Top 10+ Media & Entertainment App Development Companies in India

Top 10+ Media & Entertainment App Development Company

Although media and entertainment app development solutions have been proactive in setting themselves up for the upcoming digitized shifts since days of yore, the pandemic’s beginning has reaffirmed its confidence towards change.

A quick look at the most recent revolution in the app development platform’s domain, fructifies its popularity by pointing out that it holds immense welfare benefits. Media & Entertainment industry best enterprises are surging towards developing an array of content-related applications to improve their engagement with end users, offering additional services and accessing more data on consumers.

Best 10 Media & Entertainment App Development Companies in

India :

We have researched and shortlisted top 10+ Media & Entertainment App Development Companies in India, which are listed below

1. Next Big Technology:

Next Big Technology is the leading mobile app and web development service company in India. They will be offering high-quality outcomes of every project according to the requirement of the client. They are having an excellent team of in-house skilled and experienced developers. They will be working on delivery business-oriented in requirements specific project outcomes.

Next Big Technology is one of the best development companies for the high-end development of mobile and web development services. There is having experienced in-house team of developers who will ensure to develop according to the requirement of the business. They are highly business-oriented and implement all the latest and trending tools and technologies. They will be working hard to deliver a top-notch solution at an affordable cost. They are having experience of more than 16 years and delivered lots of projects around the globe to the business and clients.

They will be using all the trending artist apologies best-upgraded solutions to your E-commerce store. They will be focusing on delivering a top-notch solution with an affordable range of services. With the high-end experience, they will be delivering clients and industries with the proper solution to any complex problems.

Location: India, USA, UK, Australia
Hourly Rate :< $25 per Hour
Employees: 50 – 249

2. Techuz:

Techuz is a unique company that was started by a talented team of taking savvy individuals. They aimed to create a top-notch mobile and web solution company. They are highly dedicated to delivering the best project with the usage of cutting-edge technologies. According to reports, the company is having a high level of growth since its introduction into the industry. They are mostly focused on the unique concept called we, as they are considering their client as their business partners. This tech company is having its headquarter in Ahmedabad, and serves throughout India.

3. ARKA Software:

ARKA Software is one of the highly efficient customs after development companies in India. They are mostly focused on offering high-end web and mobile development services around the globe. They are having in-house experts who will offer highly skilled consultants. They are mostly focusing on delivering high-quality IT solutions for every client. They are having multiple years of experience in transforming various projects into reality from concepts. Their ideas are highly creative and responsible for the innovation of the industry. The company is having its headquarter in Jaipur.

4. Rudra Innovative:

Rudra Innovative is one of the reliable and leading companies which is located in Chandigarh. They will be offering reliable, quick, and efficient services all across the globe. The company is having an overall experience of more than eight years in this industry. Till now they have completed more than 750 projects all over the globe. They are highly focused on using creative ideas, which is one of the major reasons for their success in the industry.

5. The NineHertz:

The NineHertz is one of the reliable and rapidly growing companies in India. The companies have been the headquarter in Jaipur. It is one of the reliable and best web development companies with high-end services. Most importantly the consult assists the clients to identify opportunities and risks in the industry. They will help in addressing both long-term creation and sort from challenges according to the requirement of the industry. By hiring their services, you will get to have top-notch services towards the requirement.

6. WildNet Technologies:

WildNet Technologies is one of the leading mobile app and web development services available in India. The company is having its headquarter in New Delhi. The company is well recognized in the market due to the high-end development services all over the world. They are having a team of highly equipped developers for the best development services. They have multiple awards due to their finding end services according to the requirement.

7. Indus Net Technologies:

Indus Net Technologies is one of the leading website development companies in India. They will be offering high-end eCommerce business solutions using the Magento platform. They are having multiple years of experience and are highly skillful in developing flawless websites. They are most well-known for delivering creative and innovative designs with the best customer experience. They have completed delivering your projects for more than 500 global customers. They are highly focused on delivering top-notch websites for every requirement of the client.

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8. Groovy Web:

Groovy Web is one of the excellent software development companies available in India. They are highly focused on delivering top-notch Digital solutions. They are dedicated to delivering the project within the promised time. Get an affordable range of services without compromising the quality of the project. The company has experience of more than six years in this industry to deliver the best solution for the clients. The unique thing about this company is that they think of themselves as the creators to deliver the most passion.

Location: Ahmedabad, India

Hourly Rate:< $25 per Hour

Employees:50 – 249

9.PageTraffic Inc:

PageTraffic Inc primarily focuses on helping businesses achieve brand value from online presence. They offer a unique methodology for building websites according to the requirement of the clients. Most importantly, they offer various web designing services, blogs, eCommerce websites, etc. They are also working on redesigning to help in accelerating business growth in the virtual world. They are also offering an affordable range of plans to ensure high quality of service.

Location: Delhi, India

Hourly Rate :< $25 per Hour

Employees: 50 – 249

10. Aalpha Information Systems:

Aalpha Information Systems is considered a global pioneer to offer the best web development services and IT consultation. They are highly reliable software development solutions for every business. They are primarily offering custom development solutions on a wide range of services. Their services include mobile phone application development, software development, web app development services, responsive web design, etc. They are equipped with skilled developers, designers, and consultants to deliver high-end services to clients.

Location: Hubli, India

Hourly Rate :< $25 per Hour

Employees: 50 – 249

11. Promatics Technologies:

Promatics Technologies is one of India’s leading mobile app development companies. They are equipped with a seasoned team of skilled developers, and the count is more than 150 developers. They have successfully created a strong foundation for mobile and web development. They offer optimized engagement with a mature approach to have high-end delivery models. They work on a wide range of services, including user interface, analysis, development, and question answers on the project. They also dedicated a team of highly customer-centric developers and approach consistency in every project.

Location: Ludhiana, India

Hourly Rate: < $25 per Hour

Employees: 50 – 249