Features that Enterprise Mobile App Should Have

Features that Enterprise Mobile App Should Have

Out there, several enterprises are existing and interestingly, all of them share a common goal, how to escalate their overall productivity. Well, the productivity of the organization is directly proportional to the motivation and the performance of the employees, and raising that is where the main call lies.

Undeniably, employees play a paramount role, and therefore to reap out the right results, entrepreneurs are looking for highly polished and feature-rich enterprise mobile apps. One can say, these apps as the one-stop solution for promoting a stress-free working culture, for driving motivation, and allow them to work freehand approach.

Already a lot of buzzes are prevailing in the market and thus, if you are getting ready to enter the mainstream, it is important that you add the right features in your enterprise mobile app development for reaching out to the right and desired business horizon.

Another factor that adds to its prominence is, these apps are greatly helpful in amplifying the communication standards thus helping in raising the engagement and also keeps them updated with all the latest feeds and updates running around.

The concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is also quite amiable in enhancing employee productivity. On a broader note, it allows them to work and operate from anywhere and anytime provides an easy way of communication.
Now since we are talking about those specific reasons that must be added in the enterprise mobile app, here keep reading the post for identifying them.

Your app must be secured

Well, according to the latest reports and research, around 70% of the apps are abandoned by the employees, in case they sense insecurity with your enterprise mobile app. Therefore, make sure that your app doesn’t compromise user security on any grounds.

The enterprises have to remain pretty sure about the data and information shared by the users over the app. The employees must feel that the app is free from any kind of data breaches and security attacks. Processing further, make sure that the verification process, distribution, etc are kept shielded.

Robust sharing ecosystem

We already provided a little glimpse of the BYOD devices above and the way they had simplified the data sharing process. The enterprise app must be able to make the sharing process quite easier. Whether it’s about sharing the file, content, audio, or some really important files, it must allow the employees to accomplish the task in a justified manner.

So, here irrespective of the location of the employees, they can send and receive emails, can check the client data and reports, and other necessary documents. So, this way they can plan and process further and plan the required appropriate strategy for working on new projects.

Newsfeed and updates

This is a very vital thing for keeping the employees engaged. The mobile app developer must allow the employees and entrepreneurs to share the update about the latest releases or on other latest updates and information.

This helps greatly in boosting the motivation of the employees and at the same time keeps them in the loop. Give them updates about the new running trends in the industry and allow them to share the content, blogs, and posts, etc over the app. This helps in augmenting the overall working culture quite seamlessly and healthy at the same time.

Push notification

It is majorly considered the most effective user engagement tool. In an enterprise, there are some dates such as the deadline, deployment, or some others that are required to remind the team from time to time. In such a scenario, users can either go for selecting in-built app calendar or either push notifications.

Now besides tracking and maintaining the above updates, they are several other activities that keep taking place correspondingly. Therefore, an app entailed with the calendar feature and push notifications help in keeping the user’s updates and ensures that they do not miss on any domain.


Usually, in most cases, enterprise mobile apps are based on cloud servers for storing all the crucial data, narrations, and documents. Apart from this, it also helps in keeping the information secured and authenticated.
By incorporating the cloud-based servers, employees can access the data from anywhere and at any time, thus again saves the enterprises from investing in the large hardware devices for storing the data.

Delver high-end employee engagement

Your enterprise app must allow the users to send messages and at the same time ensure that their conversation processes over the app in a flawless manner. It helps to strengthen the employee engagement ratio and also keeps them involved and attuned to the various operation and procedural tasks.

So, the more your app keeps the employees updated and keeps them aware of the fact that their views are really important, the chances of getting the revenues just double for the organization to get safer and safer.

So, these were the few features that must be added to your enterprise app. Before entering the niche, just make sure that you have identified the perfect and appropriate features for your enterprise mobile apps. Engineering it as per the standards and latest trends will not only make your businesses flourish but also make sure that your employees are motivated and productive in just the desired way.