Milk Delivery Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Milk Delivery Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Nowadays many people prefer milk delivery to homes by making a booking through an app. Milk delivery applications have emerged because people are becoming health conscious and want to have enriched milk with good nutrients. People are showing interest in having milk that is free from adulteration and stuff.

Milk delivery to homes is similar to e-commerce business but based on a small scale. These small-scale businesses have grown and many franchises are also set up across the country. Many dairy farms have come up and pure milk after processed is delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

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Difference between packet milk delivery and mini e-commerce milk business:

The difference is that the packet milk of a specific brand is delivered by the milk boy to the customers’ place. But the milk app is different. It is almost similar to any e-commerce business but on a small-scale level. Such as Amazon and so on. People can easily download and install the app and can order milk for the month or for one year and so on. Once payment is done online, milk is delivered daily before 7 A.M or so to the mentioned address.

Let us now look at some of the mandatory features which the milk delivery app must hold:


1. Signup/login:

The user can feed his/her details and can log in to the account. Email address and phone number are verified and then the app allows the user to log in to the account. Keep the verification process as simple as possible.

2. Explore constituents:

This feature assists the user to hunt for what he is looking for. Like there are items available for sale too related to milk products such as ghee, paneer, etc. Apart from milk. If the user is interested in purchasing those items he can order too.

3. Order:

The person can order milk through this feature for a specified period such as on monthly basis, etc.

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4. Payment:

Once ordered, the user can pay the required amount as there are many payment gateways integrated and it eases the payment process for the user.

5. Track order:

The user can track the milk delivery and can get to know the order status.

6. Collective addresses:

The user can also incorporate several addresses who are interested in getting the milk delivered to their respective places.

7. Persistent order:

The user can order the milk frequently through this element.

8. Holiday:

Through this element, the user can just adjust like if the individual is on a holiday so as not to receive the milk on the stated days.

9. Discounts:

The user can gain points or rewards if the person is using the app for many months or so and can obtain coupons by citing or sharing the app with friends and relatives.

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1. Managerial role:

Admin is permitted to manage all the accounts of the users. The admin can view if the user has not paid any dues or so on. Orders received are managed by the admin so that the process happens in a smooth manner.

2. Order supervisions:

Admin would receive the order from the user and he makes sure that the delivery is accurately happening and payments are paid in time and Admin directs the order to the delivery head.

3. Manage or control:

The admin has all permissions to suspend, block or remove the users or retailers if their way of etiquette is not appreciable.

4. Track:

The admins can trace all the deliveries happening and can get to know transparent information regarding the process.

5. Analytics:

Graphical analytics attribute can be used to know the profit’s gained and losses incurred and can accordingly manage the process. An elaborate way of depiction regarding the revenue can be got to know.

6. CMS – Content Management System:

This feature is incorporated by the app developers and therefore can be used to publish the necessary content by the admin as and when required.

7. CRM – Customer Relationship Management.

This attribute can aid the admin to contact with the user so that a healthy and long-lasting relationship is established.

Retailer – Interface:

1. Registration:

The retailer can feed his/her particulars and can log in to the account.

2. Orders received:

As soon as the orders are assigned the retailer makes sure that mentioned quantity of milk would be available and directs the order after confirmation to the delivery administrative.

Milk Delivery Mobile App Development 2

3. Manage accounts:

The retailer can manage and control the accounts of the consumers and delivery administrative as well.

4. Commodity:

If the retailer owns any other commodity-related to milk products, the products can also be published so that interested users can buy them.

5. Payments/Income:

The retailer receives the payments and can come to a judgment regarding the returns generated from the app and so on.


1. Account:

The driver can enter his details and can log into the account.

2. Consumer information:

The driver can get to know intricate details of the consumer’s address such as his/her door number, phone number, etc. in order to deliver milk appropriately at the same time each day.zz

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3. Order History:

The driver can get to know if he has delivered milk previously to the same address and can get to know past information.

4. In-app Navigation and conveying:

In-app navigation can assist the driver to smoothly navigate through the app to find the customer’s area and residence and the driver can also make a call to the relevant customer or can even message if there is any confusion during the delivery.

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Cost to build a milk delivery mobile app:

You might need front-end developers and back-end developers, Android and iOS app developers, QA experts, and testers.

Roughly it might cost around 10,000$ to – 20,000$ to build a milk delivery mobile app with prominent attributes and might go beyond if many advanced and complex features need to be appended. Moreover, the per hour rate of the developer stands at 50$ – 80$ and might vary moderately.


Hope this article gives you an elaborate picture of milk delivery mobile app development.

It’s a good contemplation to invest in building such on-demand apps because people are fascinated to use such apps as the current world is a digitalized epoch.

In case you are interested in getting a milk delivery app built, you can contact Next Big Technology for further information.

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