How much does it cost to develop an interactive messaging app like Telegram?

How much does it cost to develop an interactive messaging app like Telegram

Today the idea of mobile applications has gone more extensive and staggeringly famous since it permits the clients to get the quick services. What’s more, here, a messaging application truly helps and makes an alternate stage for the clients. And for this Next Big Technology provides you the best solution of your answer.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a multi-platform messaging service carried out on iOS and Android in late 2013, and presently has an expected 550 million month to month clients. Telegram users will in general increment at whatever points a security embarrassment hits one of its bigger rivals.

What makes Telegram one of a kind is its emphasis on protection, encryption, and an open-source API. There are incalculable informal clients to oblige the authority Telegram applications and web interface. It likewise permits numerous gadgets to utilize a similar record (confirmed by SMS), and various records on a similar gadget.

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Advantages of an Interactive Messaging App like Telegram:

  • Telegram permits clients to send limitless media and records.
  • Visit history or records shared on Telegram will be put away in the Telegram cloud. In this way, the application saves your gadget space.
  • Usability and undeniable level security to discussion
  • One of the most amazing specialized devices for bunch visits with up to 200,000 individuals
  • Permits to impart documents to 2GB without issue
  • Wire works with clients to set up bots for exact undertakings.
  • Solid informing versatile application with photograph and video altering apparatuses
  • Ideal informing application for facilitating on the web networks
  • High protection and quick satisfied conveyance

If you are hoping to develop a messaging app like Telegram for gripping business sector patterns for online talk applications, NBT is your best accomplice for your informing application development.

Tell us your application prerequisites. We plan an engaging UI and foster your informing device with the most exceptional elements set. How about we converse with our application development specialists to realize how much does it? This application assists the clients with getting the majority of their necessities through the method for informing. Telegram is one of the best messaging applications. Users can send more than 8 billion messages each day, making it one of the broadest messaging administrations. So if you would like to develop a messaging app like Telegram then it’s a best idea for your business. So before we discuss the cost of developing a messaging app like telegram all we will be focusing on the features of Application:

Features Of The Messaging App Like A Telegram:

Here are the features that can help you identify the accurate cost of developing an App like Telegram, and must be a part of a messaging app like Telegram.


  • Sign-up
  • Verification process
  • Messages
  • Groups
  • Channels
  • In-App filters
  • Self-destruction
  • Social media support
  • Support multiple extension file
  • Deactivated Notification
  • Activated Notification
  • Cloud storage
  • Export data
  • Lots of stickers & email
  • Block users
  • Smart search
  • Manage privacy
  • Multilingual
  • Theme
  • Calls
  • Sharing live location

In ADMIN PANEL you can include features like

  • Login
  • Manage profile
  • Manage users
  • Reporting and analytics
  • User Privileges
  • Push notifications

Apart from them, there’s something else. The accompanying features of the Telegram application are mesmerizing standard individuals.

Features Of The Messaging App Like A Telegram


Message encryption permits you to discuss safely with anybody. Start to finish Encryption of the Telegram application makes it incomprehensible for outsiders to translate your messages.

#High level typing Notification System

When a message gets sent, you will immediately see when your message has been conveyed or perused by its beneficiary.

#Client Discretion

Secret Chats get empowered as a matter of course in all gathering visits. With Secret Chat, you conclude who can see your messages, photographs, recordings, or documents. You can send falling to pieces messages that vanish without a follow once they get perused by the recipient.

#Media Filters

Send full-goal photographs without showing sneak peak thumbnails to different clients in your talk.

#Data Security and Privacy Policy

The Telegram servers store both approaching and active media (like photographs, recordings, or voice messages) for 72 hours greatest, after which they get erased from the servers.

#Multi-Platform Availability

Be anyplace with Telegram. You can utilize it on the entirety of your gadgets whether you’re in your office or traveling all over the planet. Utilize our web adaptation all over the place, including cell phones. Message offers applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and even Windows Phone. You get consistent updates with the most recent security enhancements and elements continuously.

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Steps To Build A Messaging App Like Telegram:

Step 1. Research the market.

Step 2. Identify the competitors.

Step 3. Select important features.

Step 4. Select the platform.

Step 5. Select the best strategy of monetization for you messaging App like telegram.

Step 6. Write your comments.

Step 7. Select the features for the application development.

Step 8. Hire a reliable and the best app developer of mobile app Development Company.

Step 9. Share your goals and objectives with them.

Step 10. Invest in marketing and launch it before the release.

Step 11. Release the application.

Step 12. Maintenance and Updates.

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Cost To Develop A Messaging App Like Telegram:

Cost to Develop an App like Telegram is the most blazing point inconveniences each potential application proprietor. As we all know that development cost relies upon different factors, like features, area, technology, and numerous different variables. In any case, to assist you with understanding the application improvement cost around 5,000 – 20,000 USD.


As the market of the messaging application is hugely blasting, as it allows the clients to visit and interface with few taps. It is fact that building such an application isn’t excessively simpler and requires the expert team members from Next Big Technology.

You can get a fruitful Messaging application like Telegram from – a best Mobile Application Development Agency, and assist your business with becoming famous and more extensive. You should hire app developer from us and let your application clone, become a gigantic achievement.

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