6 SEO Trends That Will Make a Difference in Ranking in 2021

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Know about the modern SEO trends so that your website stands on the top in the search engines when users search or browse to find out their relevant information. You must be aware of all the latest and newest amendments that are being made by Google. Many changes are made every year related to SEO and these trends must be known to you if you are running any business so that your business becomes popular and your site stands out of the crowd which in turn brings you profits. Hire SEO Experts to know more

What does SEO mean?

Search engine optimization Is mandatorily and most commonly used by the websites to fetch their site ranking to be on the top. It is used by almost all the websites. Without SEO’s there will be no site on the internet. If the site is not SEO optimized, then it is for sure that your site will not appear in the search engine bots thereby not reaching any user or customer. Such is the importance of SEO.

Even if you are planning to Hire SEO Experts or agency, you should be familiar with all the latest developments and trends related to SEO.

Google released some changes to their existing search engine bots last year. It was quite difficult for some of the site owners. Because the search engines filtered the sites based on the main keywords, site content of high quality and based on a few other conditions.

It is recommended that you get suggestions from experts if you are a non-technical person and know the changes which are brought into the area of SEO. If not, your business might be affected.

Let us discuss the SEO trends that will make a difference in ranking in 2020:

  1. Voice search

Nowadays, everyone is preferring to search using voice. As it is easy and there is no need for typing, many are using voice searches. This function can be performed while executing any other task too. The voice search strategy is different from the old-fashioned keywords typing strategy. So, the method of search using voice requires a different style of SEO optimization.

According to a few analysts, they predict that more than 50% of the global population might opt for voice searches in the current year. Hire SEO Experts


  1. Artificial Intelligence:

AI has helped businesses to save time and money. Again, the current year is also seeing a big usage of AI in this digital world. AI supports many areas of SEO such as competitor insights, SERP performance, site performance, market trend analysis, etc.

AI is being used in many industries as well. Siri – voice search app is a perfect example of AI. Siri was initially built by SRI International artificial intelligence centre.

AI authorized chatbots are very much likely to replace the job of the call-centre executives. Nowadays AI is extensively used in the logistics industry so that the movement can be easily monitored by the business in order to save cost, time and money.


  1. Quality content:

Quality content is normally expected by anyone. The content must be unique, engaging and content relevant to the topic must be produced. High quality and useful content must be built.

  • The users must not get bored. The content should be interesting and engaging.
  • The links provided on the page must not be broken It should be active. You can check using chrome extension.
  • Add infographics on the content page to make your web pages more interesting.

If you are not having enough time to build a reliable and good quality content, it is good to get the help of the content writers or you can approach any content writing companies so that they can help you regarding producing quality content.

This is one of the prominent factors which Google uses to trace high-quality content site while ranking. Just remember to create the content for users and not for search engines.


  1. Performance of the website / (UX):

Even though you have a website which has good quality content, relevant pictures and images and if your website has failed in performance I.e. page loading, then all your efforts go in vain. The speed of the site must be good enough so that the site page loads faster within a given time and the user stays on that page. Websites ranking depends on navigation and speed of the pages.


  1. Mobile responsive:

In order to achieve a high ranking in Google or any search engine for that matter, you must build a mobile responsive website. SEO optimized web sites and pages must be mobile and desktop responsive. There is no surprise that your site may not appear in search engines if your site is not mobile responsive.

In order to verify if your site is mobile-friendly or not you can use google mobile-friendly test.

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  1. Videos and images:

In order to engage your users and to create an interactive website, you must try to add high-resolution images or pictures and videos. Videos are eye-catching for any user. So, it is a must to include them in your site. Adding videos is the best practice of SEO strategy. You can get the help of any Digital marketing company situated near you so that they can assist you in building informative videos.


  1. BERT:

BERT (Bi-directional Encoder Representations from transformers) is important in order to attain good ranking on search engines. BERT is a googles search algorithm that is used for the effective functioning of search engines.

  • The search engine tries to search and provide relevant information to what the users have searched,
  • If the content is of high quality and reliable.
  • If the content satisfies the users’ queries.


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The above factors will definitely boost your SEO rankings. These trends must be put into practice so that your site gets recognized and appears on the top of the search engine. You can also Hire SEO Experts or you can approach the best SEO company so that they can help you in gaining good ranking in google or any search engine thereby increasing your CTR-click through rate.

All the best!

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