Hotel Management Application Development Cost and Key Features

Hotel Management Software Development Cost and Key Features

Hotels are increasing rapidly to serve visitors who require accommodation. The latest technologies are being used by hotels to manage their business in an effective manner. The hotel industry is burgeoning in the current era because people tend to travel to different places and they tend to visit hotels in order to get accommodation for the number of days they are going to stay in the particular place.

What exactly is a hotel management Application?

Currently, due to the advancements in technologies, the digitalized market has come up with the hotel management application which can assist people to make bookings beforehand and there is much functionality which we are going to discuss in this article.

Moreover, if you are running a hotel industry it is better to invest money in hotel management Application development because the digitalized world needs the latest mobile applications in order to run the industry in an effective manner. There are innumerable benefits that you can gain if you own an application for your hotel industry.

The HMS-Hotel management system provides better functioning of the activities of the hotel industry such as planning, front-office, etc.

The model can either be basic with simple and essential features or complex depending on the hotel industry operations and budget invested in the project.

Hotel Management Software Development Cost and Features

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You could also approach Hotel Management Application Development Company to get the desired application built.

Benefits of hotel management Application:

  1. Save costs and more returns:

You would not lose customers. Moreover, the task of managing the operations becomes less complex and you can save costs related to labor. Hence the process can assure more returns or profits when you consider the idea of building a hotel management application.

  1. Effective undertaking:

Owning a hotel management application would be an appreciable idea for the long term and hence the productivity would grow in the subsequent years.

  1. Customers can get benefitted:

It eases the process for the customers as they can book the specific hotel for a number of preferred days they need and the HMS application assists in making check-ins and check-outs using just mobile and the remittance could be easily done using the application.

  1. Along with the trends:

Today’s technology has drastically advanced and you must also update your business along with the present trends.

Let us now look at some of the prominent features of the HSM:

  1. Booking:

This section is completely to ease the booking process. The customers can easily open the application from their respective mobiles and continue to do the reservations for the number of days. They can look at the hotel rooms and the picturesque representation can, even more, provide a flexible booking. Moreover, they can even opt for any other additional services utilizing the application such as using the wi-fi spot, swimming, playing, etc.

Globally nearly 750 million people tend to use the online reservation system to do the bookings.

There are many travelers flying around the world and to make the accommodation process much more comfortable the hotel industry can opt to connect with the GDS so that the travel applications would include the hotel bookings too and this would be an easy task for the traveler.

  1. Customer management:

This section is related to the customer where the staff would maintain all the necessary details with regards to the customer in the database. If a customer visits the hotel and he/she require accommodation, the staff can elaborately explain to the customer regarding the additional services offered by them and the customer can choose them. All the significant details regarding the customer such as time of arrival/leaving, payments, number of days stayed, extra services utilized, etc. are maintained using the application. If the traveler is a regular visitor the staff can intimate any offers/discounts to the customer via SMS and so on. The payment receipts must be secured and whenever the customer demands the bill the staff must be able to produce the bill and as such, all the significant information connected to the customer can be stored.

  1. Employees management:

This segment is completely related to staff and management. Using the application many details related to the staff such as their salaries, the number of days absent, day or night duty attended, etc. can be managed, and accordingly, their monthly salaries could be credited. Moreover, their behavior and conduct with the customers can be easily tracked to get an overview of them. The hotel managers can easily allocate the job to the employees utilizing the application.

  1. Analytics:

The analytics section can assist the business owners in knowing if the hotel industry is performing as expected and if they are gaining enough profits or not.

The graphical representation can guide if there should be further steps taken in order to enhance the profits and necessary measures can be followed.

Common attributes of the hotel management application :

  1. Front-office control.
  2. Back-office control.
  3. Room severance.
  4. Food and Beverages supervision.
  5. Housekeeping control.
  6. Stock management.
  7. Booking management.
  8. Sales supervision.
  9. Bar and POS.
  10. Laundry supervision.
  11. Maintenance.
  12. Group supervision.
  13. Complaints management.
  14. Banquet supervision.

Additional modules elements:

  1. Hotel booking app:

The app basically when downloaded and installed, the customer can easily reserve the room and proceed with the bookings if there are additional services provided by the hotel management. Hence, it’s an uncomplicated approach to the booking process.

  1. Restaurant and Bar (POS):

POS – point of sale- this kind of flexible structure eases the hotels because they can easily manage the payments of the customers in an orderly fashion. The customer can make the hotel billings altogether with restaurant and bar, in POS systems the customer’s expenses keep on appending according to the services availed by the customer.

  1. Laundry:

Using the application, the laundry can easily be managed so as to provide the essential facilities to the customer when they arrive.

  1. Maintenance:

It is one of the crucial modules through which many things can be maintained with the help of the app such as cleanliness, arranging, etc.


Now let us look at the third-party interfaces which are included along with the application:

  1. Payment:

The payment integrations – third-party sources are included so that the person can flexibly book the hotel room without any hurdles by the use of credit cards. XCharge is an example.

  1. PBAX:

Private Automatic Branch Exchange where mostly this kind of service is utilized by the business to facilitate the inter-communication process in an orderly manner. The calls from the customers can be traced. Samsung, etc. are used.

  1. Printers:

These printers are not ordinary ones. They are fiscal printers and hence used by the business in order to safeguard against cheating, etc. They are enabled with all kinds of secured features.

  1. Fingerprint approach:

In order to monitor the customers, it is, therefore, the duty of the hotel industry to take appropriate measures and this is one of them – the fingerprint approach through which the customer can access and hence through the system the customer can be verified.

  1. Finance:

Complete finance can be managed through the use of this system and this process can aid the management to allocate the required amount of budget for a particular activity such as if there is any repair or room that needs some restoration, etc. All kinds of finance and accounting tasks can effortlessly be maintained and monitored.

It is always an effective way to get the application designed for Android, iOS, and tablets too so that the productivity would keep on increasing.

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How do you go about getting a hotel management application built for you?

Basically, you need to analyze your hotel industry regarding if there is a need for basic, medium, or complex apps required. Accordingly, you can approach an app development company and get your desired application built.

You require front-end and back-end developers, designers, QA experts, and testers for building a good hotel management application.

Cost varies on the location, complexity of the project, and other factors.

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As discussed, hope this article would give you a brief understanding of how to proceed to build a hotel management application.

There are many factors when it comes to the cost to build a hotel management application.

On average in India, the per hour rate of the developers is around 20$ – 50$ and could vary slightly based on his/her skills and years of expertise.

A basic model with all the necessary elements to be developed on one platform would cost around 15,000$ – 25,000$.

In case you are looking for the best hotel management application development company you can contact Next Big Technology for further information.

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