On-Demand Marijuana Delivery App Development Cost and Features



Most of the United States of America is experiencing legalized marijuana. It is primarily for medical purposes. Therefore, the demand graph is increasing rapidly for this industry.

Technology is innovating, which is leading to the relaxation in different regulations. As a result, it is now one of the fastest-growing businesses around the globe and mainly in the USA.

On-demand marijuana delivery app is one of highly used in the market. You must be wondering why marijuana demand is increasing in different parts of the world.

It is mainly important in the healthcare industry. According to recent reports, the business mark has reached over 20.6 billion dollars.

According to predictions, it will reach around 42.7 billion dollars by 2024.

Due to the rapid growth and expansion in the business, it is essential to look for the best opportunity.

It is now at a point that is beneficial for both consumers and marketers. Therefore, it is one of the best ideas to involve in the marijuana industry.

Much like any other business, app development will ensure rapid growth in the industry.

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Essential Features of On-Demand Marijuana Delivery App:

On-demand marijuana delivery apps need to have multiple critical functions. These features are necessary to deliver a hassle-free experience to the users.

Most importantly, web applications need to have essential functions for every category. If the application is not user-friendly, then success is not guaranteed.

It is advisable to avoid these issues and implement high-end features in the app. Therefore, we have listed all the essential elements mandatory for every app development.

Discuss with the web development company for proper integration of the services.

Customer Panel of the App:

The customer panel of the app is explicitly focusing on the end-users. It includes various features we mostly see in every app.

We have listed all the essential features which are mandatory in this case.

  • SignUp & Login:

Registration and login process is essential for every end-user. It enables the user to get easy access to all the services offered by the industry.

A short and simple process will help get inside and allow in the app. It is mainly done for verification of identity and check the age.

  • Search:

Advanced search enables the user to search for the service at the earliest. But, most importantly, it needs to have filters to get a high-end search option.

  • In-App Payment:

It Is essential to integrate a payment system in the app. It enables the users to make online payments using different payment methods.

For example, debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, etc.

  • Order Tracking:

Order tracking is one of the essential functions of the marijuana delivery app. It enables the users to track the order to know about the delivery date and time.

It is much similar to any other delivery app available in the market.

  • Delivery Schedule:

Every user will get the option to select the delivery date for the delivery of marijuana. In addition, users will conveniently schedule their delivery date according to their preference.

  • Ratings and Reviews:

Ratings and review features are essential in every app to get feedback from the customers. It also enables other users to understand the usability and elements of other users.

This is the best way to increase the chance and improve the sale of marijuana. In addition, it will increase the high conversion rate shortly.

Delivery Panel of the App:

This part is specifically designed for the delivery partner associated with the business. The functionality will update continuously regarding the shipment of the order.

We have listed significant features which are vital in this case.

  • Registration:

Everybody personal needs to register into the app for verification of their profile. They need to input name address, identity proof, etc.

  • GPS Navigation:

GPS navigation is mandatory for every delivery personnel. It will help in identifying the route and address for the delivery.

This function is much similar to any other delivery available in the market. The delivery person needs to understand the location to deliver within the time successfully.

  • Order Monitoring:

The delivery person needs to have the ability to update on the status of the delivery.

The functionality includes en route, arriving at the destination, the payment received, order delivered, etc.

Admin Panel of the App:

This is the final category of functionality that is important in the application. The admin uses these features to control every part of the business.

  • Dashboard:

A centralized dashboard is essential to allow the admin to get all the access to critical information. Therefore, all information related to the statistics in the app will be available in this part.

  • Order Management:

Admin will have the ability to manage every detail of the order efficiently. In addition, easy tracking of the order is much like the delivery person and the user.

  • Customers Management:

This is another function to check the information about all the customers in a single place.

  • Listing Management:

App admin will also have the ability to maintain all the product lists. So again, this is the best way to manage the stock up for the business.

  • Reports and Feedback:

Admin can check all the feedback reports from the customers. This will enable the industry to give better services to viable customers.

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Development Cost for On-Demand Marijuana Delivery App:

Various web development companies are available in the market for the solution. Although, it is challenging to estimate the actual cost for development.

Multiple factors are essential for the proper estimation of the app. However, we can get an average cost based on critical development.

It will be around $40,000 to $50,000 for an on-demand marijuana delivery app. We have listed down a few factors that will affect the development cost.

Firstly, the design of the on-demand marijuana delivery app is complicated. Therefore, it is essential to go for the best team of designers.

Most importantly, they should have good experience and knowledge of business logic. This will enable the successful development of the application.

Secondly, the app’s testing phase is also related to the development cost. So we can quickly minimize the cost of testing by hiring an app development company.

Thirdly, any specific customization will increase the cost of development. The more advanced features we add, the more price will rise rapidly.

Finally, it is essential to keep the app running smoothly. Therefore, an accessible experience for users is mandatory for every business.

This is the main reason developers need to update frequently to fix bugs. However, maintenance and support costs are essential to the development cost.

According to reports, it will increase 25% of the entire cost.


Understand all the details we have discussed to maintain the consideration. It is one of the most significant growth industries ever introduced.

If you are looking for a viable source of business, then this is the best opportunity. Although, understand all the feature implementation and the cost required for the app.

Consult with the web development company to understand more in detail.

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