What Are the Steps Every Mobile App Development Company Follow Before Building a Mobile App?

What Are the Steps Every Mobile App Development Company Follow Before Building a Mobile App

According to the projection generated by various studies, the mobile app market could reach up to $693 billion in revenue. The projection includes both in-app advertising and App Store purchases in both the platforms including Android and iOS. The mobile app development industry is increasing rapidly and it is one of the most progressive architectures you can have in the online market.
The majority of the companies are taking the advantage of this trend which is why the majority of them are going for app development services. Even with the trend, they are not having much knowledge about developing a mobile app successfully. Success is entirely dependent on the proper estimation and understanding to ensure the growth projection became reality for the company.
The reality can only happen in case we have properly developed a mobile app that will ensure the success of the business. To have an effective development process, we need to follow a few key phrases properly. In this article, we will discuss those phases which will ensure we have effective mobile app development services.

It doesn’t matter the size of the scope you are having in the project it is the development process which is entirely matters for most of the enterprise mobile app development services. It will help in having the proper initiative to have success in the business using the mobile app.

Key Phases of Mobile App Development Services:

These are the major steps that need to be followed yeah effective mobile app development services.

1. Strategy:

The initial step for mobile app development is to have a proper strategy to have an idea to make a successful app. It is recommended to add multiple significant bars which will ensure the high-end mobile strategy. Every app will have different objectives from another this will ensure to have an app-specific impact in the market.

The strategy needs to address various things during the development process which includes identification of the app users, establishing the app objectives and goals, researching the competition, and selecting the appropriate mobile platform for the app. Developing any mobile app will cost you around $5,000 to $50,000.

Even it will take up to four to six months of development. Depending on the strategy which needs to be focused on to have a clear idea about the app.

2. Analysis and Planning:

Analysts and planning are much required to have the proper idea about the future of the development period. The initial step is to properly identify all the requirements of the app which is needed for the preparation of the product road map. The first thing we need to prior tries all the requirements of the mobile app by grouping them accordingly which is much required for the development period.

Every mobile app development needs to have an understanding of the resources, time, and cost which is a major concern for every business. These factors will help in categorizing the priority before it is being deployed to the platforms. During the planning phase, various properties need to be identified including the scale which is being needed for the development of the app.

You need to consider the scenario for the platforms of the mobile as both Android and iOS will be using different technology what the stacks. In case you are going for both the platforms including Android and iOS then it is mandatory to hire both teams of developers which will increase the cost. We also need to plan the name of the app which is much similar to the domain name of the website.

It needs to be unique before it is being developed and deployed into the App Store. It is recommended to research the app store before confirming the name of the app to avoid conflict in case it is already being used earlier.

3. UX/UI Design:

The initial reason for properly designing the app is to offer an effortless and seamless user experience. It is mandatory to go for the polished look with minimalistic functionality is to ensure better success in the platform. We need to consider that the success of any mobile app is also determined by the usage by the users.

Users will only go for such an app in case they are providing benefits that will help them to adapt to their day-to-day lives. So, it is mandatory to focus on the user interface to offer excellent functionality switch need to be intuitive and interactive. A polished user experience will ensure the engagement of the user.

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4. App Development:

During the development phase, it is important to establish a database and server-side objects which is much it’s needed for having the functionality in the mobile app application programming interface will help in maintaining better communication between the back-end server and the app.

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5. Testing:

Performance is the major concern for every app developer which needs to pass through a quality assurance test before it is being deployed into the platform. A testing phase should include user experience testing along with functional testing to have the proper knowledge and idea about the functionality after it is being handed over to the user. Most importantly it is our utmost concern to manage the security of the enterprise mobile apps. It is important to eliminate all the vulnerabilities which could lead to cyber-attack and compromise the data of the user as well as the server.

6. Deployment and Support:

Deployment of any app is all about submitting the app into the store which includes google play store for android apps and apple Google Play store for Android apps and Apple App Store for iOS apps. It is important to have a developer account that will help in deploying the app into the platforms. After the successful submission of the app, it will go through the review process which could take a few days two weeks depending on the quality of the app. After the app is being approved it is being available to the users which need to have constant support from the owner of the end.

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