Shopify vs. PrestaShop

Shopify vs PrestaShop

Shopify and PrestaShop are two of the most popular e-commerce systems. Both of these systems allow you to establish and personalise an online store, as well as add/promote items, accept payments, manage and complete orders, and provide users with shopping cart capabilities.

Because both are all-in-one e-commerce platforms with a wealth of built-in functionality, the Shopify vs PrestaShop comparison might be perplexing.

Shopify is a hosted platform that you may access for a fee. It allows you to simply access software while hosting your online business and dealing with security, maintenance, and upgrades.

PrestaShop is a free-to-download open-source platform. You’ll have to set it up yourself, pay for web hosting, and keep it up to date as needed. Because PrestaShop is open-source software, you have access to the source code and may edit/adjust it as needed.

Continue reading to discover more about the Shopify vs. PrestaShop comparison so you can make an informed selection.


What Are the Benefits of Using Shopify?

Shopify is by far the most user-friendly e-commerce platform available. It enables you to simply develop and expand your online business. Additionally, it offers a drag and drops site-creation tool.

You can develop, customize, and manage your online store without any technical coding or understanding thanks to Shopify’s accessibility to entrepreneurs of all levels of talent and experience. Despite the fact that PrestaShop is a user-friendly platform, you will need the assistance of developers.

The price of a Shopify online store is determined by your plan, payment processing, and other choices. You can simply figure out how much this platform will cost in the end.

You’ll learn which features are included in each Shopify plan and how much they cost each month. If you don’t see anything you desire in the plan, you can think about it ahead of time.

When you utilize Shopify Payments, you can see how much each transaction costs. You will have to pay extra if you choose a third-party merchant services provider. Shopify always informs you about the cost details upfront.


What Are the Benefits of Using PrestaShop?

PrestaShop has a wider range of customization choices.

PrestaShop has greater choices for customization than Shopify. You may freely edit, change, and configure your online store because the former is an open-source e-commerce platform.

PrestaShop not only has great built-in features, but it also allows you to improve and extend the functionality of your online store.

In addition, the PrestaShop store offers a wide range of modules and themes. You can quickly locate a tool or feature in the marketplace if you wish to add it.

One of the most important customization choices is payment processing. PrestaShop allows you to easily integrate with a variety of payment sources without incurring additional credit card processing costs.

PrestaShop provides a wide range of accommodations tailored specifically for the worldwide e-commerce sector. Multiple languages and currency choices, as well as international shipping and taxes, are some of the fantastic built-in capabilities.

PrestaShop offers a variety of payment processing alternatives, allowing foreign merchants to select the ones that best fit their needs. You won’t have to pay a transaction charge as you would with Shopify.



You can create a fantastic online store if you use the correct e-commerce platform. When you need to pick one of the solutions to improve your eCommerce website, keep the principles mentioned above in mind. Best wishes!

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