Top 10 Web Design Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

Top Web Design Trends

Web Design Company is continuously striving to bring out the good innovations, changes, and effects in the web industry. So, we are viewing its effects and results from time to time.

Yearly there are many changes happening related to web designs and these changes are made in such a way that they are effective and adaptive according to the newer versions and modifications in the Operative Systems.

We are here to discuss the changes, Top Web Design Trends that we can’t ignore in the current year of 2020 and we are going to dive deep into the topic.

Below are the points to definitely watch out for. These trends are definitely a must to include if you are planning to design your website.  Don’t miss them.

Top Web Design Trends are as mentioned below:

  • Artificial Intelligence:

In the near future, Artificial Intelligence is going to take away many jobs. AI is going to replace many jobs of people. AI is becoming more popular and trending in the current arena. Certain actions are easily being done with the help of AI. AI has the capacity to analyze the search patterns and also the data which is collected helps the businesses to track the interests of the customers which notifies businesses and thereby increasing the sales of the products and profiting the business.

  • Embracement:

Embracement or Personalization is a must if you are maintaining any website for your business. It not only helps your businesses to stand away and top from your competitors but also attracts more consumers.

Ex: If you are running any Coffee Shop, it is time to personalize your coffee app according to the tastes of your customers. Through your app customers can feed the likes of their items to include in their coffee. Customized coffee beverages can be served to your customers.

So, the data collected from your app regarding consumers can give you an idea regarding the likes and dislikes of your customers.

  • Chatbots:

Chatbots are a must and are very much needed in the current scenarios trend. People would want answers to their doubts just in time. It is a part of AI. According to the recent finding from many different organizations, it is obvious that many companies are indeed awaiting to design and inculcate chatbots into their websites. By the end of the year 2022, chatbots can save up to 8 billion dollars yearly for businesses.

  • Video Marketing:

Videos are one of the means by which customers would like to watch the products. Incorporating videos are generally a must and should be included when you’re interested in designing your website. Adding more GIFs, visual content, etc. has proved a successful way for making profits for businesses, and these visual contents are often more viewed by customers as they feel confident by watching videos before purchasing any new commodity for instance.

  • Load Speed:

Now a day’s people want to browse and the selected search must load in a jiffy else people tend to leave. This is observed in a recent survey conducted on customers. So, any business wants their website designed to be perfect that is the pages must load properly and completely in two seconds. The loading speed must work the same when operated from any device. It is important to improve speed else your site would be pushed somewhere at the bottom. When you are designing your site, it is important that you would try to compress images, videos. Etc. and try loading your pages at an appropriate and reasonable speed.


  • White Space:

White Space is again an evergreen trend that is always on top and this is an important concept to include if you are planning to design your website. If you want your content and conveying matter to stand out, then this is definitely an important step. There is also a great demand for minimalistic mobile UX’s which definitely requires white space.

  • Attractive and vibrant colors:

The psychology of humans is naturally to get attracted to colors. It is a common thinking of the human brain. So, keeping this in mind, you must use more vibrant, saturated, and elite colors and give a good pleasant feeling of reading your content for your users. It is a common trend that is longing for many years and will continue to do so in the forthcoming years too.

  • Bold text:

You must be aware that in today’s world big bold, elegant, and styled text is given much priority. People tend to read your content if the content is big and bold enough. The usage of CSS, google fonts, variable fonts, etc. are accessed by hire web designers when they are designing your site. So, this concept enhances the typography and helps web developers to a large extent.

Top Web Design Trends

  • Animated pictures:

Animation concept is trending and will be doing so in the future too. Many web designers tend to include animated videos and they try to include the videos in their developing website as a way of expressing their ideas to the users. The conveying message is easily understood by the users through these animated videos. There are many small CSS animations that are included in order to grab the attention of the customers. Nowadays it has become a mandatory trend to incorporate in your developing sites.

  • User-friendly mobile navigation:

More than 55% of the users prefer mobile and other hand-driven devices to access and browse the sites. It is a prerequisite to designing the site in such a way that it can be operated from any mobile device as expected. Google has always topped to bring out many mobile-friendly sites from 2017. This information tells us that it is a mandatory concept to use thumb-friendly mobile navigation.

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Web Design Company is here to take up any of your projects if you would want your website to be customized and designed according to your covet. The above-discussed Top Web Design Trends are to be kept in mind if you are planning to design your website. The above points will give you a clear picture and can be implemented if you are planning to design your website in the year 2020.

You must ensure that your design is unique, attractive, and up to mark in order to gain attention from the crowds. These techniques will help you in the long run. All the best!