A complete guide to AngularJS – Tips, Tricks, and Benefits

A complete guide to AngularJS – Tips, Tricks, and Benefits

Generally, developers jump into any project they to work on and improve their skills day-by-day to enhance expertise.  A fresher always has a quest to learn things that grow extensively and further take a chance to assist in that field of development. Similarly, Java developers and AngularJs Development Services can handle development works on various similar platforms. There are certain tips and tricks for Angular JS, some of them are as follows:

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AngularJS is the most powerful and widely used JavaScript platform that supports the developers to create amazing web applications in India, mobile apps, and desktop-based versions of a program. The tools and design patterns can efficiently handle both large and small projects. It is basically a desktop and mobile-ready platform that makes you use a single framework for multiple platforms to acquire different types of materials and many useful party tools.

Angular is well-established and maintained by Google to include a huge community of professionals and is widely used in applications. There are certain tips and tricks that help you go with the AngularJS web development including the following.

  1. Organize your Code

To avoid a big mess later, you must organize all of your AngularJS code in one folder and keep the shared assets in another folder. This will help you clean the structure while going through the development process.

  1. Define Components

Take a step, define your components and avoid keeping your module, controller, and factory components in a single folder. Instead, create three separate files by writing your code in all three of them accordingly.

  1. Initialize and Express

While building a web application, you must load your JavaScript code at the bottom side of your HTML text. In addition, the complex logic should get split into different methods in the controller that can be rendered specifically. However, all the controllers should only cover the logic for that particular view of the business.

  1. Install a Sidewaffle Extension

Use a SideWaffle with the Visual Studio properly. It helps you easily customize the patterns that are used in factories, services, and directives.

  1. Maintain Models based Business Logics

Maintaining the business logic in models helps you sharing with controllers and other services. The model is developed for application logic and shows that it is specifically designed for your application along with the way it interacts.


How AngularJS is beneficial to you?

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AngularJS is a Google-maintained JavaScript framework that is used for AngularJS web-based application development and responsive website development. Some of the important benefits are as follows:

1.MVC Woes Over – With AngularJS, you would split the components and the framework would take care of the rest. It serves as the pipeline that connects different components.

2.Closer to MVVM Architecture – AngularJS moves closer to the MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) architecture. Thus, it lays a strong foundation for application design and development.

3.Design Development Workflow – Developers can avoid HTML/CSS markup and add markup without breaking an application while designing the apps.  Instead of re-arranging the codes, move elements around the corresponding code.

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