How can you make a coding learning app like Whitehat Jr?

How to Develop Coding Learning Mobile App like Whitehat Jr?

Before we get into the specifics of whitehat jr app development costs, features, team structure, and timelines, it’s important to understand why the company was founded in the first place. People are increasingly seeking advanced learning opportunities in today’s world. Both parents and students are looking for strategies to stay ahead of the increasingly competitive academic and professional curve.

This is why we are seeing a shift in learning culture brought about by innovative online solutions that inspire new ways of thinking about education. WhiteHat Jr. is breaking new ground in the segment by providing an open opportunity for everyone to see their way through the thought-critical decision of learning for children.

WhiteHat Jr., which has already generated a lot of attention in the industry, has emerged as a ground-breaking concept with excellent online learning potential. It has ushered in a sea change in how parents view their children’s education by delivering multi-module integrated online learning for coding that is specifically tailored for school-aged children.

WhiteHat Jr. is an introduction to WhiteHat.

WhiteHat Jr. is an e-learning programme that aims to turn youngsters into coding aficionados by providing them with the necessary knowledge, support, and resources. The coding course is offered to the students via one-on-one video lectures at their homes. It is intended to teach children how to think about and create apps, games, and animations. As a parent, you choose a coding learning software like WhiteHat Jr. for two main reasons: employment uncertainty, which we all experienced during the pandemic slump, and to protect your children’s future against tough competition in the age of IT innovation and tech-endorsed businesses.

WhiteHat Jr. introduces as well as prepares your child for the new world of coding. Your child could even explore starting his or her own business using this coding approach. The app has over 4 million paid subscribers globally. WhiteHat Jr. is gaining popularity among parents because it allows them to keep their children involved in computer skill-building activities that supplement their usual study curriculum.

WhiteHat Jr.’s Business Model for Coding Learning

WhiteHat Jr. is an edu-tech mobile app solution based on the concept of providing computing and programming coaching. Its target audience is school-aged children between the ages of 6 and 18. They are the ones that are responsible for the costs of the services. Their parents, on the other hand, are the target audiences, as they are the ones who pay for the services. By reaching an all-women teaching team, the business model is also linked with producing additional work possibilities for women. This application, according to the Economic Times HR News, planned to hire 13,000 instructors by the end of 2020.

WhiteHat Jr’s business model is based on a premium subscription at its heart. Subscribers can choose from three different courses:

The basics of coding:

There are eight classes in this beginner-level course. It covers the fundamentals of coding and introduces ideas such as algorithmic modelling, sequences, variables, and functions. In India, it costs around Rs. 5,999/-. Mathematics classes will be added as an extra module in the near future.

Certificate for App Developers:

It’s a 48-week programme. Advanced app structures, game concepts, and animation creation are all covered in this course. The youngsters learn about the importance of coding in the business world and get a taste of what it’s like to work as a coding expert. The cost of the course is Rs. 33,999/-.

Space-advanced Tech’s coding:

This course is good for the rest of your life. This course has a total of 144 classes. Children can practise space technology, artificial intelligence, advanced space simulations, data spatial visualisation, and other complex coding topics. It is priced at Rs. 99,999/-. WhiteHat Jr. has marketing tactics in place, such as a partnership with NASA, that would propel this programme to new heights of success.

Application of a no-code platform:

It’s got Thunkable at the bottom of it. It is designed to provide users with a no-code platform as well as a visual programming environment. Users can quickly learn the fundamentals and become familiar with the concept of programming by interacting with visual elements and drag-and-drop features in a WYSIWYG environment.

As a result, the organisation generates money through the use of a paid subscription business model. It has already found a place in the hearts of coding students, whose numbers are growing at a rate of more than 40% per month.

WhiteHat Jr’s Target Market

Both Indian and American audiences have taken notice of WhiteHat Jr. Families with an annual disposable income of INR 10 lakh are the target audience in India. This is true in the United States for any household earning around $80K per year.

All technology-driven solutions are easily accessible to these families. They are conversant with Wi-Fi, mobile devices, online classes, and other such technologies. Families are also capable of and ready to spend more money on their children’s intellectual development.

Furthermore, they regard screen time as an opportunity to become acquainted with the children’s needs in the world. WhiteHat Jr.-like applications bridge the gap between academics and career requirements, according to the creators, who are on a mission to turn every child into a coding ninja.

Whitehat Jr. is a coding learning app that has a large market share.

Let’s start with the most important numbers. White Hat Jr’s ARR (Annual Return Rate) increased dramatically from $12 million in February 2020 to $150 million in July 2020. The global lockdown scenario, which prompted the desire to keep children occupied with creative activities, appears to be the main cause of this growth.

In a $300 million all-cash purchase, BYJU’s, the pioneer in Edutech apps, acquired this app. The acquisition was timed to coincide with BYJU’s goal of offering online coding education to its subscribers.

