Latest Web Development Trends


This year has brought significant advancements in web development. Along with this, different languages, different platforms made it the web more consistently evolving. To get to know more about these different trends, we have to consider various factors depending on how the users actually browse, what protocols are most popular and which kind of designs are most appealing to the users. Here, we will focus on some of the latest trends in web development in the current year which can be useful for any web development websites.

Latest trends Used in Web Development

  • One-Page website design structure
  • Although there are mainly two types of website design structure been used i.e. One-Page and multiple-page. Earlier developer use to put all the content in their corresponding pages but now a days as per client needs all the content of the site comes in one single page. According to this various one-page design templates has also been made available as per the depend. Now a days users prefer browsing the website on mobile rather than on desktop and this design structure has helped them browsing the lesser content.A particular web design approach which favors the ease of scrolling and also ensures the navigation hyperlinks not introducing usability issues is becoming the trend.

  • Reduction in use of flash
  • Flash has been the widely used and popular earlier to display animations but it has come to an end now after the HTML5 has come to the existence and hence is closed by Google itself.HTML5 is actually a web development language. It provides the developers with the ability to create high-quality animations with quite an ease easily. It also has been closed as it was not browser compatible whereas HTML5 can work in all browsers.

  • Mobile-First Design
  • Due to the widely use of mobile devices for browsing the websites make it necessary for developer to think about the mobile design first than the desktop one. Although the main focus was on making the desktop website but keeping this in mind that it should work perfectly in small screens as well. Most of all the templates whether free or paid are mobile compatible which has helped the developers a lot.

  • Use of Push Notifications
  • Push notifications have comes to be quite prominent in recent years, and a lot of websites are now incorporating them in their own designs. Push notifications essentially offer a method for websites to easily notify the users whenever new content is available without any requirement to check the email or browse the entire site under consideration. They are considered to be a significant passive engagement tool which helps you in transferring the traffic without doing any type of much efforts especially when they are actually activated for mobile devices.

  • Use of Page Builders
  • Page builders are now enabling the developers to drag and drop modules on to the web page. This makes it easier for developers to customize the design without having knowledge of coding. They are getting very quite very popular now a days. There has been different website builders like Wix and Squarespace, which have dedicated page creation tools, and also some of the wordpress themes has also came up with their theme page builder which has helped making the website easier.

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