Should You Choose a PWA or Native App for Your Ecommerce Business?

Should You Choose a PWA or Native App for Your Ecommerce Business

The number of smartphone users has been gradually increasing. Statistic predicts that the global mobile consumer base will hit 2.87 billion by 2020. To actually meet the demands of digital consumers, eCommerce pioneers must have a fast, simple, as well as streamlined mobile shopping experience. Mobile applications, as well as progressive web apps (PWAs), will help with this.

So which is better: a progressive mobile interface or perhaps a native app? To somehow make an educated decision, you must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. To make it easier, we have created this guide that explains the distinctions between PWAs as well as native applications, as well as how companies can profit from both.

Should You Choose a PWA or Native App for Your Ecommerce Business?


Mobile applications that are progressive in nature

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A modern web app is a platform that functions similarly to a native smartphone app. The primary distinction between a native smartphone device and a PWA would be that a particular PWA runs in a browser, without the need to import it from an application store. PWAs will save data on somehow a user’s laptop in the cache due to service personnel. This enables users for staying up to date at particular all times, regardless of how fast their particular internet connection is. Twitter, for example, has a radical desktop interface as well as native smartphone applications for iOS as well as Android.

The Benefits of Progressive Mobile Applications

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Availability. PWAs have a significant advantage over native applications in that they are not relying on app stores. Since 25% of mobile users uninstall applications due to a shortage of storage space, this freedom can be a huge benefit. Customers are not required to download PWAs and consume a lot of storage space. What you need is a web server.

Autonomous operation. A PWA could operate in offline mode, allowing users to visit the online store at particularly any time as well as keep them updated.

Search engine optimization. PWAs have URLs and are therefore indexed specifically by Google. Customers could quickly locate a PWA by using a particular search engine.

Native web applications

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Native smartphone applications are designed to work best on either iOS or Android. As a result, a native app will take advantage of the full spectrum of features provided by the system. Users must first import a native mobile application from the app store in order to begin using it. PWAs skip this stage, but they do not have any special features for iOS users.

Benefits of Native web applications

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Excellent results. Native applications offer a high degree of performance when they are designed and adapted for a specific platform. Native applications are immediately mounted on smartphones, enabling the program to take advantage of the device’s computing power. Since the data is already on the computer, the software loads even faster.

A better user interface. A positive user interface has always been important. To be available on the App Store, all iOS applications must adhere to Apple’s User Design Guidelines.


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