The app currently has 4 million users worldwide. A total of 1,00,000 students are paying members from this subscriber pool.

The three largest contributors to its subscriber base are India, the United States, and the United Kingdom. India accounts for half of the audience. In India, 65 per cent of users are registered with WhiteHat Jr in tier-II and tier-III cities, while 35 per cent are registered in metro (tier-I) areas. Users from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia account for half of the company’s users. Slowly, the app is establishing a strong foothold in New Zealand and Singapore as well.

Whitehat Jr.’s Development

In November of 2018, WhiteHat Jr. was formed. Omidyar Network India, Nexus Venture Partners, and Owl Ventures together contributed $11 million in seed funding. In February of 2020, the corporation started operations in the United States. Since then, it has experienced a 100 per cent increase in revenue. Month over month, their customer base grew by 12 million dollars in ARR.

In the last quarter of 2019, the WhiteHat Jr app development team began work on an MVP. Within a year of the introduction, the ARR had risen to $150 million. Pandemic did deliver some jolts at first, but it quickly presented an opportunity to expand as it stimulated demand for online skills-learning seminars. The success of Karan Bajaj can be linked-to setting the correct goals, according to the company’s creator. In the WhiteHat Jr ecosystem, the term “scale-up” has become a buzzword.

It followed the course with full attention, resulting in an increase in the teaching force from 1,000 to 5,000 teachers. He goes on to say that the company’s phenomenal success was not only attributable to the pandemic. He explains that the app adoption rate was 60% before the outbreak. During the lockdown, it only grew to 65 percent.

He claims that the app’s success has been mostly driven by the course structure and quality of the classroom atmosphere, as well as the sense of satisfaction that comes with creating an app. Prior to its takeover, the corporation had $18 million in its bank account. The creators were able to raise their returns enormously by using a low-cost company approach. Within a year, it had a revenue of almost $40 million. Subscription renewals have had a significant role in this income rate. Subscribers begin with a basic plan and quickly upgrade to the 144-class plan; this app’s whopping 75 per cent renewal rate has given it a strong foundation.

Whitehat Jr.’s competitors and alternatives

WhiteHat Jr. is an e-learning tool that brings coding sessions to the learners’ homes, as previously said. There are a few notable rivals in this industry, including:


It uses a gamified approach to teach kids JavaScript development. A code block is represented by the blocks. To complete the puzzle or arrive at a logical conclusion, children drag and drop the blocks.

a. CodeCombat: This gamified coding teaching software allows kids to learn Python and JavaScript coding through text-based programming. Subscribers to CodeCombat get access to wikis and course guides.


It is a self-paced learning system that introduces children to coding. Here, children can learn both block-based and text-based coding. Kids can choose from three levels of coding training, depending on their degree of expertise.

Inventor of Applications

App Inventor, like WhiteHat Jr., provides learners with a convenient way to master coding by picking various attributes. By moving things on the screen, they may become a coding ninja using App Inventor. Kids learn how to create mobile apps and share them with their friends using App Inventor.

Ninja Coders

Students’ questions are answered one-on-one by online teaching assistants. Students can also use technologies like screen share, audio calls, and video calls to help them learn more effectively.

LinkedIn Education

This effort aims to familiarise trainees with current skill needs. They can also master those abilities through a well-organized e-learning programme that can be accessed via an app. Here, celebrity gurus teach courses that motivate students to improve and emulate their role models. The courses cover a wide range of topics, and the e-learning platform is updated with newer courses on a regular basis.

HQ of the Codewizards

It provides coding lessons that are designed to be enjoyable. This course separates students according to their skill and competence levels before recommending a course that is appropriate for them. It begins with animation games and progresses to Python programming and web page creation. AI and machine learning, data structures, and object-oriented programming are all covered in the advanced course.

What are the statistics on growth prospects?

WhiteHat Jr.’s growth possibilities were so appealing that they drew BYJU’s attention, and a $300 million all-cash acquisition was struck. This start-up also gave all of its seed investors a huge payout. The following are the numbers that led to this interesting situation:

  1. The number of paying customers is expected to expand by 160 percent month over month in the US market alone. The current user base exceeds 20,000.
  2. A 60 percent rise in user base size is expected in the Indian market, where Tier II and Tier III cities now contribute 50% to the revenue stream.
  3. By the end of September last year, the paid subscriber base was anticipated to be 1 lakh. Currently, there are 4 million paid users.
  4. Provides teachers who work from home with an intriguing employment opportunity. They planned to pay teachers who were skilled in STEM teaching solutions and coding between Rs. 45000 and 50000 per month.

This start-up managed to revolutionise the business scene and has now succeeded in creating a bar for all organisations operating in the same industry, with a focus on 10x scale-up and expansion ambitions in Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

How do you make a WhiteHat Jr.-style app?

