Impress your Mobile website Users with WordPress AMP!

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It is obvious and there is no surprise that more than 80% of people around the globe are smartphone users which as a result is provoking Mobile-friendly WordPress Development Company situated across the world to innovate and enhance the features of mobile which create interest in the minds of the mobile users. To ease the process of their browsing there is a plugin called AMP –Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress. To browse the websites successfully without any troubles the integration of AMP has proved very much successful for all WordPress websites. AMP plugin enhances the speed of the WordPress websites when operated from any kind of devices.

It’s still not too late for you if you haven’t activated the Google AMP on your site of WordPress.

You can integrate and enable AMP for successful browsing from mobile devices.


First, let us understand how does AMP function:

AMP is formally known as Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is open-source, free and utilizes basic HTML/CSS, JS and cache libraries for its operation.

AMP functions by stimulating audios, videos, infographics, PDF’s, texts, etc. on a website page which holds internet connectivity which is not so great. The greatness of AMP is, it does not forget to display the media element when loading the website pages with great speed.

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AMP pages are great because they are flexible and user-friendly. 85% of Alexa websites are very much mobile friendly. So, this is to be analyzed carefully because a matter of seconds could deviate customer to prefer some other site due to the “speed” of site.

The advantages of using AMP are:

  1. Comforts the browsing scenario for every customer.
  2. Stimulates and simplifies pages.


Let us now find out how to impress your mobile website users with WordPress AMP!


  1. Install AMP:

First step which is required for you to do is to install AMP.  Suspecting that you are using self-hosted to build your WordPress site, it is to be noted that as it is free, some of the plugins would not be available for free. Under admin section, you can view “Add new” to the plugins. You can opt by choosing google AMP from directory as it is a free plugin and then you can start installing the plugin for your site which is getting ready. In the mean time you can try to install other plugins using FTP for your convenience.


To view the look of how your pages would be, you can click on appearance panel under admin panel to view how your AMP pages.


  1. Launch the AMP page builder:

Now, you can go to “pages” where you normally create and build pages for your developing website using WordPress site. In order to create pages using AMP (AMP is used for enabling pages for mobile and hand held devices) you can click on “start AMP page builder”. Then, various options are displayed on the screen and it is up to you to choose the desired set of options such as page layout and design which you can include in your pages.

AMP page builder 3.0 version has got many new options such as Gutenberg Support, Default theme known as swift, 3 pre-built AMP layouts for websites especially business based and landing pages, single signal push notification integrations and many other demanding features are endorsed.

According to your requirement, you can choose the right kind of options on the window pane to construct your AMP accelerated page for your pre-developing site.


  1. Adding components along with AMP:

Building feature posts along with plugin is not so easy task. But, the number of features that you would want to display on your site pages is left to you. So, according to your requirements and interests, the features can be created and added with the plugin. If the users are showing interests towards such kinds of features, you can endorse such components along with AMP for your developing site.


Mobile-friendly WordPress Development Company


  1. Pre-built AMP layouts:

In previous step, we learnt how to construct pages using AMP plugin. Without any hassles you can simply choose the layout accordingly which is an easy method. There are pre-built AMP layouts under Layout directory. You can click on it. There will be a default theme called “swift” which would add to making the process easier. If you click on “view layout” pop up on the screen, you can “replace current layout option” and “Import new layout option.

In this manner, you can add various kinds of styles of pages which can be edited easily. Many features can be incorporated according to your wish.


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  1. Final outlook:

Is it not exciting to view the pages constructed using AMP plugin? It is right! You can directly log in to the Google Search Console dashboard and then move to AMP in search appearance.

The much-awaited final look would be appearing in just a few minutes after your website has been indexed in google searches.

Before viewing your pages, it is needed to wait for few minutes so that your websites are indexable by google.



We have discussed the steps and methods which can be followed in order to construct AMP accelerated pages. Now a days it is mandatory to create such kind of websites in order to satisfy customers. Users always look for speed and clarity of the website when they browse. Hence, to fulfil their demands any Mobile-friendly WordPress Development Company  across the globe use google AMP to boost the speed of the pages of the websites so that the sites run smoothly when operated from smart phones and any kind of hand held devices. Such is the importance of speed of the site pages. Just a matter of seconds may make difference. Users may turn away from your sites and might prefer a different site which has good speed optimization. So, this is to be kept in mind.

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Impress your Mobile website Users with WordPress AMP!
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