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    Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT is a cryptographic asset on a blockchain with unique identification codes that can be valid for ownership and authenticity.

    These can be basically any artwork, be it a picture, a digital art, a song or an album. NFTs have revolutionized one industry after another since their meteoric rise to popularity in 2020.

    For NFTs, 2022 has been a fruitful year. With earth-shattering sales and continuous print and electronic media coverage, the best NFT tokens were able to capture everyone’s eye in the business and customer community globally.

    Still, it is showing no signs of slowing down but continuous growth. The transaction volume of OpenSea was $14 billion in 2021 which amounts to 646 times the sales made in 2020 which were $21.7 million (Source). Further, the application of NFTs in sectors like marketing, real estate, finance, and the government is quite evident.

    Having said that, now it is time that we straightaway get into the main part of this blog. Here’s the full list of the best unique NFT ideas that are crazy, cool, innovative, and funny.

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    1. BEEPLE’S “EVERYDAYS- THE FIRST 5000 DAYS”: Created by Mike Winkelmann, this digital artwork was sold for $69.9 million. The work is, in effect, a large, square image file (21,069 by 21,069 pixels). It’s a digital mosaic composed of images that Beeple has released on the web, one a day, since May 1, 2007. Winkelmann is still continuing the project via octane and cinema 4D called softwares.

    This artwork the third most expensive NFT sold by a living artist.

