80 Inspiring Mobile Application Concepts 2022

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We can’t picture our lives without a cell phone in today’s technologically advanced society. Our mobile phones become more helpful as a result of the mobile apps we download and install on them. In our daily lives, mobile apps are indispensable. We can shop online, take advantage of online education, book transportation tickets, and much more via mobile apps. Such apps have simplified our lives by allowing us to complete many tasks with a single click. I have an idea for an app, and we’re now discussing all of our options for the finest mobile app development.

By 2020, the mobile app development industry will have integrated cutting-edge technology such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and others to improve app performance and utility.

The mobile app that provides consumers with a variety of functions and fits their needs will undoubtedly be successful.

Today, we have a number of suggestions for the top mobile apps to help you choose your business and increase revenue. So, let’s get this party started.

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Applications for On-Demand Services

Customers can connect with a variety of service providers and vice versa using these types of mobile apps. Furthermore, they enable users to order any type of service and have it delivered as quickly as possible, such as ride-booking apps, food delivery apps, and so on.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular on-demand smartphone apps.

1. App for Booking Rentals

People nowadays take extended vacations and need to rent a place to stay. As a result, the rental booking app makes finding a rental home easier for them. The app has a list of all available properties, whether they are for rent or for sale. The customer can choose any property based on their budget and preferred location.

2. App for Tracking Drivers

To track the driver delivering food, parcels, goods, or courier, such mobile apps are required. You may see where your driver is right now and estimate how long it will take them to get to you.

3. App for Job Recruitment

This smartphone app assists job seekers in locating a suitable position based on the information and CV they provide. Furthermore, hiring a qualified individual for a vacant position becomes much easier for businesses. Both the job seeker and the company can use such apps to suit their needs by picking their preferences, such as location, salary package, experience, and more.

4. E-Commerce Application

It’s the most efficient, simple, and convenient method to shop without leaving the house. The user has the ability to search for any product, from any range, of any type, and so on. The eCommerce app list includes a wide range of products. The payment procedure is similarly simple; the consumer can pay by credit card or cash on delivery.

5. Lottery App

We’ve all heard of the offline lottery. Lottery apps are now widely available, allowing customers to purchase tickets online using a variety of payment methods. The user must scan the QR code he receives, and he will receive a popup notification of the outcome after 24 hours. He collects if he’s lucky; if not, he tries again later.

6. Sports Betting App

People nowadays use the term “betting” frequently. They can profit or lose money based on the forecasts they make. The winner receives 90% of the total prize money, with the remainder going to the app developer.

7. App for Event Management

It’s not easy to organise an event when you’re the one in charge. You must plan ahead of time, remember every detail, and recruit a large number of people to help you make your event a success. However, with an event management tool, you can easily do all tasks without having to remember anything. The app receives a reminder for everything so that you may complete tasks on time and before the deadline.

8. Travel Buddy App

Traveling alone might be tedious at times. However, how can we get to know the other passengers on our trip? A travel buddy app is a new tool that helps users understand other travelers with the same destination. As a result, the person who wants to connect can continue and make the other traveler their travel companion.

9. App for Fitness Tracking

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain our fitness in our fast-paced society. Due to our hectic schedules, going to the gym becomes difficult. In this case, a fitness tracker app comes in handy. It is ideal for those who desire to reduce or gain weight through aerobics, yoga, calisthenics, and other activities. Such apps also provide food regimens for users to follow in order to achieve their fitness goals. In addition, the customer receives exercise advice that he must follow.

10. App for Photo Editing

Using mobile apps, we can now apply filters and stickers to our images in a variety of ways. Such apps make it easier to change the background of images and add accessories. It means that whatever your image displays, such mobile apps can improve its appearance by adding and removing certain elements.

11. App for Home Automation

Users can use such mobile apps to access their gadgets remotely from their homes or even when they are outside and away from their smart devices. So, the next time you forget to turn off or on your device, you may do so using your mobile app from anywhere.

12. App for Courier Delivery

Gone are the days when customers had to go to a courier center and wait for their package to be delivered. In this case, courier delivery software comes in handy. The app’s creators employ someone to pick up the box and transport it to its final destination. With such a smartphone app, the user may track his package in real-time.

