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    These 7 Signs Show You Hired the Right Web Designer

    These 7 Signs Show You Hired the Right Web Designer

    Amit Shukla

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    These days, it’s a given that your business needs a website, but you can’t accept that all web designers are of the same caliber. As with any industry, there are service providers who take advantage of uninformed customers. You need to know how to get the best value for money.


    Often, your project may even start off well, but obtaining and having a website is not a once-off activity. It’s an ongoing process that you need to monitor to ensure you benefit long term from the exposure you get online through those pages. We compiled a short guide to help you measure whether you have the right web designer on board.


    The Agency is Very Interested in YOU

    Consider how much the website design agency engages with you once your contract starts. A quality agency will ask for your input on many topics, such as:

    • Characteristics of your target audience, to know who to cater for
    • What do you want to portray about your brand
    • Your experience uploading content once the website is working

    A quality web designer understands that the best websites come from good partnerships.

    These 7 Signs Show You Hired the Right-Web-Designer


    They Know Their Strengths and Weaknesses

    You may be surprised to know that the best website designers don’t necessarily know everything about coding, digital marketing, and content creation. At least, they admit they’re not experts in all these fields. If they’re naïve and view themselves as all-around specialists, they won’t look for the necessary resources to optimize your pages.


    For example, you may best look for professional logo designers for your eCommerce website since it takes insight to create an iconic symbol.  Just make sure that you don’t simply follow trends and avoid logo design mistakes when finalizing your brand logo. Also, hiring a copywriter is vital to ensure quality content, if the agency doesn’t have those skills in-house. So, ask your agency about its strengths and methods so you know you’re getting the best possible results.


    Communication Flows Well and Often

    You can easily ask your questions about the agency’s methods if there’s good. Monitor how often your website designer engages with you or your team members because this represents how much of a priority you are to them as well as how much they include you in their processes. If you’re getting weekly updates that make it easy for you to track the project, you’ve got a winner of an agency.


    You Can See There’s Regular Progress

    Part of the communication to you should be proof that something is continuously happening, even if the website’s launch is still a way off. You can expect milestones such as:

    • Images to approve for use on the pages.
    • Asking for your approval of a site map and a wireframe. This is to confirm how different pages will connect, as well as the layouts of pages.
    • If you plan on adding some content yourself, the agency should offer training to help you get it right.


    It’s All Original

    Ideally, you don’t want your design agency to simply use templates because this means your website will look similar to many others out there. Also, you can’t afford to be penalized for plagiarism, because search engines won’t promote your pages then. If your website agency provides copywriting services, make sure it’s all original text by using one of the many online plagiarism checking tools.


    You’re Moving Up the Rankings

    With any project in business, you need to measure outcomes. That’s how you know if it was money well spent. With website design, the proof that your web designing team did a good job is that after a while you start ranking well on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).


    Search engines look at everything from content to page layout to page loading times and even how long visitors stay on your pages. Based on this user experience dynamics, search engines determine which websites are the best ones to show online browsers. Since your website design agency determines aspects like the layout and the aesthetics that hopefully attract visitors’ attention if your ranking improves your vendor did a good job.


    It’s Affordable, but NOT Cheap

    You don’t always have to pay top dollar for the best website design companies’ services. There may be a few that cater to smaller companies that can’t afford pricey contracts. But you can never settle for the cheapest either because the lowest prices are usually paired with the lowest quality.


    Once you have a website design company, keep on monitoring their rates as well as additional offers they suggest to you from time to time. They may give you free services, just to try and keep you happy, while the paid work isn’t really up to standard. A quality company will be proud of their work and charge you for their services because they know their worth.



    Unfortunately, an impressive sales pitch from a web design company may include empty promises that prompt you to pick a vendor that’s less than trustworthy. Using these 7 signs to guide you, monitor the web design process throughout, and if you realize your web design company doesn’t have your best interests at heart, never be afraid to confront them or switch providers.


    Remember, for over 35% of people, something as simple as website design can prompt them to stop using your website and look for another page they find more appealing. So, partnering with the right web designer is an important business consideration you can’t ignore.


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