Developing Taxi assortment app or mobile website

Developing Taxi assortment app or mobile website

The global taxi industry has suddenly became one of the biggest market revenue and is ever increasing around the world. Although the number is just an estimation as there are some unregistered cab operators as well in this market. Among all these a huge hike of competition has also been there between all the operators. Developing a Taxi assortment app or a mobile website which offering all the needed feature and functionality has been a great challenge now a days.


There are various taxi apps and mobile website related to it such as Uber, Ola , Zoom car etc. Technical world is all about thinking better than others. We don’t have to do what other has not done instead we should do better than what other has done. Some people wants to have taxi apps like Uber whereas some wants more additional features than them.


There need to be 2 types of app within a single one:

  • Driver app
  • Passenger app

For the passengers app – There are few things coming out which are cabs offered to user, price distribution as per the cabs, sharing the location, payment methods offered and Share ETA etc. It includes payment process, cab ordering , sending vouchers.

For Driver app – In this Driver’s App, Drivers need to create their profile with complete details, apart from the login part so that he can start operating the app. They have various options available in it to accept the ride, request for a trip and cancellation of ride request by giving appropriate reasons for it.

Development part

There are few things which need to be kept in mind while developing such apps such as:

  • design or mockup for the app or website
  • api needed for tracking and sending messages between user and driver
  • payment methods offered
  • Rest depends upon the app you need i.e. whether it should be andriod app, ios app or mobile website etc. It also depends upon the features and the functionalities needed for the app or website. The costing and time to develop such apps also depend upon this.

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