If all of those numbers have piqued your interest in learning how to create a WhiteHat Jr.-like software, here’s a fast guide to whitehat jr app development costs.

Plan your business’s monetization strategy.

Every company requires money to stay afloat, and WhiteHat Jr. is no exception. Consider the revenue model before beginning to plan how to construct the app. Here are a few possible monetization options for this type of app:

A paid membership is available.

Users can sign up for monthly or yearly paid subscriptions. After a free trial lesson, users must pay a membership fee to gain access to all of the app’s features, classes, and courses. WhiteHat Jr. divides its plans into multiple categories based on the number of classes offered. Similar considerations can be made while preparing for an app launch.

Affiliate Program

The app is linked to the providers of books and other tools under this business model. To complete the lesson given by the app, the learner will need these free resources. As a result, when a user purchases one of these resources, the app receives a commission.

Certificates that have been paid

The app will deliver paid certificates upon completion of the course in this income model. The apps collaborate with reputable institutes or colleges to include their logo on the certificate. These certifications are popular among users who want to add something useful to their resumes.

Advertisements and purchases within the app

Users of the app may be able to register for free. The app, on the other hand, might be utilised as a platform for advertising. Businesses can pay the app to have their adverts displayed. Certain elements of the app may be available only after payment of a charge.

If you’ve ever used an OTT platform, you’ll have a much simpler time grasping this model. Some OTTs only allow you to see movies or series if you pay a monthly fee. This is how you may arrange your business app’s revenue generation model so that it can generate revenue.

Recognize and define your target market.

WhiteHat Jr. is a coding learning edutech programme aimed at pupils aged 6 to 18 who come from homes with a median annual income of Rs. 20 lakhs. It’s only one facet of the audience’s personality. When developing a WhiteHat Jr. clone app, you may also need to know about the target audience’s other characteristics, which include:

Attitudes toward e-learning: 

The good news is that schools that use online video conferencing solutions like Zoom to conduct their sessions have already won parents on to the idea of imparting skills to children via mobile devices. This shift in thinking can be used to attract more people to the e-learning app.

Availability of internet access:

An ed-tech app will not benefit target audiences that live in places with low connectivity, and they are the most likely to abandon it. As a result, households in densely linked network locations are ideal candidates for an e-learning programme like WhiteHat Jr.

Parents who encourage their children to enrol in skill-building classes include:

For an e-learning tool like WhiteHat Jr, parents are the ultimate decision-makers. As a result, the app’s advertisements must be targeted at parents who want their children to absorb new and timely information. They must have a vision for how to help youngsters grow into capable, self-sufficient adults.

These are some of WhiteHat Jr’s features aimed at the target population. If you want to create a clone of it, you’ll need to examine your audience on the points listed above.

Make a list of the features you’d want to see in the app.

Whitehat Jr gives the finest platform for teachers and students to easily exchange knowledge. When creating a similar app, consider including features such as:

Assessments that are interactive: Make examinations more enjoyable and productive in terms of learning outcomes. The fear or anxiety should be replaced by a sense of security. That is how evaluations should be organised.

Audio and video classes are available: This tool is offered to students who have a variety of devices. This feature’s inclusion is also influenced by network connectivity. It is an apparent fact that network connectivity in some regions may be insufficient to handle video classes.

Onboarding tools that are simple: If a kid or parent is already excited about using the app, they may become annoyed if they are forced to fill out needlessly long paperwork. Create a speedy onboarding process to encourage a greater user response.

Notifications through push: Here, the audience is made up of students and their parents. To avoid absenteeism, they must be informed about the lesson on a regular basis. Send reminders on a regular basis so that the user does not miss a class.

The element that focuses on personalization: The availability of AI aids in increasing the app’s customisation quotient. Bots and personalised notifications informing students about their success, areas for growth, and other features help students get the most out of their courses.

All of these characteristics work together to provide an ideal learning environment for kids. They know who to turn to when they’re stuck and have all of the resources they need, even if they can’t attend a session due to unforeseen circumstances.

Decide on and gather the technology stack required to construct the app.

Technology stack decisions assist define requirements such as funding, technical expert recruiting, UI/UX process design, troubleshooting solution deployment, and so on. You may need to use native tools rather than cross-platform ones for an app like WhiteHat Jr. In addition, the use of technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, and others in the development of e-learning mobile apps allows for the best possible user experience.

Using these specifications as a guide, developers can create a development stack that accomplishes activities such as:

  • Quick onboarding and easy connectivity: UI/UX design and development stack, response management tools that are fluid and buffer-free
  • Solutions for email, SMS, and phone alerts
  • Services provided by content delivery networks
  • Enabler for customer service
  • Video conferencing solution
  • Support for digital marketing, branding, and online reputation management
  • Video lecture and data storage

Outsource or recruit in-house developers to begin app development?

