Roommate Finder App Development – A complete guide to develop


Roommate Finder App:

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a decent roommate, and in some cases even your companion may be a terrible person. Finding the ideal roommate is such a big task because you would be sharing your space with them. You could comprehend what we are saying about in the event that you’ve at any point had a bad roommate in your school or a bad roommate company in a private school.

But you don’t need to worry, as technology grows and with it’s the solution is in your hand by the Roommate Finder App Development.

Next Big Technologies guides you in the journey of finding roommate and makes it super easy and relaxed.

How Roommate Finding App works?

The working of App is quite simple and sorted. Here’s how your application worked:

Download the Application: First of all you have to find simple-to-use application. Download it on your mobile.

Easy to use: Create a profile and then sign-up. Fill your basic details then update it as per your need.

Find best Roommate: You can look your roommate as per your need and for this you’re Roommate finding app helps you in finding the right person.

Features of Roommate Finder App

  • Sign-up and login

You can create your profile by email-id or you can use your social medial account.

  • Filters

With this  users can find specific sorts of inclinations, for example, plan of budget , room sharing, the kind of home they are searching for, and the dates on which they are prepared to move in.

  • Find Roommates

Users can easily find their roommates as per their budget, the number of roommates, pics of apartments, and the date of availability in the app with this feature.

  • Main Screen

It is the screen where user can find roommates as per their need. A part from that users can also access all details of information through this screen app features like the apartments, owner’s profile, locations, amount of apartments, and many more.

  • Apartment screen

As per this feature, it provides all images of the available flats or apartments for rent, different views, types, locations, and amount per month.

Features of Roommate Finder App

  • Edit Profile

As per the needs, users can edit their access with a few clicks in the app. They can make the changes and save them.

  • Users Options

According to this feature, users can search out nearby best roommates as per their choices or the apartments this will help them and can easily shortlist it and mail it to that co-person.

  • Shortlist Options

Users can also search kind of roommates as part of their preferences in the roommates’ app. As per this feature allows users to shortlist the best matches, and later send them emails for further communication.

  • Chabot’s

Chabot’s is an amazing feature provides a facility of communication between users who are looking for an apartment and owners/users thatget their apartment details on the app.

  • Google Map

This word tells you about its quality, with this users can view and bookmark the ideal and like images and even users can view the current location not only that they can also discuss further details with the roommates finder app owner.

What about the Cost to Develop Your Roommate Finder App or Website?

As per the present competitive world, it’s basic to fabricate and carry out a site, whether your organization runs locally or on the web. Owners have many constraints faced to run everything properly. But the question is in our mind is what amount more might roommate websites cost? So the cost of developing roommate finder app is depends on factors like designing, technology, features, rate of customized team and many more. But the final cost of Roommate Finder App Development by Next Big Technology is about to 5000-20000 USD.

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Benefits of Roommate Finder App Development

Finding a roommate is too difficult, but it pales in comparison to the daunting task of getting to know them. Sharing a home, items, bills and many more with your roommate is not so easy if he/she is not so much cooperative. Look here some benefits of this App.

  • People generally have to face problems in finding a roommate who is compatible and like-minded oneself, this can solve your problem.
  • By Roommate finder app development you can simply create your profile on the application in a few minutes and then search roommates based on various filters.
  • With the help of this application, users can also see the profile of different roommates based on your search criteria.
  • You can share your contact or chat with each other for a while.

Why choose Next Big Technologies?

Managing an application is a powerful cycle that keeps up with the organization after the application has been delivered, as you get client criticism and add more elements. Roughly 82% of organizations that utilize upgraded utilizing have seen their pay increment and business extend truly to form.

Their improvement is credited to their application, with a few expert qualities that permit more planned clients to collaborate with their organization. So know, you’ve most likely acknowledged how basic it is for an organization to develop an application. NBT could assist you with making your page on the off chance that you’re as yet not convinced.


Each of the roommates gets their rent, and their yearly charges incorporate the accompanying utilities: rapid Wi-Fi. We prevent you from roommate quarrels by giving free routine support and a lot. With some roommate finder applications accessible, tracking down an optimal roommate — or possibly a respectable one — is more straightforward than at any other time. Recall the past times of springing up at someone’s home spontaneously or answering a startling individual promotion in the paper. Here at Next Big Technology, we provide you with the best solution for your problem and create a mobile app that is high-performing, fast, and secure which is more suitable for you and helps you a lot as per your needs

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