13. Wedding Planner App

Wedding planning has now become a cakewalk. Today, anyone can plan and manage a wedding, ideally with the help of a wedding planner app. These applications have professionals in decoration, DJ parties, and every other service required to make a wedding event a success. The software allows the user to employ them and make payments online. When you forget something, the app reminds you of it.

14. E-book Reader App

People nowadays don’t like to go to a website multiple times to look for a book they want to read and then download it. Instead, they use an eBook reader app that allows users to read and download books for offline reading. There’s no need to download every book and squander your data any longer.

15. App for Streaming Music Online

There is a variety of online music streaming apps available nowadays that have a large number of downloads. Users can now listen to any song online without having to download it using such apps. In addition, the user can construct different playlists of his favorite music based on his mood. It’s the ideal app idea for music fans to get involved with.

16. App for Video Streaming

Users can download any video content while watching it on video streaming apps. It saves time on buffering and allows users to view content online without having to save it to another device. Some apps also allow users to watch videos when they are not connected to the internet.

17. Parking App for Cars

As the number of vehicle owners grows every day, this is a unique mobile app idea for companies. They all require a parking spot for their vehicle. An app like this allows users to pre-book a parking spot from anywhere and have it saved for them. This program is useful for folks who require a parking spot on a regular basis.

18. Relevant App for Booking My Show

Many people nowadays use the software “Book my show” to book events, movies, and concert tickets all in one place. As a result, such a mobile app concept is ideal for today’s generation, in which every second individual uses his or her phone to book a ticket. This mobile app simplifies and expedites the online ticket booking procedure.

19. App to Split Bills

When splitting a bill between seven or more people, we normally need something to make the process easier and faster. In this case, a split bill app is used, which requires the bill amount and the number of persons to be entered. As a result, it automatically divides the sum and displays the amount that each member must pay.

20. Tenant/Landlord Application

The landlord may forget to collect the rent, and the renter may likewise neglect to pay his rent on time. It resulted in a misunderstanding between the two of them. The tenant/landlord app is the ideal solution to this situation. Such an app allows the tenant to automatically transfer the rent to the landlord’s account based on the information he provided earlier. Furthermore, landlords utilize such an app to keep track of all of their properties’ rents.

21. Document Saver App (Digi locker)

In today’s digital age, we use our mobile phones to do the majority of our online transactions. As a result, we must secure our vital data or documents on our mobile devices. Using a document saver program, we can accomplish this. Such software encrypts our data or papers and keeps them safe on our phones. It can be decoded and used whenever the user of a mobile phone requires it.

22. App for Business Cards

The story of the past is told on the visiting card. Business cards are very popular nowadays. It is used to provide information about a company’s operations. It’s a form of advertising. As a result, a business or professional can create their business card more quickly with the use of a business card app. The user simply needs to enter the information that he wants to appear on their business card.

23. Deal Coupon App

Everyone wants to take advantage of every deal and offer that comes their way. However, there are instances when we miss out on some of the best discounts. In this case, a discount coupon app is created. Online service providers provide details of discounts and coupons in such an app. From there, app users may immediately obtain the coupon and take advantage of it.

24. Hide My Information App

Users can use such a mobile app to protect private and confidential data that they don’t wish to share with others. In this manner, even if someone else uses his phone, the user may keep his data safe and hidden from others.

25. Salesman Tracking App

If a salesperson’s GPS is turned on, this mobile app follows his location. As proof for his owner, the salesperson may even snap a picture of the client or his signature. Furthermore, a salesperson’s check-in and check-out hours can be used to quickly track meeting time.

26. My Dream List App

The user of such a mobile app can connect with others who have similar dreams to him. He will be able to find a company to help him carry out his strategy. Overall, the software is designed to provide users with companionship in order to assist them catch up with their dreams.

27. Voice Translation App in Real-Time

It’s a unique app concept since, in today’s fast-paced society, everyone expects rapid results. This app allows users to record their spoken words in one language and have them translated into text on their phones in real-time and at a faster rate.

