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    Shopify vs Ecwid

    The Truth About the Shopify vs Ecwid Industry

    Amit Shukla

    The creation of an eCommerce website is not a simple task. Shopify is a platform, and Ecwid is a plugin, both of which may assist you in creating a fantastic online store.

    Read the Shopify vs Ecwid comparison based on specific features to see which is the better option for your e-commerce website.


    Shopify is a well-known eCommerce website builder that enables customers to create feature-rich websites. It provides an all-inclusive solution that assists you in setting up and running a successful shop.

    Shopify has supported over 800,000 businesses that have generated over $100 billion in revenue since its start in 2006.

    Compare the features of Shopify with Ecwid


    Ecwid is an eCommerce plugin that aids in the growth and expansion of small enterprises in the marketplace. It connects seamlessly with any platform and greatly boosts sales. Ecwid, which was founded in 2009, has helped over 1 million online shops prosper.

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    Compare the features of Shopify with Ecwid.


    Both Shopify and Ecwid provide comprehensive customer service. Email, phone assistance, and live chat are all available to users. A YouTube channel, FAQs, tips, instructive videos, a blog, and a forum with hundreds of UX-related subjects are all alternatives.

    Paid Shopify support is available. While Ecwid support is dependent on the plan you select.

    Ecwid plans are divided into the following categories:

    Only email is included in the free plan.

    Email and live chat are also options for a business plan.

    Email, phone, and live chat are all part of the business model.

    Email, phone, and live chat are all included in the unlimited subscription.


    Shopify provides a logical foundation and endless design alternatives to assist you with online development. You may improve the looks and usefulness of your website by using these items.

    Ecwid’s control panel interface is basic but appealing, with a variety of options. To use this plugin, you must follow the wizard steps to create an online store.

    When you utilize Shopify, you wind up devoting a significant amount of work to creating an ideal e-commerce site. This platform has a plethora of functionality and customization possibilities that will give your online business a professional appearance.

    If you have an Ecwid online store, you only need to devote a small amount of effort to the integration process. It fits and adjusts to your current shop layouts and themes automatically.

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    Management of Inventory

    Shopify and Ecwid make it easy for Android and iOS users to manage sales and inventory while on the road.

    Shopify’s Buy Button allows store owners to sell things on a variety of marketplaces and manage everything from a single dashboard.

    After your business interacts with social media, your online sales seamlessly sync across all channels when you utilize Ecwid. To handle all selling channels from your phone’s app, including Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay, you’ll need to pay for a plan.

    Which is Better for Your Online Store: Shopify or Ecwid?

    Shopify and Ecwid are both viable options for your online store. Shopify’s capabilities enable you to sell on a larger scale and expand your business. Ecwid’s SEO tools and many plan options assist you in driving huge volumes of visitors to your small online business.

    It is now feasible to migrate your e-commerce website from Shopify to Ecwid and vice versa. Ecwid to Shopify, BigCommerce to Ecwid, and Shopify to Ecwid are among the 80 carts they support for migration.

    Customers, items, variations, and orders may all be transferred using the migration option. It also has extensions that you may use to expand your migration options.

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