Cost and Features of Netflix Application Development

Cost and Features of Netflix Application Development

Binge-watching is the latest trend that meets the Millenials’ need of that hour. Today’s young people love to be hooked on something deserving of their time, and perhaps Netflix service meets this need admirably, attracting audiences from all over the world.

One of the most astounding things about Netflix is that somehow it is actually the world’s leading streaming channel for watching TV episodes and videos on the same network. It enables the mailing of registered and leased content on DVD as well as Blu-ray disks.

It is free for downloading and use on iOS as well as Android, although it does bill for in-app purchases. For such a large number of benefits, Netflix, which meets the needs of today’s customers, proves to be an excellent choice for investors looking to make sound investment decisions.

Why should you actually choose NBT Solutions for Building up an application which does live video streaming just like Netflix?

To tackle the unexpected Tech-challenges, an application like Netflix needs a significant amount of technological advancements and skills, and such difficulties can be overcome with the help of highly skilled app builders including NBT solutions.

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We have a strong team of efficient software developers, programmers, as well as QA analysts at NBT Solutions who’ve had years of work experience crafting many innovative app solutions for a wide variety of industries. Our team at NBT solutions charges 5000USD to 20,000 USD for one time and 15USD to 20 USD for the hourly rate.

Factors Contributing to the Success of a Video Streaming Application

We will go through the key steps you can take before just learning how to make SVOD like Netflix.


  1. Monetization of Application

Monetization of Application

To summarize, the monetization of video channels can only be actually expected from a subscription model. This enables consumers to obtain variable plans for subscribers. Different schedules, such as weekly, quarterly, or yearly, may be added, as well as free trial versions for just a month. It would definitely pique the user’s interest.

  1. Support for multiple currencies

Netflix has grown in popularity all over the world. As a result, the number of people who use it has grown all over the world. As a result, you could provide multi-currency assistance, allowing consumers to pay according to their preferences and convenience.

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  1. Video sharing as well as streaming

Netflix allows you to stream movies, TV programs, and films on a variety of screens, and it has an excellent streaming experience. Users prefer Netflix to watch movies as well as TV shows from their computers, and since it is so easy to use, it can easily be handled and run by anybody.

Netflix could be viewed on a device by going to, and it is also possible to access the awesome material from pretty much anywhere in the entire world.

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  1. Smart Downloads

The Smart Downloads functionality, as the name implies, eventually deletes the episode after the user has actually finished watching it and then automatically downloads the next one with a secure Wi-Fi network. Users may prevent the hassle of manually removing and uploading material with this function.

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