28. Mobile App for File Sharing Based on Proximity

This mobile software promises to reduce data waste by transferring files between users utilizing various data transfer routes available on cell phones. It allows users to send data via many channels, including Bluetooth. The data is sent without the use of the internet.

29. Tinder For Recipes is a mobile application that allows you to search for recipes

A smartphone app like this would provide each user with around 5-10 recipe choices from which to choose for each meal, based on their tastes. The user would be bombarded with recommendations until he swiped “yes.”

30. Personalized Friendship Gifts (Based on Data Provided)

These mobile apps assist in making special moments into lasting memories by combining research, reminders, and recommendations. The user can acquire a wonderful present for his loved ones. When the user syncs his contacts and adds extra information about the gift recipients, it provides product recommendations.

31. App Battery Optimizer

The app checks battery usage in a variety of ways, including by app, by phone services, and by actions. The program then makes recommendations, such as turning off Bluetooth for a specified period of time because it is sometimes left open.

32. Share the Success Journey & Steps App with others

This software allows users to keep track of their journey and share it with others. The user provides information about his schooling, references, work experience, required abilities, and advice. The app responds to a variety of user questions, including “what skills will I need for this job” and others. Users can utilize this method to promote themselves and achieve success in their lives.

33. Create a Gardening App

This app provides users with a flowerpot or land to drag and drop plants into. Users obtain bids on the cost of their gardens from local flower shops once they construct their gardens.

34. Flora and Fauna Detection App 

These kinds of mobile apps assist users in identifying the plants and animals in their immediate environment. The app offers a wide range of animal and plant types. The user can also join a community of naturalists and scientists who can help him learn more about the world around him.

35. App for Trying on Jewelry Virtually

It’s yet another innovative software concept that makes use of technology-based augmented reality. By uploading a photo into the program, the user can try on attractive jewelry. It enables them to make quick purchasing decisions based on visualization. As a result, creating a unique jewelry purchasing app might bring in a lot of money for your company.

36. Elderly People’s Application

As people get older, they require more attention and care. An app with such a fascinating concept would fit in wonderfully. These people’s lives will be made easier by an app that reminds them about utility and prescription costs or simplifies food ordering and delivery for their diet.

37. Social Media App for Friend Ratings

Users will be able to see their rating as well as the number of people who voted using this app. However, determining who and how they were graded would be difficult. Teenagers are fond of this type of app.

38. Recipes By Ingredients App

It would be the best startup app idea. A mobile app like this one provides gourmet recipes based on a list of products selected by the user. Thousands of recipes are stored in the database of such an app. The user receives a general list, after which he refines a recipe on the online source.

39. App for Public Car Sharing

It’s a car rental app that allows users to borrow a car from private individuals rather than car rental corporations. They can share the car for hours or even days this way.

40. Virtual Traveling

COVID – 19 has kept us confined to our homes for a year, if not longer. Instead, we have no choice but to travel online. We can accomplish this by developing apps that take users on a virtual tour and make them feel as if they are traveling.

41. App for Dog Meets and Pet Walking

It’s a one-of-a-kind app concept for dog owners who enjoy networking with other dog owners and meeting their puppies. In addition, such an app gives dog owners a paid service in which the service provider walks their pets. People who don’t have time to walk their dogs can benefit from such a service. In addition, the app notifies dog-friendly parks and cafes. As a result, you can create a mobile app for a pet marketplace or a dog walking service.

42. Rent-to-Own App

We have a lot of clothes in our closets that we only wear once or twice. We may not require them, but someone else would appreciate the opportunity to wear them at least once. Here’s a great app concept: a rent and wear app. People can use such an app to connect and rent their garments for a set period of time in exchange for money.

43. Book Lending App

Many readers, especially students, don’t have enough space to keep their read books since they need to make room for new books for their next session. Here’s when a book-lending app comes in handy. An app like this allows users to lend or trade their books with someone who needs them.

44. Women’s Security App

As we all know, the world is not safe for women today, so some of the best strategies to improve women’s safety should be implemented. Women’s safety applications emerge as a result of such an idea. Users can use such an app to send notifications anytime they require assistance, in addition to sharing live whereabouts. In an emergency, they may even press the power button. Such apps can even send automated texts to close friends and family members informing them of the arrival and departure of users from a certain place they visit on a daily basis.

