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    30+ Entertaining Texting Games to Play in 2023

    30+ Entertaining Texting Games to Play in 2023

    Amit Shukla


    In the fast-paced digital age, texting has become an integral part of our communication. But have you ever thought about turning those mundane text conversations into exciting and engaging games? Texting games are a fantastic way to keep the conversation alive, share some laughs, and even challenge your friends’ wit and creativity. Whether you’re catching up with old friends, bonding with new ones, or simply looking for a fun way to pass the time, we’ve compiled a list of the best texting games for 2023. Let the virtual fun begin!

    1. 20 Questions:

    Think of an object, and your friend has 20 questions to guess what it is. The catch? They can only ask questions that you can answer with “yes” or “no.”

    2. Would You Rather?:

    Present your friend with a series of hypothetical dilemmas, and they have to choose between two equally amusing or challenging options.

    3. Emoji Translation:

    Send a sentence composed entirely of emojis, and your friend must decipher the message correctly.

    4. Story Building:

    Start a story with a sentence, then take turns adding a sentence each. Watch as the story takes unexpected and hilarious turns!

    5. Text Art Challenge:

    Create a piece of art using only keyboard characters and send it to your friend. They have to guess what you’ve created.

    6. Acronym Game:

    Choose a random word, and both players come up with creative meanings for each letter in the word.

    7. Song Lyrics:

    Send a snippet of lyrics, and your friend has to guess the song. Keep the music vibes going!

    8. Trivia Quiz:

    Send each other trivia questions on various topics and see who can answer correctly first.

    9. Riddle Me This:

    Take turns sending challenging riddles and see who can solve them faster.

    10. Never Have I Ever:

    Share a fact starting with “Never have I ever…” If your friend has done it, they reply and share their own.

    11. Rhyme Time:

    Pick a word, and take turns sending text messages with words that rhyme with it.

    12. Guess the Movie:

    Describe a movie plot in a few words and let your friend guess the title.

    13. Guess the Emoji:

    Send a string of emojis that represent a movie, book, or phrase, and let your friend decipher it.

    14. Caption This:

    Send funny or random pictures and see who can come up with the most amusing caption.

    15. Name That Tune:

    Hum or type out a few notes of a song, and your friend guesses the tune.

    16. Kiss, Marry, Kill:

    Classic game – give your friend three names, and they have to choose who they’d kiss, marry, and kill.

    17. Invent a Story:

    One person starts with a sentence, and the other adds on. Keep the narrative going!

    18. Celeb Swap:

    Imagine if you swapped lives with a celebrity for a day. Share your adventures through texts.

    19. Text Strip Poker:

    Play a digital version of strip poker using words and dares instead of cards.

    20. Alphabet Conversations:

    Start your sentences with consecutive letters of the alphabet and see how far you can go.

    21. Emoji Riddles:

    Send emoji combinations that represent words or phrases for your friend to decode.

    22. Fictional Dinner Party:

    If you could invite any three fictional characters to dinner, who would they be? Share your picks and reasons.

    23. 20-Second Story:

    Summarize a movie or book plot in 20 seconds or less.

    24. Word Chain:

    Take turns saying words that begin with the last letter of the previous word.

    25. Text Roulette:

    Choose a random contact from your phone and text them an unexpected question or statement.

    26. Foodie’s Dilemma:

    Describe two different foods, and your friend has to choose which one they’d eat.

    27 . Emoji Song Puzzles:

    Send emojis that represent different parts of a song, and your friend guesses the song.

    28. Bucket List Challenge:

    Share the top three things on your bucket list, and your friend does the same.

    29. Text Scavenger Hunt:

    Create a list of items your friend needs to find and send pictures of around their house.

    30. Fortune Teller:

    Make predictions for each other’s future using creative and humorous text messages.



    Texting games inject a dose of excitement and laughter into your conversations, making them much more than just routine exchanges of messages. In 2023, with so many innovative and entertaining options available, you’ll never run out of ways to keep the fun going. These games offer an excellent opportunity to connect with friends, exercise your creativity, and showcase your sense of humor, all through the magic of texting. So, pick your favorite games from the list, hit send, and let the games begin!

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