How much will it cost to develop online food ordering app like Zomato?

How much will it cost to develop online food ordering app like Zomato

A Mobile App Development Company has made the process of developing and delivering the app so easily and the app is being used by millions of customers every day.

An app such as Zomato is used by customers for ordering food. Zomato and Swiggy has become one of the most commercial and successful app of the times due to its flexible features and easy operating systems.

Let us now analyze the features of the Zomato app.

Components of Zomato clone app development are as below:

  1. Customer interface: It is the element where a customer can search for restaurants and order the food which he/she likes and it includes ordering, payments, reviews.
  2. Restaurant interface: It is the page where the restaurant owners see once after the customer order is received. They can view customer orders and their profiles.
  3. Delivery boy interface: Delivery boy app is where the delivery boy can view all the details of customers such as their food orders, delivery address, phone numbers, etc and it also includes few additional features such as to check, accept or reject orders, delivery history, geolocation, call to customers and e-sign page.
  4. Admin interface: The entire web application process is managed by admin and it involves to monitor and manage all the activities with respect to the app.

Food deliver app consists of below elements:

  1. Home page :
  2. Details of the restaurant, Feedback’s and user profile.

These below mentioned features cost three fourth of your budget if you want to get a food app built.

  1. Geo-location along with map
  2. Food menu with price
  3. Ordering
  4. Payment

Few other features include:

  1. Push notifications
  2. Managing orders
  3. Marketing such as social media

Admin page consists of the below mentioned functions:

Usage analytics, reporting and cash report and intercom support.

Factors effecting the cost of the app development: How much will it cost to develop online food ordering app like Zomato?


  1. App size: If you inculcate many unnecessary features then the cost will also be high. Always it is encouraging to start with MVP and once the app is made available to customers then you can add other features which are not so important.



  1. Platform: It is always better to construct the app in such a way that the app is operated from any kind of platforms. The app must be made available on multiple platforms. Cost for creating an app is almost nearly the same for Android and iOS devices.


  1. Design: Always the users expect better performance when using an app. An app development company can assist you in choosing a good and reliable design to provide a good user experience for customers.


  1. Development: Development costs include the amount which you owe to developers. Developers cost for constructing an app varies on location, features which you want to include, etc.


Costs for developing a food app will be around 10000 to 25000$. More advanced features if appended, the costs may go up to 40000$ and beyond.

Below is the rough estimation of costs effecting the development of an app in India:

  • Documentation and agreement: 45 hours (900 – 1000$)
  • UI/UX design: 62 hours (1000-1200$)
  • Front and back end development: 380 hours (8000 – 18000$)
  • MVP: 80 hours (1500– 4000$)


Conclusion: You can get the help of a Mobile application development company for your assistance, if you are planning to construct food app. I hope I have discussed all the points and have given you a clear picture regarding the construction of a food app. The cost varies from location to location and ultimately depends on your budget, features, complexity of your app and commonly the developer’s cost.


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How much will it cost to develop online food ordering app like Zomato
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