Mobile Apps & Digital communication in the time of corona virus

Mobile Apps & Digital communication in the time of corona virus

Digital communication in the time of coronavirus

Digital communication is the set of the production and distribution of content, such as texts, images, video, and audio. It is done through the use of digital technologies: computers, smartphones, and tablets are among the most used.

This type of communication is personalized and targeted, with a very specific target in an environment. In this communication and relationships are networked to stimulate interaction between users.

The COVID-19 emergency, which has upset the world and beyond, has changed work relationships and communications between people, changing relationships globally.

Moving forward and facing this difficult moment forced everyone to change their habits, confining us to our homes, and new and effective strategies were developed. We all are rediscovering the great advantages that ICT technologies can give (Information and Communications Technology).

Internet use has also changed in this period. We are witnessing the growth of the digital market that considers the achievement of sustainable socio-economic goals. It also maintains employment at pre-crisis levels and improves the quality of life. It provides tools to address the many problems that have arisen in recent months.

Many companies have organized themselves and have chosen smart working or agile work to remotely carry out their activities. In this climate of emergency, the possibility of working from home has made it possible to reduce infections. It reduces the spread of the virus and keeps the level of productivity stable.


The tools that have had the greatest boost in this period are:

Mobile Apps: Mobile Apps are helping in arranging meetings, video calls, voice calls, setting up appointments, online delivery, online food orders, games, cooking, and many more daily stuff and office stuff. Which is increasing mobile app demands much.

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COMPANY SITES: to maintain the level of communication on the characteristics of a company;

SOCIAL NETWORK: essential for keeping users updated and customer care;

DIRECT E-MAIL MARKETING: for professional, effective, and fast communication.

However, we must not forget the importance of using these tools to promote socialization between people, considering that at this moment, it appears to be reduced and limited.

This form of isolation, to which we are all forced, leads us to use digital communication to seek contact between people. An example is all social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and platforms such as Skype and applications that allow you to make video calls and group chats.

Not only in the private sphere but through these technologies, the world of school also benefits from organizing distance lessons. It allows students to continue the learning path interrupted so abruptly.

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Use of Internet

The Internet is borderless and gives many benefits to those who use it. At a time like this, you risk exceeding the amount of information that is often not scrutinized with accuracy. This is why you must always pay close attention, researching and identifying reliable sources. This phenomenon, now more widespread than ever, is called infodemic.

It is essential to use these powerful tools that we have at our disposal intelligently. We have to exploit the advantages they offer, intending to improve the current conditions in which our country finds itself.

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