Why should you build an application like letgo Development

Why should you build an application like letgo

Letgo is perhaps one of the very popular classified mobile apps mostly on the second-hand global marketplace. As just one of the new start-ups, it has actually now mediated online transactions for a record of $23 billion! Recently downloaded instead by 45 million people, mediating trades at a bare minimum of $5 million per week, Craigslist and otherwise, eBay has acquired a serious market share, which ensures that the total start-up has a stronger chance at defeating these particular old players on the total classified e-commerce marketplace.

But the key thing is that somehow this software is excellent in terms of ease of customer service, user interface intuitiveness, makes sales very fast, and otherwise with it all of the gains outstanding massive popularity among various users. And that is why many developers, dreaming about their tech startups, are indeed interested in actually how to replicate the success of the whole Letgo application and otherwise create an application like Letgo. NBT solutions usually make this kind of application in around 5000USD to 20,000 USD for one time the Hourly Rate which we charge is 15USD to 20 USD.

The particular features of the application, such as Letgo

A lot of young developers may be particularly interested in just how to create an application like Letgo. First of all, it actually should be clarified the features of the application that have made it popular. Letgo is known, first of all, by its functions and ease of use:


It is incredibly convenient to register for this project: you can somehow use your own e-mail address or otherwise your own Facebook account. Simply just download the basic app store and select one of the choices.

Sale of goods

The program will lead you to this kind of menu right after new registration. Using this feature is exceptionally simple, allowing the application to be exclusive. The ‘sale’ feature is about a basic camera screen, with the aid of which you actually take a picture of the product you are going to market. The Letgo machine has a particular artificial intelligence mechanism that automatically identifies your own product just by its picture and the group to which it actually belongs. That is indeed pretty much it – whatever you need to do is here written down the price now for the commodity and the explanation – but that can actually be done later, already just after the label has been written. You can also, therefore, see that how many of the people looked mostly at your own Classifieds by just tapping on the extra info button.


When you input the name of a specific product you want to purchase, the app will automatically display objects near your venue. You may filter the items by uploading the date, type, or position of the product. After simply clicking on the thumbnail, you can actually see the summary of the product and press the chat button, where just you can simply have a good online conversation mostly with the seller.


The Letgo clone app varies from the competition in terms of the location of their business. Of all, the customer may decide the area in which the product is searched, but then firstly, the application looks for the deals available in the vicinity. This makes it easy to purchase or sell products.

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