PWA vs Native App: Benefits for Users and Developers

PWA vs Native App Benefits for Users and Developers

There are lots of useful solutions for app development is available in the market. Before we get into consideration any of them, we need to understand all the details and paradigms. Most importantly we need to wisely decide the development process for a web application or a native application. It could be one of the complex decisions you might face in your entire life.

Most importantly with the available compatibility on the mobile devices along with the increasing App Store, the choice has even become more complex. Most importantly the massive difference between web application development and native application development is becoming thin day by day. Every web application is getting feature improvements along with performance improvement regularly.
Similarly, native app development is now more accessible with various frameworks including Flutter, Cordova, and React Native. In case you are looking for the selection between the progressive web app or a native app you should dive into our article.

Difference Between Web Applications and Native Applications:

The App Store was launched in the year 2008, and after several years it is one of the major considered innovations. This particular incident has created a substantial market for mobile apps. Most importantly it has changed the entire distribution system of the mobile software. Native applications can easily run on a self-contained on your device.

They are specifically designed for platforms like Android and iOS. Even some of the cases can be highly specific towards the devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or BlackBerry. They will be having the ability to utilize all the capabilities and the resources for that particular intended platform or the devices to their full potential.

Due to this highly popular overplay and App Store distribution platform for native apps are currently expanding rapidly. We can surely say that native mobile app development will have a high advantage over web application development services.

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Advantages of Native Apps:

Any well-optimized native application has multiple advantages over web applications. The most important advantage is the offline functionality. Both web applications and native applications will have the functionality of accessibility to the information without an Internet connection. Although the native application will have the upper hand in this category.

  • User Interface and Experience:

The development process of the native app is entirely depending on the technical capabilities of the hardware. This is because the application will provide the complete capabilities out of the device. It will offer a highly enjoyable user experience new to the smooth interface with the combination of the smartphone.

The coding can be reused for the different platforms and have a similar interface and functionality template for iOS, Android, and Desktop. Most importantly they will be offering multiplatform support without any requirement for editing any existing codebase.

  • Security:

Privacy and security are of major importance in native apps. The owners and the mobile app developers have their personal information secure and protected. This will enable them to handle sensitive client data pushing to be considered for the native mobile app development.

Progressive web applications development will be more secure due to the servers being on HTTPS. This will allow the browser to get server encryption. Once the website is having a secure environment that is being created on the progressive web app, this will decrease the risk of personal data attacks.

  • Distribution:

Understandably, smartphone users use most time on their applications not on the web application. The native application will win the market due to the distribution process into the app stores. It is entirely depending on various factors such as the number of downloads, customer ratings, the selection of the proper category, the popularity of the app, increasing user base, etc.

Most importantly even the less popular applications will have a decent amount of accessibility. This will enable them to get the most powerful distribution platform which is the upside of the native app. Even the proper distribution system is highly complicated. This could be highly disadvantageous for the native application.

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Disadvantages of Native Apps:

Much like any other thing native applications is also having disadvantages. We have listed those disadvantages in this article below.

  • Cost of Native App Development Services:

The major disadvantage of mobile app development is the development cost. In case the application is required to be cross-platform then needs to be developed for both Android and iOS. This will highly increase the development cost. Most importantly every native application will have different versions of the user interface which will suit the experience of the different platforms. Most importantly the native applications will be using objective C, Kotlin, Swift, and Java programmers and even more expensive compared to JavaScript developers.

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  • Distribution Related Issues:

The distribution through the application store could also have some disadvantages. There are several complex conditions by the store which need to be followed to put up on the native mobile app development. It is also important to be confident with the review process to get quickly avoid any issues. Most importantly Apple App store has been high concerning factors that need to be completed.

It is important to follow the proper quality control to get through the review process. In case anything is being broken by the update then there will be no rollback restore the previous version. It is important to stick to the quality control which is being set by the that’s its Goodyear although mistakes can happen and needs to be fixed quickly.

Although this issue could face the rating to go low of the application. This is important to have a quick response development team that will drop every update with proper precision. It will help you in decreasing the wastage of development time in the stressful work cycle. Progressive web applications solution are highly used as the development caused is much less due to the low development time, they will require quick work on multiple devices including desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.

Most importantly every web application will have a similar design and interface regarding the platform.

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