The coding learning app development company will have to rethink recruitment once all of the decisions have been made. To achieve their development goals, the organisation can either employ the knowledge of in-house developers or, if budget allows, recruit personnel with fresh skill sets. People who are familiar with technologies that aid with faster-to-market rollouts may be required.

Users can take a competency test while intending to hire development expertise. They can use a questionnaire to delve deeper into the experts’ knowledge and competence. A modest development or testing-related assignment can also be given to see how comfortable the candidate is with the process.

Deployments, Major Modules, Resources, Tech Stack, and Feature Sketch


The following resources will be used to create WhiteHat Jr:


Experts in development, teaching, app management, UI/UX design, Quality analysts, marketing specialists, financial advisers, staff, and customer service, to name a few.


Front-end and back-end tools, testing gadgets and testing tools, emerging tools such as AI, machine learning, IoT, cloud, content delivery support, digital marketing tools, and so on.

Deployments and the Tech Stack

WhiteHat Jr. apps will not benefit from cross-platform frameworks; instead, native frameworks will be more appropriate. WhiteHat Jr’s tech stack consists of the following components:

Stack for front-end development

  • Swift: Supports functional currying, a feature derived from functional programming.
  • Kotlin: A statically typed programming language that is completely compatible with Java.
  • React JS: JavaScript library for creating user interface components.

Stack for backend development

  • Node JS: This is a cross-platform, open-source backend runtime environment that runs on Chrome V8.


  • Restify: It’s a web service framework designed for large-scale deployment.
  • Sails JS: An API-driven framework for real-time apps built on MVC standards.

Gateways for Payments

  • Paytm is the most widely utilised payment gateway.
  • PhonePe is a payment gateway that accepts UPI payments.
  • PayPal: PayPal is a well-known payment processor that allows people to sell and buy goods and services all around the world.

Storage in the Cloud

  • Cloudflare is an online infrastructure and security solution that provides DDOS protection, CDN services, internet security, and distributed domain name server services, among other things.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS is an on-demand cloud computing platform with APIs that cater to both businesses and individuals.


  • Twilio: A cloud communications system that uses its Web API to enable phone, SMS, and other types of communication.
  • WebRTC: An open framework that allows for real-time communication in the browser.
  • Google Firebase is a platform for building mobile and web applications.
  • Zendesk: A customer support platform that allows you to reach out to customers by phone, email, SMS, live chat, social media, and more.

Building an app like Whitehat Jr. costs a lot of money.

The total cost of developing an online coding learning programme will be the sum of resource costs and time spent. It’s possible that developer support will be charged on an hourly basis. MVP will cost between $15,000 to $50,000 on an approximate estimate.

WhiteHat Jr has progressed from the MVP stage to incorporate technologies that position it in the category of fairly complicated apps. Its price tag might be anywhere from $85,000 to $180,000. It consists of the following elements:

  • Development time: 1 Month – 3 Months
  • Cost of an e-learning app developer per hour: $40-$150

The price will also be determined by factors such as the country where the app developers are recruited. Asian countries will charge $40 per hour, whereas developers in Western countries may charge $150 to $300 per hour. The number of features to add to the programme, the complexity of the stack, and the engineers’ level of competence all go towards the price.

What Can You Do With a WhiteHat Jr.-Style App?

Teachers, coding professionals, and others with STEM education backgrounds can apply to teach at WhiteHat Jr. or any similar app. It allows them to earn a monthly salary of $35,000 to $60,000. Various monetization models that could be employed while developing an app have already been discussed. Apart from that, the designers of the WhiteHat Jr clone programme may be able to boost their revenue-generating potential by:

a. In-app advertising: App owners can generate money by selling space such as headers, footers, or sidebars to advertisers.

b. Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding is a popular way for apps with a purpose or a good cause to raise money.

c. Sponsorships: Companies with a comparable target demographic to the apps can sponsor the app, allowing the owner to profit from a similar app like WhiteHat Jr.

Apps have grown in popularity as a means of earning money in recent years. Those with a vision and a strategy can use their brains, commercial skills, and desire to make a positive change in the world to turn the software into a profitable venture.

If you get the proper chord, the app might become a source of income for you. You can even expand operations to other places and develop a global presence using an app like WhiteHat Jr. You can get a complete lobby of curriculum designers, course curators, programme coordinators, coding experts, trainers, offline counsellors, and tele-callers to support the functional practises that power up the entire process, just like WhiteHat Jr.

To Conclude

To summarise, WhiteHat Jr.’s success storey has become a compelling case study. People have taken notice of the variables that contributed to the success of our online coding education solution. Connect with the Next big technology experts if you believe you can develop a useful idea and turn it into an app that will establish new standards in online learning. We’re one of the most dependable mobile app developers in the business, and we can help you turn your idea into a well-known coding learning app like WhiteHat Jr.

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