How Much Does It Cost to Build a Messaging App Like Slack?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Messaging App Like Slack

With the advancement in every field, it is impossible to think about the poor communication system. It doesn’t matter which brand but the success the business is having this much important to effective communication. Apart from that, every employee needs to have close collaboration along with notification regarding every project.

Slack is one of the most common messaging apps which is having 10 million active users spending approx. 9 hours a day. According to the collected data the active users are sending around 1.5 billion messages per month using slack. Currently, it is one of the premium choices of platforms for proper communication of the business with the team members in real-time.

Instant messaging applications similar to slacks are quickly getting attention in all the business domains. They are offering the best solutions for instant communication. It will help in getting connected with the business team anywhere anytime easily. Most important the instant communication and messaging applications are increasing rapidly and becoming the primary usage in every tech industry.

In case you are looking forward to developing a similar app to have a messaging app solution like slack, then it is high time to get started. The major concern is entirely about the cost of developing apps like slack. There are major factors that include in the estimation of cost such as features. In this article, we will discuss proper insights on developing an instant messaging app similar to slack.

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Understanding Slack and Its Market Scope:

Slack is the leading chat best messaging application which will offer hassle-free access to communication in the workplace. It can be used on multiple platforms and devices according to preference. The application is offering top-notch functionality, features, and robustness as a complete package. It makes communication with other users much impactful, quicker, and easier for every business.

Much like any other advanced messaging app, slack allows the user to share files and upload according to the preference of the user. The settings from the app will offer complete control over the app. Most importantly it is infused with a strong mechanism that makes the app works smoothly. It is considered the best solution for intercommunication within any business office team.


Mandatory Functionalities and Features for the App Development:

The entire success of the app is depending on its functionalities and features. These features and functionalities need to be properly integrated into the app to develop messaging app like Slack. We have listed all the mandatory features and functionalities which need to be implemented into the app development.

• Registration along with contact details integration:

This functionality will allow the user to get registered into the app. The user needs to include all the personal details including email from a phone number come on social media credentials, etc. This will help in getting proper communication methods with the team.

Mandatory Functionalities and Features for the App Development

• Profile settings:

This functionality will allow the users to get more personalization on the profile. It will allow the user to add nicknames, pictures, change names, status, and many more. The more functionality includes a real-time indication of typing of images, online and offline status of the user.

• Instant messaging:

Instant messaging service between one-to-one conversation or group messaging feature. Advanced chatting features need to implement it along with the customization settings.

• Media files:

Extended functionality of the app needs to be allowed for sharing media files using the messaging app.

• Notification:

Notification is the best functionality to make the users get engaged with the app. It is important to integrate in-app notification features to keep the users informed about various important information. They need to be instant popups on the screen to ensure such functionality.

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Cost of Building Messaging App Similar to Slack:

If you are focused on app development similar to slack, then you need to understand the cost of development. You must be wondering how to calculate the estimation which is a difficult job for most of us. Before we get started, we need to consider that different business has different needs. And application needs to cater specifically to the need of the business to have the proper outcome.

Although calculating the exact cost of that development is not difficult it is entirely depending on factors. We need to get the proper rough estimation of the development of the chat app to ensure progress. It is much easier to get assistance from survey reports It is much easier to get assistance from survey reports and market research for the proper estimation of the cost.

It is recommended to go for outsourcing mobile app development company to have the low cost of development. They will offer the total project timeline including the back end and front end along with the proper implementation of the functionality. The time duration may vary for the development which could roughly be estimated between four weeks to seven weeks.

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According to various data for proper market research and am planning of the messaging app similar to slack would take around 50 hours. This particular process would cost you around $2000 or more depending on the requirement. On the next step, the cost of designing the messaging app would take more than 150 hours and cost you around $5000.

Now you need to go for the app development including the front end and back end. The process would take around 250 hours and could cost you around $5000 to $7000. The next step is the quality and functionality testing of the app which would take around 70 hours. The entire app testing session will cost you around $3000.

Finally, the app needs to be properly maintained and provided support. The process is entirely depending on the updates and changes that need to be implemented into the app. The entire process is done after the development of the app which would take around 25% of the total project cost. So basically, if we get to understand the average cost of developing a messaging app similar to slack.

It is estimated around $15,000 to $20,000 based on the factors which we have discussed above.

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