Knowing the particular features and cost of Zomato Clone Application Development

features and cost of Zomato Clone Application Development

Food on-demand apps are the basic wave of the future. With global acceptance on the rise, people now favor order-in more than ever before. Empower your own restaurant company with one of the best Zomato clone app scripts on all of the market.

Creation of the Zomato Clone software

The Food Distribution Company gave us the convenience of food shipped to our own homes with just a few taps in the application. Customer convenience is therefore the secret to any kind of successful food Distribution Company. Our team of seasoned developers will work hard to create your Zomato Clone App with enticing features to further help you establish a niche in the on-demand industry. Get started mostly with the top of that Zomato clone script line planned and actually developed by the legal experts.

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How does the Zomato Clone Script work?

  1. A variety of hotels, grocery stores, and perhaps cafes in the immediate vicinity are built into the app.
  2. Food products will be shown on the basic home page along with information and consumers will select as they choose.
  3. Customers will add food products to their shopping cart and check their orders.
  4. The stated restaurant shall receive again the particular order request from that customer.
  5. Customers will get notice of orders from the restaurant.
  6. The closest available delivery staff will be sent to the food desk via the dashboard of the admin.
  7. Customers can monitor their orders via the ‘live monitoring’ in-app feature.
  8. The food is shipped to the specific location of the customer inside ETA.
  9. Customers will score and review food products, restaurants, and delivery staff.

5000USD to 20,000 USD is the basic cost of making this application here at NBT solutions and the Hourly Rate for this is around 15USD to 20 USD.


Completely working Zomato clone scripts with state-of-the-art functionality are built into the software.

User’s App

Engine Scan

Check for local restaurants, food products, and kitchens by powerful major search engines built further into that Zomato Clone app.


Customers may mark a few local restaurants as ‘favorites,’ where they can just order the food items on a day-to-day basis.

Add to the cart

Customers can somehow add items to the whole cart or otherwise remove items if they wish just before confirming that order.

Push updates

Customers will actually receive all service-related updates including order specifics, food distribution, delivery staff data, etc.

Reviewing and Reviews

This feature helps consumers to review and rank food products, restaurants, and perhaps delivery workers. These scores are going to make restaurants rank better.


This functionality supports several languages in the app to somehow cover a wider user base worldwide.

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Order of status

This feature indicates the status of that order requested by the client. The order status switches from “On its way,” “actually arrived at the location,” “take the delivery,” etc.

Codes Promo

This famous feature allows the admin for sending promo codes to either active or even inactive users to boost their no. of orders.

Preferences for billing

The Zomato Clone application provides a variety of payment options, which includes credit or debit cards or maybe digital wallets which can be also used to make payments.

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