Our Instacart clone script is an excellent addition to a small-time vendor, a large grocery chain, or any other existing business. It is the right time to invest in the bustling industry, as it indicates a healthy growth that’s set to continue for the foreseeable future.


An Imperative Instacart Clone App

The professional team at NBT is highly skillful and gained experience over many years. Our extensive range of Instacart app development solutions can take your grocery business to the next level. With an intuitive UI, attractive front-end design, and highly functional back end capabilities, your business can stand out among the rest.

Our on-demand software development can increase your operational efficiency, streamline your business processes, and modernize the way of conducting business. Become a leader in the on-demand grocery delivery business by joining our NBT’s family.


InstaCart Clone App Development Solution

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, our daily lives have become unbalanced. Thus, governments are encouraging their citizens to stay indoors every time at the global level. Due to the implementation of strict measures, people have shifted to an alternative option when it comes to buying groceries. It increased delivery orders around the globe. Considering this fact, an on-demand grocery delivery market has experienced a huge boost.

The increase in demand for online grocery stores has influenced every budding entrepreneur to seek capitalization. Investing in an on-demand grocery delivery software development solution at this opportune time is the most preferable and best choice for grocery businesses.

Working-Process of Our On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

Users search for the nearby grocery store to their location

Users can browse the store for the desired items/products


Users can add the required items to the cart

After completing shopping, they can proceed to the checkout option


Users are indicated to complete the payment process

The grocery store compiles the items and await the delivery executive


Delivery executive reaches the store and picks up the package

Users can track the delivery personnel via the app

The groceries get delivered in the estimated time

Users can now rate the delivery experience and give feedback

All-Purpose Grocery Delivery App Solution

NBT aims to fulfil all grocery requirements of customers, ranges from small ‘mom and pop’ grocery stores to supermarket chains.

Single Grocery Shops

Develop your Branded Grocery Delivery App

Our Instacart clone app can grow your grocery business effectively. It is highly affordable, consumes less time, and can be easily fit into your existing business model.


Launch Your Clone App Like Instacart

Our Instacart clone app is integrated with multiple stores in one convenient location. It is an innovative solution for marketplaces around the world.

Larger Grocery Chains

Establish Your Business Model with Our Instacart Clone Script`

Our Instacart clone app is the perfect way to boost your sales and reap profits. It is designed to increase the operational efficiency of your grocery chain and help you go the extra mile in your business.

Integrated Services

In Our On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Solution



NBT helps you manage the basic profile settings and invite your friends using referral options to gain points.


Our developers help you hold your order products and repeat the process, whenever required.


Add the desired or preferred item to your Wishlist. It can be something that you would like to have over and over again.



We enable easy product updates that you’ve ordered and continue munching through a notification page.



Now, it is easy to search, select toppings, add to cart, pay, and enjoy your food to fulfill your cravings.



Get to know more about a specific dish, details about the provider, and other user reviews.

Advanced Features

No-Contact Delivery

Users can access the option to decide their drop-off location outside their homes and assures their safety via the ‘Contactless delivery’ feature of an app.

A Standard App Development Process

NBT follows

Creating a superior grocery shopping delivery app requires good coding skills and demands vast industry expertise. Our expert team at NBT has excelled in both areas and helps you grow your business to its maximum limit possible.

A step-by-step categorization of our app development process:

Project Study And Planning

We understand our client’s requirements and conduct a detailed study of the competitors operating in their industries. It helps us to come up with a comprehensive plan.

Front-End Customization

We customize the front-end of our app as per the client’s needs. For this, we tweak the logo, color scheme, and other branding elements and personalize all the features together.

Back-End Setup

Our team of experts works on the back-end of the app to ensure sufficient storage space and run other functionalities in check.


After completing the development process, the app undergoes a series of meticulous testing to make it bug-free.

App Delivery

Once the quality gets checked, NBT delivers the fully functional app to their clients. We also support the app deployment from app stores upon request.

Customize Our Prescribed Solution

With Interactive Features

Turnkey Solution

NBT offers turnkey products, where you can start with ZERO time-to-market, capture the largest market share, and become the leader.


Powerful Admin Dashboard

We help you control your websites and mobile apps completely that are available in your admin dashboard.

Scalable Product

Our team of professional developers helps you take-off and scale up your business rapidly using the most scalable robust products in each category.


Whitelabel Solution

Our app solutions are white-label to put whatever brand you want and don’t let your users know anything.

Cost Effective

Our fantasy Dream 11 clone app offers advanced features in the product with affordable pricing.

Native Mobile Apps

Being the leading app development company, NBT offers iOS and Android apps with the best user experience on respective platforms.


Essential APP Features

Wide Range Of Categories

NBT helps you find the nearest store by various filters, brands, and categories. It will save you time while waiting for groceries.


Tracking The Order

Customers can track the order status with the inbuilt map feature of an app, once the order gets placed.

Checkout Cart

Customers can add multiple products to the cart at the same time, remove them, and review them before making payments.


Referral System

The customer can refer another user to buy something from an app and get rewards in return. With this, you can reach larger audiences.

Exclusive Offerings Of Our Instacart Clone


Mobile Apps

Customers can access Whitelabel iOS and Android apps along with the built-in native iOS and Android source code for brilliant execution.


Web App

A front-end website with full-fledged features for your customers to login, buy a product, pay, give feedback, and check order history.


Admin Dashboard

Get access to a powerful Admin Dashboard to control your entire business from validating and approving different user groups to adding different payment methods.


100% Customizable

Users can explore the entire code of the Server, Admin Dashboard, iOS, and Android apps with unencrypted code and complete documentation.

Payment Options

Instacart Clone uses Stripe Credit Card Processing, Paypal Mobile SDK, and Cash on Delivery as default available methods during development. NBT can build more upon their request.

Why Choose NBT?

An Instacart Clone App Development Company


We are expert in developing robust on-demand applications


We have a team of highly skilled and expert developers and designers


Our Instacart clone is easy-to-customize and readily available


NBT helps you reach your maximum potential


We have an excellent support team to fulfill your queries or concerns


We have extensive experience in the development industry


We have a blended knowledge base of industry and its functioning


We offer a wide range of software solutions to meet your business needs


We have an expert marketing team to expose or promote your business


Frequently Asked Questions

No. But we offer an installation package that can get your app up and run in no time. Digital Ocean server is highly recommended by our experts to run your app.

App Store and Play Store deployment are covered in the separate Installation Package at NBT. For this, you need to purchase the developer account for Google and Apple and provide the credentials to stay in touch during the entire development process.

No, our Installation Package covers deployment only to a live server, instead of using localhost or the local machine.

If you purchase the digital ocean server, web installation would be completed within 48 hours. For Android and iOS app submissions, it takes up to 48 hours for file uploading.

We do not support modifying or changing the code. If the script is modified, our team would not be able to further work on it and it ends the support package coverage.

We do not initiate a refund in case of installation support package and source code purchase, once we handed over the product. The team will provide complete support through Skype/mail. Test the demo before making any purchase or review the feature list carefully.

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