45. App for Stargazing

The stargazing app works effectively since our smartphone app accurately knows the date, time, and position. Mobile devices that have a built-in gyroscope and compass may determine where they are pointed and display a virtual map of any portion of our sky. A software like this can identify constellations and alien entities.

46. Who Said That

For law and literary students who find it tedious to see the person who quoted a famous dialogue, such an app idea could be useful. It’s not easy to search through all of history for the solution. An app may be able to assist them in this situation. Users can easily browse numerous quote platforms and discover solutions to such questions with such an app.

47. App for Recording

It’s impossible to carry a notepad and pen with you all the time. When artists travel to remote locations in search of inspiration in nature, they may require a recording device. A recorder app allows the artist to write down and vocalize their ideas, which may be beneficial to him.

48. App To Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep

A mobile app like this connects the user to his pulse monitor and helps him keep track of his sleeping habits. Additional functions can be added by the user, such as warning a person if he is not getting enough sleep, scheduling sleep, and so on.

49. Keep “Our” Dates in Mind

Users of such a smartphone app are reminded of their unique dates and occasions. This program can be used by lovers, friends, and families to share a calendar, mark dates, and set alarms. Users can utilize such an app to set plans for their future.

50. Let’s Watch Together

This app concept is ideal for start-ups. It allows users to watch television shows or movies with their friends while conversing and seeing each other. Long-distance couples may find it enjoyable to use this app with their loved ones.

51. Religious Gathering Notifier

This type of app is ideal for alerting individuals about religious activities and obtaining information about their surroundings via their mobile phones. Individuals can interact with similar-minded people using capabilities like location, search, and communication channels in these apps.

52. GIF Maker

These days, GIFs are all the rage. These are the most amusing and effective methods to express yourself. This program will help you convert your favorite videos into minimal graphic interchange formats.

53. Pocket Money Loan App is a mobile application that allows you to borrow money for a

Students and salaried people can use such apps to get loans. The process is quick and easy, and it also includes a personal loan.

54. Tuner App for Music

These mobile apps assist those who are learning to play instruments for the first time. It identifies and shows the pitch of musical notes played on a musical instrument by the user.

55. Scan & Convert To PDF App

These mobile apps turn the user’s device into a powerful portable scanner that automatically recognizes text (OCR) and allows him to save to a variety of file formats, including JPEG PDF. Any document can be scanned and converted to PDF.

56. Railway Tracking App

Gone are the days when railway staff tracked trains using a manual national train inquiry system (NTES). We can now use a railway tracking app to track the status of our trains in real-time.

57. Babysitting & Nanny Finder is a mobile app that helps you find babysitters and nannies

Parents can use such mobile apps to find nannies/babysitters in their area and interact with them. Parents can look for jobs based on their abilities and educational background.

58. Applications of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

It’s one of the most innovative software concepts for assisting businesses in communicating with humans in their native tongues and scaling other language-related chores. Furthermore, such smartphone apps assist computers in reading text, hearing speech, determining essential sections, measuring sentiment, and interpreting it.

59. App for Smart TV on Mobile

The Smart TV mobile apps show an on-screen menu that includes a list of various internet channels available in apps. Some programs come with pre-installed software. If you wish to expand the TV’s app library, you’ll need to download additional.

60. On-Demand Lawyer Consultation & Appointment App

It’s one of the top mobile app ideas because it allows customers to easily locate a reputable lawyer who suits their needs. Users can use such apps to find lawyers based on a variety of criteria, such as time, budget, and so on.

61. Mobile App for e-Bike Sharing

Taxi booking applications are similar to these types of smartphone apps. Users can use the e-bike sharing apps to locate available bikes and choose a local station. The user then arranges his ride and calculates the estimated fare. Then he arrives at the designated station and selects his preferred bicycle.

62. Booking App for Entertainers, Celebrities, and Artists

These apps serve the media, entertainment, arts, and creative industries by allowing companies to find and book talented people for events. Recruiters may manage their accounts and artists can apply for jobs through the app.

