Smart Home Plug Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Smart Home Plug Mobile App Development Cost and Features

With the innovation of technologies, everything can be done with the help of mobile apps and with a smartphone with access to the internet connection. Future is embracing the usage of smart home plug mobile app development services which will enable the smartphone device to monitor electrical appliances and even electric consumption. This is the basic functionality of IoT advancement which can be used for the execution of various things in a modern and fast way with the concept of automation.

You will get to access various electrical appliances such as switching on the coffee machine, AC, TV, tube lights, etc. You can even track the complete consumption of electricity by electronic devices. This will be beneficial for managing the usage of electronic devices in daily life you will get the daily basis consumption. This is the combination of the smart home plug mobile app along with the actual electrical plug we should be smart enough to provide such information into the app.

There is various smart plug available in the market which will transform the way you control all the day-to-day activities. It is understandable that to control smart appliances you also need to have a smart mobile app to control them properly. In case you’re thinking about developing a smartphone plan mobile app then you need to have proper engineering knowledge to hire the best app development services company.


Benefits of Smart Home Plug Mobile App Development:

The smart plug will enable the user to access all the appliances with a single form of switch. This will eliminate the chance of using different physical switches to operate different appliances. This is one of the major benefits of using a smart home plug mobile app for analyzing and controlling your devices. List all the possible benefits for smart when plaque which will allow you to get more functionality.

  • Control energy consumption
  • Make multiple changes at the same time
  • Easily execute any operation
  • Time and cost-effective solution


Features of Smart Home Plug Mobile App Development:

All smart home plug mobile app development services need to implement all the important features which will ensure to have the best experience. The features are based on different categories which will be offered to the users and the app admin.

User Panel:

  • User Login:

Registration is basic functionality of the app which allows the user to restore the account using an email address, phone number for the social media account credentials. This will help them to log in to the app after the proper registration of the account.

  • View the configured plugs:

Every smart plug is having a unique ID that will be needed to be configured in the app which can be viewed from this section.

  • Manage smart plugs:

Every user will get to see all the smart plugs configured in the app and those can be easily managed from this section.

  • Configure smart plug:

Every smart plug and the app need to be connected with the same Wi-Fi and it will be used for the configuration process. From the configuration, panel tap on the located smart plug and enter the login with the Wi-Fi credentials. Login credentials are the username and password of the Wi-Fi connection. After the smart plug is successfully configured with the app it can be easily controlled and monitored through the app.

  • Control configured smart plugs:

Users can easily monitor all the configured smart plugs and toggle them on and off easily. It will even help the users to schedule the functions on a different date.

  • Offline module:

Even with internet access is not available for some reason the mobile app will transform itself into a Wi-Fi router by communicating as Wi-Fi protocol as per the policy.

  • Share configuration info along with other users’ modules:

Users will have the ability to share all the configured smart plugs and devices with other users who are registered with the app. They can use the same app just by entering the login credential of the main user.

Admin Panel:

  • Login module:

Login functionality is much similar to the user panel where the app admin needs to create their account using an email address or any social media credentials.

  • Dashboard:

Get the complete story of the details along with every section monitoring with the complete number of users and easily navigate through specific modules.

  • Email templates manager:

Every email will be sent automatically once any specific event happened or even a new user gets registered to the app. How to get to have a welcome mail along with the activation link to activate the profile on the app. The email will also allow you to use the forget password option to change the password in case you forgot it.

  • Content manager:

This will allow the app admin to easily manage all the contents and the pages which include terms and conditions, how it works, and the help section.

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Advanced Features:

  • 2-step authentication process:

Two-step authentication is the major security protocol that is used by the majority of apps. This will allow to have more security and restrict any third-party access from controlling or monitoring the devices from the app.

  • Threshold current:

This feature will analyze the number of what is being currently consumed by the devices. Get the proper reading of the energy consumption of the devices and every user will be properly notified. Every device will be highlighted in a unique way to give the user all the information which is needed regarding the device.

  • Push notifications:

The user will get all the updates through the push notifications which include smart plug information along with the software update. It will also allow the users to get a notification regarding the connection of the application for disconnection of the application.

  • Smart remote control:

All the appliances can be easily controlled with the smart remote-control feature which will allow the access of all the smart devices within a single app.

  • Power scheduling:

Get the timer option which will apply for all the appliances after that it will automatically get switched off even if the user is not present at the home.

  • Energy use statistics:

Get all the statistics and reports related to the energy consumption to be displayed and it will allow the proper tracking of the usage of electronic appliances.

  • Overheat protection:

The app will also notify the user about the overheating of any appliances which are being operated for a long time and it can be easily shut down through the app.

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