Doctor on Demand Mobile App Development – Cost and Features

Doctor on Demand Mobile App Development – Cost and Features

On-demand doctor mobile apps are one of the significant applications when we consider today’s situation. Booking an appointment through the app not only saves time but also reduces our mental stress. When a person is ill and if the individual has to wait for a longer period of time with the illness in the hospital it’s definitely going to be a tiresome experience. And here the technology, when intervenes, aids the patients to book a doctor appointment beforehand. So, the modern technological application in the healthcare sector has proved advantageous.

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We already know there are few apps such as Practo which has changed the way of perspective to treat patients, through these apps the patients can contact doctors and can get remote consultation.

On Demand Mobile Applications

Let us now move on and discuss the revenue model for on-demand mobile app:

  1. Ads

The app owners can generate revenue when advertisers use the app platform to showcase their products.

  1. Premium based

If anyone wants to unbolt the novel attributes of the app then one can pay the premium and can reap the benefits.

  1. Medicines and health-related items – online shopping

The persons who are interested to buy any health kits or any type of equipment can shop and the app owner can earn a commission.

  1. Remote consultation

Remote doctor consultation is one of the helpful ways through which the patient can approach the doctor to get his/her doubts cleared related to the illness. Therefore the app owner can generate returns.

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Now let us find out the most important features that the on-demand doctor application hold:

Patient interface:

  1. Registration:

Any patient who wants to reap the benefits of the app can download and install and then fill up the required information and get registered. There are even social media logins through which the necessary work could be done. So, a patient profile can then be built.

  1. Details:

Much detailed information might be mandatory such as place of living, sex, weight, height, any pre-illness, etc.

  1. Explore doctors:

Once the profile is created and important information is filled, the person can search for the doctors related to the medical illness and accordingly prefer them based on the reviews and feedbacks, etc.

  1. Doctors description

The person can look for more detailed elucidation regarding the doctor and can gather clear information.

  1. Appointment reservation:

The concerned patient can book the appointment according to the availability of the doctors at a particular time and date.

  1. Confirmation of the appointment:

The appointment once confirmed after reservation, the patient would receive the confirmation of booking either by e-mail or SMS.

  1. Trace doctor’s location:

This element can assist in tracing the doctor’s location if the specific doctor is in the vicinity.

  1. In-app call or chat:

This element integrated into the app can assist the user to make a call to the doctor or chat with the doctor if the user is having any doubts to get clarified. Moreover, if the app is also designed to facilitate remote doctor consultation this feature would function in a fantastic manner.

  1. Upload medical tests:

Under this feature, the patient can upload the necessary medical tests or screening results, etc. So that it might be easy for the doctor to check.

  1. Payment and feedback:

Payment is another vital element and the app must be integrated with the necessary payment gateways so that the user doesn’t face any issues while making online payments. Secure and safety elements must be added so as to protect patient’s data leakage.

Feedback elements can assist the app users to rate the app and service accordingly.

Doctor interface:

  1. Doctor account:

The concerned doctor can open their specific profiles by adding their details such as various specializations they have done, years of experience they have, timings and availability, fees, etc.

  1. Book appointment:

The doctors can mark appointments for their patients according to their convenience.

  1. Accept or decline:

The doctor has the option to either accept or reject the appointment when they are on an emergency or when handling an important task.

  1. In-app chats:

The doctor can chat with the patient through this feature.

  1. Preserve and glance:

The doctor can safely preserve the patients’ medical results and can look at them whenever required.

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Admin Interface:

  1. User or patients’ profile:

The admin can easily view and look at the patient’s account along with the patients’ medical records.

  1. Doctors account:

The admin can check if the specific doctor has uploaded the relevant practicing license and can organize the doctors according to their specialization.

  1. Attend to complaints:

The admin has the full potential to check the patient’s and doctor’s accounts and attend to the complaints if there are any and sought out the issues in a smooth way. The admin can also make an alternative arrangement for the patient if it’s crucial for the patient to meet the doctor and if the doctor is not able to attend due to an emergency and so on.

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Cost to build an on-demand doctor mobile app:

The cost relies on a lot of components such as the foremost step – if you want the app to be built on either Android or iOS or both, designers and developer’s rate, QA experts, back-end functionality, location, etc.

If you desire the app to be simple with the vital elements appended then the cost would be around 20,000$ to 40,000$ and might go beyond based on the requirements and complexity of features to be integrated.

The per-hour rate of the developers globally ranges between 20$ – 150$ and might differ slightly.


As discussed on-demand doctor mobile applications are revolutionizing the way of approach to consult a doctor. The app provides immense benefits to the patients and therefore the demand for these apps would keep growing in the forthcoming years.

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