What Are the Cost & Features Required to Develop an App Like Dunzo?

Cost & Features Required to Develop an App Like Dunzo

Nowadays, the growth of the on-demand economy has changed the traditional business model up to a greater extent. From buying groceries, booking a taxi, getting a spa massage, on-demand mobile applications have made our lives simpler. Smartphones are one of the major factors for this on-demand delivery business.


A popular online grocery delivery app like Dunzo finds an unchanging place that overshadows all other applications. This app can meet the need of the customers quickly, which can be a valuable attribute to instill confidence in the customers. This is something that has increased the demand for mobile app developers in today’s time.


Overview of Dunzo


Dunzo app has begun its on-demand food delivery business with a Whatsapp-based service. This task-management startup company suddenly came to light after Google acquired an Indian-based startup.


How Does Dunzo App Works?


ML-based calculations work to screen the progression of work, showing that a particular undertaking is stuck. The data of get request and drop is given naturally into the machine, allocates undertakings straightforwardly and the human intercedes in the event of enormous postponement. Its primary objective is to limit opposition during measure stream and lessen costs.


Each request stream is isolated with the endorsement of an errand, allotting delivery leader, geolocation, request affirmation and online cash exchanges. These standard undertakings can be designated to machines that can interaction them productively. A discussion is worked between the delivery leader and client to follow the exchange.


Online grocery delivery application like Dunzo permits clients to submit their requests alongside certain particulars. When the request was set, one of the closest delivery young men alloted him the errand. He at that point conducts tasks as per the clients’ particulars. An image of the conveyed item is shipped off the application client for affirmation. When the thing is checked, it will be conveyed to the predefined area.


Features Of Dunzo Like App Development


Features for Customers


  • Quick sign-up / Login
  • Effective display
  • Data security
  • Order History
  • Views
  • Feedbacks
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multiple payment gateways


Features for Partner


  • Fast login
  • Good incentives
  • Different Price plans
  • Reply to client feedback
  • Profile analysis
  • Real-time data
  • Catalogue instalment


Features for Admin


  • Full Admin control panel
  • Notification control
  • Record bills
  • Payment history
  • Global access
  • Subscription plan management
  • Backup and restore the feature
  • In-app wallet
  • Membership
  • Predictive search


How Much Does It Cost to Develop An App Like Dunzo?


In generally, it will cost up to Cost: 5000 USD to 20,000 USD and its hourly rate will lie between 15 USD – 20 USD. To get an instant quote for a Dunzo like app or to know an average/exact cost to build any on-demand food delivery service app like Dunzo, please contact us.


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