Choosing the Right PHP Framework for Codeigniter vs Laravel Web Development

Choosing the Right PHP Framework for Codeigniter vs Laravel Web Development

As one of the worker-side scripting languages, PHP has been mainstream among the brands for an assortment of reasons. PHP is known to be utilized by about 78.9% of the apparent multitude of sites whose worker-side scripting language is known. Its capacity to let the web developers pay a sharp spotlight on the key basics, grow exceptionally mobile web applications, and empower quick application development with profoundly viable code add to this fame.

Laravel and CodeIgniter are the two names besting the PHP domain by stretching out extraordinary help to the PHP improvement. If you are in the process to build up a web development and confronting difficult situations to pick between both, here we are examining both the PHP structures on different boundaries to check which scales better and where. How about we look at it. So, let’s know the difference between both as mentioned by the Laravel web development company experts.


It is a PHP system that empowers fast application development. It accompanies a set-up of phenomenal libraries that permits the usage of different tasks without devouring an excessive amount of time and endeavors. Being one of the most far-reaching assets empowering bother-free PHP development company, CodeIgniter is the most searched-after PHP structure. As a Best Codeigniter Web Development Company, we do have the best team of Codeigniter developers.

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CodeIgniter Features

  • It is a PHP structure that uses a Model-View-Controller engineering approach to provide rapid CodeIgniter application development.
  • The whole source code of CodeIgniter is restricted to 2MB that makes it simpler for the web designers to pick up skills on it and figure out how it functions.
  • CodeIgniter’s inborn highlights are fit for working freely without different segments.
  • It offers thorough documentation uphold upheld by an incredible network.
  • CodeIgniter accompanies a broad wellspring of libraries and can be effortlessly aced by anybody having a solid hold on PHP.

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Choosing the Right PHP Framework for Codeigniter vs Laravel


It is another well-known PHP system that follows MVC engineering. Created by Taylor Otwell, it was first delivered in the year 2011 as a free and open-source PHP structure. Laravel is the most popular PHP services, which is used widely and known for its security and reliability. Laravel is highly customizable and easy to use.

Choosing the Right PHP Framework for Codeigniter vs Laravel

Laravel Features

  • Bundles to execute little functionalities in web applications
  • Underlying approval and verification framework
  • The issue free mail mix framework
  • Mix with Cached Memory for better execution
  • Easy Exception and Configuration blunder dealing with
  • Settling mentality towards regular Technical Vulnerabilities
  • Smooth Automation of testing work
  • Isolation of business rationale code from Presentation Logic
  • Bother free URL directing design
  • Planning task set-up and Management
  • Secure

Choosing the Right PHP Framework for Codeigniter vs Laravel


Legitimately, none of them can be alluded to as an unmistakable victor or failure. While one surpasses others on certain viewpoints, another has plenty of motivations to take the high ground. For this situation, on the off chance that you need to pick what suits best for your business application, it relies upon numerous components including the kind of utilizations, your objectives, plan of action, and so forth.

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