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    How much does it cost to make an app like MakeMyTrip?

    Amit Shukla

    We all have heard of the MakeMyTrip app! Is it not? MakeMyTrip very popular Online Travel Booking App We all know it! The app development company is coming up with new innovations, attractive features, and providing comfortable user experience applications.

    MakeMyTrip app is a flight and travel booking app found by Deep Kalra and the app was launched in 2000. It has attracted many customers due to the name which it has acquired in a very less span of time. The booking of flights or any other means of transport is very fast and moreover, there are many discounts and attractive fares.

    MakeMyTrip app is the best travel booking app as it works perfectly on the desktop as well as mobile platforms.

    MakeMyTrip features are:

    1. Easy and flexible navigation
    2. Comfortable User interface
    3. User-friendly
    4. Good customer service

    The cost of the travel booking app depends on the following factors:

    1. App Platform:

      MakeMyTrip app works on both Android as well as iOS devices. The cost for development on Android is comparatively higher than iOS as Android devices contain more devices to test for bugs. So, the cost depends on the platform on which you are planning to develop the app. The cost of any kind of travel booking app mainly depends on the app platform.

    2. App Developer:

      Any travel booking app undoubtedly needs the help of a developer ultimately. So, the developer’s location and his/her expertise will influence the cost of the travel booking app. Hire Mobile App Developer for Online Travel Booking App

    3. App Design:

      It is very crucial as app design plays a major role in engaging the customers. The app must be flexible and user-friendly. Design holds an important role as new updates are being made, new features must be added so that it helps in bringing a large number of customers to the site, thereby increasing the booking count and the usage of the app.

    4. Size:

      App size such as MakeMyTrip, cost mainly depends on how large the app is and what all functionalities and components are added in.

    5. Control Panel:

      Cost depends on backend CMS, reports, business intelligence, and other various factors.

    6. APIs:

      Integrating third-party functionalities or plugins such as Paytm, Google Pay, and linking banking services are the costs that must be considered while developing any travel booking app.

    Again, the above-said factors can be disintegrated and costs are segregated under various operations.


    Best Mobile App Company is always there for your succor. So, no worries! If you are planning to develop a travel booking app, then you must consider the above-mentioned factors. The cost largely depends on the users. The main focus should be on developing the app in a user-friendly manner. If you would like to incorporate it by adding additional elements then the cost is going to go up. If you want just the normal operating features then the cost would be below. Ultimately “cost” depends largely on the “functionalities” and the developer’s location and his/her expertise will influence the developmental cost of the app.

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