How Much Does an Online Liquor Delivery App Like Instacart Cost?

How Much Does an Online Liquor Delivery App Like Instacart Cost

Mobile application is one of the biggest revolution outcomes mostly influenced by the Internet. With the increasing number of smartphone users’ mobile applications which is increasing rapidly. Most importantly we can access every major activity in our life through the mobile application. It eliminates the requirement long hours needed to be taken for our day-to-day life activities.

It offers convenience and quick accessibility with just a click away from our finger. Currently, the mobile application is playing an important role in our life, and it is almost impossible for us to think without it. We are mostly using conventional waste for purchasing groceries which is being replaced by the smartphone.

Similarly, we can also use applications for purchasing liquors without visiting any wine shop. It will eliminate the requirement for standing in a long queue for purchasing an item to get billed. In our busy lives, it will be a great way to purchase any recorded product directly from our convenience of the doorstep. With the introduction of the mobile application, the process of shopping is entirely changed.

We will be discussing various aspects and factors of using such an application that will make our life easier. In this article, we will understand all the related details that need to be understood for developing any app. A similar application will help in improving the complete potential of the business opportunity. It will introduce the best offering of the functionalities for the entrepreneurs.

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Working Process of Liquor Delivery App Like Instacart:

The application will work as a medium between the in customer and the liquor store. It is much similar to completing an online shopping transaction through a smartphone app. Once the customer selected any required purchase, the app will assign the nearest delivery executive to dispatch that delivery. The major objective of this application is to offer a high-end buyer experience with the best possible outcome. Most importantly it will help in eliminating various time-consuming factors like standing in a queue and waiting for the item to be built. This application will help in saving both energy and time at the convenience of the customer.


Major Features of Online Liquor Delivery App Like Instacart:

Several important features need to be implemented into the liquor delivery app. These features are one of the major factors in determining the estimation of the cost of development. Make sure to demand every integration of these features to have a full-fledged delivery app.

  • Sign Up/Sign In:

Much like any other app, it is also required to create an account to enjoy the functionality. Every user needs to use their login credentials including, phone number or social credentials. Similar information will be used for logging into the app.

  • Account Management:

Every user will be able to find their details including email address, communication details, password, and personal address. This section will offer high customization options for the users.

  • Express Delivery:

This is one of the selectable options from the menu which every customer can use. Users can use this functionality for free for unlimited times with a certain quantity of purchase. This is one of the special functionalities which need to be subscribed to and renewed on an annual basis.

  • Credit and Promo Codes:

Customers can use promo codes purchase will offer them an instant discount. They can also get cashback on the purchase of products and services.

  • Gift Cards:

Customers can present their loved ones with purchasing gift cards from the app. The gifted individual can easily receive and redeem while purchasing from the app.

  • Shopping with Friends:

This is one of the important functions which will allow the users to experience community shopping. Every user can easily invite their friends, colleagues, and family to create a group and shop directly from the app.

  • Payment Methods:

Payment functionality is secure and can be used by debit cards and credit cards. The payment details will be auto-saved and can be easily used while purchasing in the future.

  • Calling Feature Before Checkout:

This is one of the exclusive features which can be easily availed by the customers. The customer will get a call from the delivery personnel into their registered mobile number once the checkout process is completed. This functionality will enable the customers to double-check the orders along with the payment amount they have just completed.

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  • Cart:

Every selected and pre-purchased item will be available in the card section of the app. This is the checkpoint right before the checkout process is going to be completed by the customer.

  • Stores:

There will be a complete list of liquor stores which is associated with the app to sell their products. This will give a big advantage to the customers which will enable them to select any appropriate store before purchasing any product.

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  • Departments:

Every product will be properly categorized based on its nature right under every department section. The available categorized section includes wine, snacks, beer, mixers, cider, spirits, etc.

  • Delivery and Pick Up:

Every user can select their appropriate mode of product delivery at their convenience and doorstep. Customers can select the delivery mode to be delivered by any delivery executive. Customers can also select to pick up the product manually directly from the store.

Cost to Develop Online Liquor Delivery App Like Instacart:

To get the proper estimation for the development cost of the online liquor delivery app, we need to consider all the above-mentioned factors. An app like Instacart will have an estimation of $10,000 to $50,000 with all the functionality is implemented. Although this particular estimation is the cost of single platform development.

The development cost will rise more in case you are looking for deploying multiple platforms at a time. Various other factors need to be considered to have a more rounded estimation. Most importantly every development process depends on the hours being put in for the completion of the project. Discuss the completed project duration to understand the estimation of the development cost.

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