63. Mobile App for Finding On-Demand Cooks and Chefs

These smartphone apps assist customers in locating and hiring qualified cooks to meet their culinary needs. Users of such apps can get dependable chefs to their location who can fulfil their food orders.

64. App for Church Management

The Church administration mobile apps come with a range of digital tools that allow you to keep track of individuals, events, contributions, organizations, and more. It enables enhanced audiences to be reached in a new and improved method. Such apps assist in automating chores such as gaining access to the Holy Bible, videos, and other resources, as well as engaging with volunteers, contacting members, and receiving comprehensive reports and analytics.

65. Mobile App for Flight Booking

Flight booking is a fantastic mobile app concept that allows users to book flights according to their choices, such as money, time, and location, and that is also hassle-free. Users can take advantage of a variety of advanced features in these apps, such as special offers, one-tap check-in, and much more.

66. Marijuana/Cannabis Delivery App for Medical Use

Users can use such mobile apps to order Cannabis/Marijuana for medical purposes. They can track their medicine order and find out when it will arrive. Customer service is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so users may get answers to their questions quickly.

67. Mobile App for Boat/Yacht Rental

It’s a fantastic mobile app concept that connects users with boat rental service providers. Users can book a boat by simply following the instructions. This mobile app is gaining popularity, just as other on-demand apps for ticket booking, cab booking, and other services.

68. App to Create e-Cards

Users can use e-Card creator apps to create unique greeting cards and send them to their loved ones on various occasions. Users can also add artwork or photos to the cards to make them look better.

69. App to Locate Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

The location of charging stations near the consumers is revealed through electric vehicle charging smartphone apps. The app provides many forms of information, such as plugs, charging time, and so on. Such apps assist users with reviews, ratings, images, and anything else necessary to provide the greatest experience possible.

70. School, University, and College Mobile App

In the present epidemic crisis, this type of app is ideal. It aids students, teachers, and administrators in running seamless school and educational institution operations. It allows professors, schools, students, and parents to communicate and share information.

71. Pet Marketplace App for Mobile

This software satisfies all pet-related requirements. It allows customers to purchase for their pets as well as pet-care choices. They may also use the pet marketplace mobile app to book pet care services, obtain suggestions for their pet-related questions, and more.

72. Shared Office Locator

This mobile app concept is becoming increasingly popular. A smartphone app like this can help two categories of users: those who need people to share their excess office space and those who need a place to conduct business. Additionally, the coworking space locator app allows users to select workspaces based on their interests, such as location, facilities, and other factors.

73. Tutor Finder Mobile App

These smartphone apps help users in a variety of ways. It makes it easier for parents and teachers to fulfil the requirements of their children. Both sides can search based on their needs, such as parents looking for a teacher with specific talents, and tutors looking for pupils to instruct in their chosen region.

74. Milk Delivery App for Mobile

To utilize such an app, the user must first create a profile, then browse dairy items, including milk, place an order, track it, and provide feedback. Customers will benefit from such an app because they will only need a mobile device to receive milk and dairy goods delivered to their door.

75. Mobile App for Cake and Flower Delivery

We can now perfectly commemorate our memorable days and occasions. The customer simply needs to place an order for his preferred flowers and cakes for his loved ones and have them delivered to his specified address. Users can even request bespoke cakes or bouquets.

76. App for Alcohol Delivery

We can now order practically anything online, including booze, and have it delivered on-demand. The user can choose any brand he wants and pay online or by cash on delivery. The user will receive the booze supply at his doorway and be able to enjoy it without having to go out and buy it.

77. App to Track Your Mood 

Such an app assists users in tracking their mood and recommending appropriate actions, such as medicine, meditation, and so on, to help them feel refreshed and invigorated. Furthermore, such apps assist in determining the user’s emotional pattern.

78. App for Brand Identification

A brand identifier software will tell you everything you need to know about the brand of every item you buy in any store. It must have a large database, picture recognition, QR code scanning, and barcode scanning capabilities. It’s a useful app for folks who enjoy shopping and want to learn more about the brands they see in stores and in their closets. You can also look at reviews and related items for that brand.

