10+ Top Driver App Development Companies in India

10+ Top Driver App Development Companies in India

Getting started with the ride-sharing business is not an easy task. It requires some research and analysis, as well as solid product planning. How do you define your target audience? Which geographical areas are in the highest demand? Do you offer services to the general public or only to specific groups? There are thousands of questions that need to be answered before you launch your service.

Best 10+ Driver App Development Companies in India

But instead of taking my word for it, we decided to do some research and found out 10+ best Driver App Development Companies in India in 2022.

1. Next Big Technology:

Next Big Technology is the leading mobile app and web development service company in India. They will be offering high-quality outcomes of every project according to the requirement of the client. They are having an excellent team of in-house skilled and experienced developers. They will be working on delivery business-oriented in requirements specific project outcomes.

Next Big Technology is one of the best development companies for the high-end development of mobile and web development services. There is having experienced in-house team of developers who will ensure to develop according to the requirement of the business. They are highly business-oriented and implement all the latest and trending tools and technologies. They will be working hard to deliver a top-notch solution at an affordable cost. They are having experience of more than 16 years and delivered lots of projects around the globe to the business and clients.

They will be using all the trending artist apologies best-upgraded solutions to your E-commerce store. They will be focusing on delivering a top-notch solution with an affordable range of services. With the high-end experience, they will be delivering clients and industries with the proper solution to any complex problems.

Location: India, USA, UK, Australia
Hourly Rate :< $25 per Hour
Employees: 50 – 249

2. Emizen Tech:

Emizen Tech is a subsidiary company of mind, a group offering furious IT services in various industries. This company has employees working in more than 90 countries with more than 900 active worldwide clients. The company offers various services, including cloud solutions, digital supply chain, app and web development, enterprise business solutions, data science, etc. The developers are properly trained and understand using all the latest tools and technologies for the development.

3. Quytech:

QuytechIs is one of the leading MNC corporations that will be offering services like outsourcing services, consulting technology, and professional services. They have expertise in cloud services, AI solutions, ASAP solutions, app development services, blockchain solutions, etc. If you are looking for proper consultation and development process, they are one of the best choices. They will offer customized project plans that will get it to every client’s requirement.

4. Trigma:

Trigmais another leading software company founded on iOS app development services. They will offer cloud infrastructure, digital supply chain, data management, artificial intelligence, enterprise apps, data science, etc. They are highly experienced in their field and ensure budget-friendly project delivery. They have completed major projects and have expertise in different industries as well.

5. RadixWeb:

RadixWeb is one of the reliable IT companies in India. They have experience in working with various global enterprises on different projects. They are primarily working with start-ups to provide them with end-to-end solutions. They are highly experienced in delivering custom-tailored software, mobile apps development company, and web apps according to the client’s requirements. The skilled designers and developers are highly focused on the design thinking approach, thoughtful planning, and usage of all the latest tools and technologies. They aim to deliver the acceleration of the business efficiency to their clients.

Pricing:$40 – $60 per Hour
Technologies: ReactJs Development, AngularJs Development, etc.

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6. Bluepin Technologies:

Bluepin Technologies is one of the leading website development companies in India. They are focused on helping clients develop high-end websites according to their requirements. They are well known for delivering exceptional websites for every industry sector. The team of programmers and web designers have experience in multiple years in this industry. They are well equipped with expertise in using various frameworks. According to the requirement, they are highly reliable for developing front end, back end, and API integration.

Pricing:$55 – $60 per Hour
Technologies: React Applications, AI & Machine Learning Applications, etc.

7. Tatvasoft:

Tatvasoft is one of the reputed names in this industry. The company has established in the year 2001. They have delivered more than 1500 projects in different enterprises across the globe. The company is having a high reputation for offering the highest quality of services with efficiency. They are mostly dedicated to delivering top-notch services. They have delivered services in Asia, the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. They are mostly focused on delivering according to the requirement with precise and advanced tools.

8. Unified Infotech:

Unified Infotech is focused on delivering the smarter solution for every requirement of the business. They will be offering high-end expertise on cloud solutions, mobile, and web development services. They have created multiple changes to increase the working procedure of top businesses. They are highly reliable and set up trending global milestones. They have delivered high-end solutions with cutting-edge applications with the best outcome. They will be offering budget-friendly delivery along with finalizing the project within the agreed timeline.

9. Codal:

Codal is one of the reliable and award-winning E-commerce companies available in the market. They are having high-end expertise in the development of end-to-end B2B E-commerce solutions, B2C E-commerce solutions, CRM integration, ERP, and digital marketing. They are highly creative with offering innovative web stores with the most attractive mobile applications. They are focused on developing the advanced methodology to develop the industry-leading user interface for every project.

10. Classic Informatics:

Classic Informatics will be offering the best solution for every IT requirement with specialization. They are mostly focused on delivering top-notch applications and websites for different industries. They are equipped with an experienced team of individuals who have worked for multiple years. They are having high experience in the delivery of user-friendly and robust websites and mobile applications. They will work hard out developing the proper business solution to attract customers. They have completed hundreds of websites by satisfying clients across the globe with E-commerce development solutions.

11. Narola Infotech Solutions LLP:

Narola Infotech Solutions LLP is one of the reliable software development companies that are in the market for more than 16 years. They will be offering cutting-edge digital transformation services along with proper consultation services. They have worked for startups, small businesses, and large enterprises. They are offering diverse options to a wide range of data transformation services for every requirement.