MongoDB vs Firebase: Which Is the Best Database In 2023

MongoDB vs Firebase: Which Is the Best Database In 2023


Before you start making apps, it’s important to choose the right database service. But this is a mistake that developers often need to correct when choosing a database. Before making a final choice, developers need to know what each database system offers.

Before you start your project, you need to know where your target audience lives and what they look like. If you make applications for consumers that interact directly with the public, you can expect a lot of people to visit your site.

Just what is Google Firebase?

Google Firebase is a framework for making web apps that work well, are safe, and can be used on mobile devices. Firebase lets developers focus on making apps instead of keeping their hardware running.

Firebase’s real-time database is a great way to manage data on many devices. Cloud Firestore is the name of Firebase’s database service. Since it checks your database so often, it may pick up changes as soon as they happen.

Benefits of Using Google’s Firebase

  • Client libraries can get a lot of help from Firebase.
  • Firebase gives a very long list of rules.
  • Firebase is a service that runs in the background and is easy to use.

To start, what is MongoDB?

MongoDB can be used on many different platforms, unlike other DBMS systems. Firebase and MongoDB worked hard to make modern database technologies reliable and easy to use. Web and app developers can thank them for this.

Benefits of Using MongoDB

  • MongoDB doesn’t need a predefined structure or schema because it can store different documents in the same collection.
  • Simply put, MongoDB only works with joins that are simple enough.
  • It’s easy to make MongoDB bigger.
  • MongoDB doesn’t need any special mapping between application objects and database objects because of this.

The Firebase and MongoDB Applications

  • An app’s need for real-time data is met by Firebase, while high-speed logging is done with MongoDB.
  • Firebase is best when frequent, painless scaling up is needed, while MongoDB is best when better caching and more scaling up are needed.
  • Firebase is a great platform for making social networking apps, instant messaging services, and games for the web. On the other hand, all of the settings are taken care of by MongoDB.
  • Firebase keeps all devices and browsers in sync in real-time, and MongoDB stores and manages “Geospatial” data based on location.
  • MongoDB handles a lot of data, but Firebase is often used for integration because its API is easy to use.

Comparing Firebase with MongoDB, you’ll see some striking similarities.

  • Firebase and MongoDB are examples of “post-relational databases,” which have document-oriented data models and schemas similar to JSON.
  • Services like Firebase and MongoDB offer handy tools to help developers get up and running quickly and describe their data structures as they are being built.
  • Firebase and MongoDB organize information into “collections” that can be shared between different database nodes.
  • Firebase and MongoDB are well-known NoSQL databases offering specialized services to clients.
  • Firebase and MongoDB have detailed technical guides that make their services easier to use.
  • You don’t have to pay a dime to use Firebase and MongoDB as a beginner.

Comparison between Firebase and MongoDB

  • Firebase can be run on any server you want, unlike MongoDB, which needs a certain operating system to work. It can be set up on a local server, unlike Firebase. Firebase is only a cloud database service, but MongoDB can be hosted on-site or in the cloud (through MongoDB Atlas and self-managed MongoDB, respectively).
  • MongoDB can be used in any size, but Firebase works best for apps with fewer than tens of thousands of users.
  • When comparing Firebase and MongoDB, it’s important to know that Firebase supports a wider range of programming languages.
  • The document database in MongoDB is known for being very fast, making it a clear winner in terms of speed compared to Firebase.
  • In comparison to MongoDB, Firebase is not as safe.
  • Firebase has features like logging in users, analytics, crashlytics, storage, and messaging in the cloud. On the other hand, MongoDB is flexible enough to manage user data, big data, content distribution, and a central data hub.
  • MongoDB’s entry-level technical requirements, which include knowledge of database management and the JSON data type, are much higher than Firebase’s. You’ll need to learn MongoDB’s query language to effectively enter, get, and change data there.
  • Compared to Firebase, MongoDB’s extensive database querying lets you get almost any kind of data you need for your app. Firebase, on the other hand, has fewer features.
  • Since the way Firebase stores data is so inconvenient, you’ll use the Realtime Database instead. In MongoDB, a BSON document can be up to 16 megabytes, giving you much room for your data. GridFS is an application programming interface (API) MongoDB offers to store documents too big to fit in the database.
  • For both Android and iOS apps, Firebase does not provide identical features. Due to Google’s strong position in the market for mobile operating systems, Firebase continues to favour Android and offers more features and support for this platform. But if the backend language you’re using supports MongoDB, you can use it whether you’re making something for Android or iOS.
  • Many large companies use Firebase, including Venmo, Lyft, Duolingo, Shazam, and Alibaba. Some of the biggest companies that use the MongoDB database are Adobe, SEGA, Verizon, EA Games, and others.


So, there is no “right” way to deal with these problems. Databases are chosen based on what they do well, what they don’t do well, and what the problem at hand needs. If you want the best-looking software or website, you should pay developers who are experts in their field. For setting up the structure of the backend database and making a successful application, and choosing the right database, you need a group of experienced developers.

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