosting then you need to share the server with other businesses. Shared web hosting services will cost you less like a different company that is sharing the server will also power their part of the charges.

But you need to keep in mind that shared web hosting services may not perform well compared to the dedicated server. In the case of a dedicated server, you will have the internal server for your business only. Similarly, an entire server for the personal website can be expensive, but you don’t need to share your server with other businesses which will give you the utmost performance. This is one of the major factors which will affect your budget by your choice according to the hosting of your website.

  1. Themes:

One of the important factors about using a WordPress website is to have several things for your business which can help in personalizing the online presence. WordPress will offer you with variety of free themes and also supports various third-party themes which are available on various websites. There are several premium theme services available for the business which will cost you money in case you want your website to make professional.

Premium things will also have additional functionalities along with the inclusion of various premium plugins. The collection of premium plugin-added themes may vary depending on the type of theme you are using. You can find 20-dollar themes which are also ranging up to $100 theme depending on the choice of your WordPress theme. You need to keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the style you are choosing for your website.

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  1. Plugins:

Plugins are one of the important parts of WordPress website designing which will add extra functionalities and make it look more professional. Most of the plugins will offer subscription basis services according to yearly cost. Few of the plugins will also offer you free services.

You will get to choose from more than 50,000 plugins which will help you to have the most professional look on your WordPress website. You can easily use multiple logins in a single website which will add extra functionalities and increase performance. The cost of the plugins will also vary in the development cost which will be determined by the choice of the website owner.

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  1. Security:

Security is the major factor that is the important element that needs to be added to every WordPress website. It is important to make your customers will say while browsing or shopping to your website. It is much needed to add security to every page which will ensure the customers have constant traffic on your website. You also need to get an SSL certificate which is a standard technology that will keep the website safe from every kind of spam.

It will also help the user to keep the internet connection secure and eliminate the chance of data sharing. In some cases, the website owner may need to pay a one-time security fee which will make the security options more reliable. There are a few monthly security charges applicable to which will offer proper maintenance and added security and updates throughout the month.

Initially, a basic security plan can have you around $50 a year, even a few of them will increase eventually depending on the type of security you are getting for. There are several advanced security options available which will be the premium services needed to pay for to have advanced security in your WordPress website.

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