    1. CRYPTOPUNKS: BEST EXAMPLE OF NFT: CryptoPunks launched as a fixed set of 10,000 items in mid-2017 and became one of the inspirations for the ERC-721 standard. Developers at Larva Labs, John Watkinson and Matt Hall, created 10,000 CryptoPunks, and they were released in 2017. What was created to be a experiment and entertainment purpose, became one of the most valuable NFT assests as in todays date the cheapest cryptopunk is worth more than 6 figures.
    2. ALICE THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE NFT: AI NFTs can create new content on their own and produce dynamic experiences thanks to their learning abilities. Alice is based on ethereum blockchain. Alice is equipped with such technology that it can interact like any other human being on it’s own. It was the first AI nft which was sold for $500,000. When asked to Alice how it feels about living in blockchain, it replies to feel like a digital goddess and can take any form it wants.
    3. PARIS HILTON’S PLANET PARIS: Planet paris is collaboration between Blake Katheryn and Paris Hilton. This NFT is all about the beauty of female energy and empowerment.
    4. LOUIS VUITTON VIDEO GAME: Louis Vuitton on its 200 years celebration launched a playing NFT called “Louis- The Game”. It is available on both android and iOS and is not an easy game which can be completed in some minutes. Rather, it takes a lot of time with many interesting level.
    5. William Shatner’s personal memorabilia: In the year 2020 veteran actor William Shatner released his firs NFT collection which was more than 125000 pieces all featuring his picturea made throughout his career. And these 125000 pieces didn’t even take 10 minutes to be sold out.
    6. Nyan Cat GIF: Best NFT Art Idea: Nyan cat is gif NFT created by Chris Torres was sold for 300 ether which is equivalent to $587,000 at the time of te sale.
    7. Cryptovoxels: Founded by Ben Nolan cryptovoxels is a virtual reality which can be used for buying or selling land or creating digital collectibles and sell them on the market. This platform is based on ethereum blockchain. Similar to minecraft this platform works on crypto currency.
    8. The origins of the internet: Sir Tim Berbers-Lee was the person behind inventing the World Wide Web in the year 1989. After 30 years he sold his original 9,555 lines of source code as an NFT for a whopping amount of $5.4 million.
    9. First Athletic Career token of the World: A tennis player from croatia Oleksandra Oliynykova auctioned a part of her hand as an NFT which was sold for a price of $5000. Now the NFT owner who bought this part of her arm can make any kind of tattoo on that part of the player’s hand as they own that.BEST NFT EXAMPLES AND IDEASAlso Read : A Complete Guide to NFT Marketplace Development
    10. Bad Luck Brian gets lucky: A yearbook photo of kyle craven by his best friend Ian davies on 2012 was a part of meme industry for quite a lot time and later the duo turns that meme into an NFT and sold it for 20 ETH.
    11. First Tweet of Jack Dorsey: People are converting anything and everything into an NFT and it is even getting sold for a good price only. Now here we can see that the Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey sold the first ever tweet on Twitter for nearly $3 million. Later, Dorsey clarified that the money generated from the sale would be converted into Bitcoin and then donated to a charitable trust.
    12. Decentraland and Virtual worlds: It is the firat role playing and multiplayer mertaverse where players can buy and sell digital land.
    13. RTFKT’s digital sneakers: RTFKT is a fashion industry which released their sneaker collection in the NFT world and even when these pairs can’t be worn, they were sold for $10,000 for a pair.
    14. NFT for good: This is a project designed by Binance Charity & Partners to empower NGOs with the help of Binance’s blockchain infrastructure. Here, People can sell their artwork in a way to ultimately tackle humanitarian issues.
    15. Unstoppable Domains: It is a startup that provides decentralized websites and user- owned, blockchain based domains that replaces crypto addresses to human based URLs.This particular feature was not accessible some time ago. As soon as the domain is claimed by anyone, it is minted in the form of an NFT, providing complete ownership and control to the user.
    16. GOURMENT’S NFTS: Gourment’s NFT is for chefs and foodies. It helps the culinary creators to monetize and foodies to support them.
    17. Sell your furniture digitally: Andres Reisinger made some impossible furnitures digitally and fit them in the metaverse. Out of these furnitures some are claimed to be replicas of the true- to-life beings and others can be exhibited by the NFT owners in their virtual homes.
    18. Pet Rocks: Gary dahl founded and created the collectible toy pet rock; smooth stones from the city of rosarito, baja california, mexico in the mid ‘70s which was successful enough to make him a millionaire. This NFTs are basically JPGs of cartoon rocks and people are buying them for six figure money.
    19. Real estate tokenization: Real estate tokenization is the process of converting the value of real estate assets into digital tokens on the blockchain to enable their digital transfer and ownership. The token represents the property with all of its rights and obligations.BEST NFT EXAMPLES AND IDEASAlso Read : The Ultimate Guide to Creating an NFT Marketplace
    20. Licences and certifications: Now with Blockchain, you can now create falsifiable and concrete licenses and certificates as solid proof of your degree/qualification which cannot be forged and without any paperwork.
    21. The unsold NFT of Elon Musk: Elon Musk, who is also labeled as a real-life Tony Stark,was once offered to sell one of his tweets which was actually a song with the lyrics: “NFT for your vanity. Computers never sleep. It’s verified. It’s guaranteed” As an NFT. But later Musk changed his mind and turned down a million dollars deal on the same.
    22. Doge: The famous picture of a Shiba Inu dog named Kabosu – AKA Doge was sold $4 million.
    23. Self destructing NFTs: This kind of NFT is linked to a system that keeps a track of the annual average temperature report by NASA. When the temp reaches two degrees above the pre-industrial average, the NFT will destroy itself on its own.
    24. Crypto stamps: The first blockchain stamps were released in the world of metaverse and NFT in 2019. These austrian postal stamps were one of the fastest adaptive NFTs in the market.
    25. Axie infinity: Developed by Vietnamese studios sky mavis, this is a crypto based online game where users can buy creatures called axies and use them for battles, to breed and explore other axies present in the axie pet community.
    26. Smells like Blockchain: One of the best NFT ideas and NFT examples is this NFT where a company from Berlin named Look Labs invented the first digital fragrance in the world. In order to create the artwork, the company used molecular wavelengths recorded from a real perfume named Cyber Eau de Parfum. Further, as part of NFTs, the company put ten editions of the digital fragrance in an auction.


    From all these unique NFT ideas we can say that whatever you try and make it into an NFT can be sold for a good price, as this market is unpredictable and people tend to own all kind of unique and unheard ideas. There is a high chances that we are going to see Blockchain technology and NFTs disrupt all sorts of industries in the next five years.

    Thanks for reading our post “BEST NFT EXAMPLES AND IDEAS of 2023”. Please connect with us for NFT Development Solutions.

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