79. Expiration Date Tracking App

It’s a fantastic app for foodies and those who are fed up with expensive food going to waste since it’s over its expiration date. It allows you to scan the barcodes of all the food items in the grocery store while you are shopping. It will keep track of the food’s usability and will alert you a few days before its expiration date. It’s like having a virtual refrigerator that ensures your food doesn’t go to waste. You can manually enter the date if there is no barcode.

80. Mobile App Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker

Pill reminder smartphone apps work with pharmaceutical companies, drug stores, health insurers, and health care providers to create an ecosystem that could promote patient engagement and medication adherence.


App Concepts That Haven’t Been Realized

So, have you come up with an app concept that hasn’t been implemented yet? It’s challenging to come up with a brand new profitable app idea. Every day, a slew of new mobile apps are released on the Google Play and Apple app stores. This does not rule out the possibility of creating something fresh, useful, and profitable. All you have to do now is glance over these app concepts and use your imagination to come up with a unique problem-solving app concept.

We don’t always need to reinvent the wheel; sometimes all we need to do is surpass our competitors. Create an app that outperforms your competitors in terms of functionality and features. You can secure the success of your mobile app this way. So, go over these app ideas again and pick one that can help you make money.

App testing is a crucial stage in turning your app concept into a reality. Examine the various forms of mobile app testing that may be used to undertake app testing.


Some Commonly Asked Questions About Mobile App Concepts

How do you test an app concept?

To validate an app idea, simply follow the steps below:

  • Examine the niche market.
  • Make trip maps for your customers.
  • Bring the MVP features to a close.
  • Prototypes should be created and tested.
  • Obtain input from users.

How do you develop an app that is unique?

You may make your app more inventive by following the methods below:

  • Solve problems that your target audience is having.
  • Create a low-cost version of a highly accepted app.
  • Rather than creating a new mobile app, try to improve an existing one.
  • Make a name for yourself in an industry that is in desperate need of new ideas.
  • Determine the most advanced and up-to-date mobile app trends.
  • Consult with your target audience and undertake research.
  • Understand people’s repetitious processes and try to come up with a solution that will help them move faster.
  • Examine other people’s ideas and modify them if necessary.
  • More practice and experience will aid you in connecting the dots from previous encounters.
  • Brainstorm carefully to come up with unexpected ideas.
  • Keep note of everything you’re thinking about.
  • To come up with outstanding app ideas, remember to take breaks.

What does it cost to create a mobile application?

The cost of producing an app is determined by the developer’s hourly rate and the app’s specific features and functionalities.

The overall cost of Mobile App Development = Estimated Development Hours x Developer’s Hourly Charges, according to a simple formula.

This method can be used to estimate the cost of developing a mobile app. Aside from that, there are a number of additional elements that influence the cost of app development.

  • The app development team’s location
  • Specifications are necessary.
  • Platform selection for app development
  • Integration with a third party
  • For a mobile app, you can choose from a variety of tech stacks.
  • as well as the app’s launch plan

How can you make money with mobile apps?

Our mobile app can earn revenue in the following seven ways:

  • Advertisement within the app
  • Model for Freemium Apps
  • Creating Leads
  • Purchases made within the app
  • Services for Subscription
  • Email/App/SMS/Messaging
  • Apps that cost money

What are some app ideas that could aid people in the event of a pandemic?

There are a variety of mobile app ideas from which companies might choose to launch their venture. Here are some suggestions:

  • App Concepts for Entertainment
  • App Concepts for Education
  • Apps for Working From Home
  • App Concepts for Healthcare
  • Apps for Telemedicine
  • App Concepts for a Lifestyle
  • App Concepts for Communication

How do you go about getting money for your app idea?

You can fund your app concept by using one of the following methods:

  • Bootstrapping
  • Contests for funding
  • Business associates
  • Donations and crowdsourcing
  • Loans from banks


If you have a trending app idea, you should contact Emizentech, a seasoned and well-known app development firm. We’ll show you how to secure money for your app, the best techniques to make it a success, and many other important aspects of beginning a business. These app ideas for beginners could help individuals earn money while also solving problems.

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