Volusion vs. Shopify vs. BigCommerce

Volusion vs Shopify vs BigCommerce

Choose a hosted eCommerce supplier to construct a great website. Volusion, Shopify, and BigCommerce are three of the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Read the comparison to determine which of these three solutions is ideal for your online store.


Features of Volusion, Shopify, and BigCommerce



Volusion is a sophisticated yet user-friendly Windows-based e-commerce system designed in ASP.NET. It streamlines site management and payment processing. This e-commerce platform places a premium on presentation and provides a good user experience.

Vzoom’s picture resulting function makes shopping easier. ROI tracking, sophisticated antics, and affiliate programme administration tools are among the other notable features. By default, the theme layouts are mobile-friendly. Volusion provides a number of SEO tools to assist you in achieving high rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).



Shopify is a feature-rich, user-friendly e-commerce platform that allows merchants to customise their online store to their liking. The drag-and-drop feature makes it simple to create product pages and groupings.

You may quickly publish blog entries and articles using this platform. By default, Shopify accepts payments via Google Checkout, PayPal, and other major credit cards. It is safe, reliable, and responsive thanks to its robust base in the Ruby on Rails framework.

Because of its extensive SEO features, Shopify makes it easier to promote your business. Your online store’s visibility is improved by the keyword tag recommendation tools and the XML Sitemap engine. It comes with a reliable Content Delivery Network, automatic backups, and 128-bit SSL encryption.

You won’t have to worry about data integration if you utilise Shopify. It is always adding new features, such as Free Shipping Coupons, that help to improve the platform as a whole.



BigCommerce is a PHP-based e-commerce platform. BigCommerce is simple to use if you are familiar with the LAMP architecture. To improve the appearance of your online business, you may update CSS and HTML on the go. BigCommerce also has over 100 different theme layouts.

The drag-and-drop tool simplifies and streamlines the design process. The live demo page is an excellent place to demonstrate your ideas. BigCommerce helps admins build product photo galleries and automate email marketing campaigns.

Your online store will run seamlessly on Android and iOS devices thanks to the all-inclusive mobile support. For shopping cart design and application, BigCommerce takes a “batteries included” approach. With Shipwire integration, this platform handles everything from Ordoro dropshipping to warehouse and inventory monitoring.

BigCommerce maintains Abandoned Cart information if consumers don’t complete purchases, which helps you increase conversions and sales dramatically.

BigCommerce is a truly worldwide shopping cart platform since it supports many currencies and payment methods. The excellent built-in SEO capabilities make website optimization a breeze.


Which is the Best Option for Your Online Store: Volusion vs. Shopify vs. BigCommerce?

Volusion, Shopify, and BigCommerce are three of the most popular e-commerce platforms. Volusion, Shopify, and BigCommerce all include a variety of tools, like as support and documentation, that may help your online business succeed. These hosted eCommerce systems are the greatest solutions, and they are therefore worth your online store’s success.

You can simply reach your online company goals once you choose the right hosted eCommerce platform. You can always go with BigCommerce since they provide all of the necessary functions, a reliable platform for growing your online presence, and great support to back things up.

Because of their great qualities, Volusion and Shopify are also good e-commerce systems. Determine your exact e-commerce website development requirements so you can choose the finest choice for you.

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